Me & Mine | November 2015


November has been another busy month. Although with two little ones there aren't many days that aren't busy now! We've spent this month preparing for Indiana's birthday and getting the last Christmas bits and bobs.

Indiana turned two on the 26th and we are both still in disbelief; how do we already have a two year old?! We had a lovely day as a family - my favourite kind of days, and these pictures were taken at my parents in the evening. Parker has grown so much this month too, and will be four months old in a few days. He's now out of our room and in with Indiana, which although needed to happen (he's a very long boy at completely outgrew his moses basket), is so sad for me. My little newborn is not so little anymore.

We are SO excited for Christmas now Indie's birthday is over. Hopefully next month our family picture will be with Father Christmas... although we did see him at the weekend and Indiana was not so impressed, so who knows!

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Wedding Series | The Bridal Party


Today I'm going to sharing all about our bridal party and their outfits! We both decided we wanted equal amount of bridesmaids to groomsmen. Luckily we both knew exactly who we wanted and picked four each. I chose my two sisters and my two best friends, and Jack chose his brother and his three close friends. We then had Indiana as flower girl and my two nephews Freddie and Oliver as page boys.

We left the children's outfits until as late as possible; I think they were the last few bits we bought! We knew they'd all grow a lot over the year we had to plan the wedding, so it just seemed the most logical idea. We eventually got Indiana's flower girl dress from the Occasions section at BHS. It was SO sweet with it's little sequin belt and flowy skirt. The best bit was it was in the sale and only cost us £12! Her shoes were also from BHS and were also £12.

She did have a floral crown, but Mrs grumpy gills decided she didn't want it anywhere near her on the day, which was such a shame as it was gorgeous! The boys suits were both from Next. The suit top came with the shirt, waistcoat and a little tie (my sister got the trousers to match separately). They both looked SO sweet and grown up and the suits were great quality too.

I knew exactly what I wanted when it came to the bridesmaids dresses, it was just a case of finding them - we never looked in bridal shops; we went straight to the highstreet. In the end I literally just typed 'mint green bridesmaid dresses' into Google and these are the ones that popped up! They were from the occasions section at Debenhams and were a bargain at £80 each! They suited the girls really well and with the help of the straps you wouldn't even know my friend Alice (far right) was 27 weeks pregnant with twins in these pictures!

I allowed the girls to decide on their own hair, make-up, shoes and jewellery. I wasn't a crazy bride who wanted everything the way I wanted it haha. Amazingly all the girls ended up with really similar hair. They all chose curls and plaits which matched perfectly with mine; and they all looked absolutely beautiful!

The boys definitely scrubbed up well, and I still think any man looks better in a suit! We decided to try and save a bit of money and hired the suits from Moss Bros. Unfortunately we did have a few problems with them so it was a bit of a nightmare - luckily they sorted it all out in the end and the discount they gave us left us with some extra money (which may have ended up behind the bar haha).

We chose grey suits as I thought they went with the colour scheme better, and Jack wanted something different from the suit he owns himself. The suits came with everything you can see which we thought was brilliant! I was a bit strict with them though and made sure they all had their top buttons done up and ties done nicely. You can't see in these pictures but Jack did get them all cufflinks to add a unique touch; Star Wars ones of course.

We really didn't spend that much on that much on our bridal parties outfits. The high street is definitely uping it's game when it comes to Weddings, so make sure to look there first! Also don't feel you have to get it from the wedding section either - the second you add 'wedding' to something it increases the price a lot!

Mummy & Me | November


November saw my baby girl turn two! Parker also turned 16 weeks old (although not technically 4 months until next week), which is absolutely crazy! I've now been a mummy for two years and I still believe it's the best job in the world. The way Indiana now comes up to me and wraps her arms around me, and looks into my eyes saying 'love you mummy', I couldn't think of anything more perfect.

These pictures pretty much sum Indiana up - loving, stroppy and cheeky haha. Parker still hasn't quite got the hang of picture taking, but look how sweet he looks in his little shirt! I'm SO excited for Christmas now and I cannot wait to spend it as a family of four - our first as 'The Peacocks'!

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Happy Second Birthday Indiana!


So at 2.12am my baby girl turned TWO! I'll probably say this every year but I honestly cannot believe how fast it's gone. My labour with Indiana wasn't perfect, it certainly wasn't quick and my goodness was it bloody painful. But I'd do it all over again a million times for her.

This year I've loved watching Indie grow and change a whole lot more. She's walking confidently, talking A LOT,and is a confident, funny but very stubborn little lady... and yesterday she did her first wee on the potty (a very proud mummy moment haha).

There's still so much more to come and I cannot wait! I love having conversations with her, and I cannot wait to hear what funny little phrases she'll come out with next - my current favourite is "boobies mummy!" while handing me my bra haha!

Happy birthday beautiful girl. Mummy, daddy and your baby brother Parker love you very much xxxx

The Toddlebike2 | Review


A few weeks ago a large but completely weightless box arrived at the door. Indiana was lucky enough to receive a Toddlebike2 - perfectly timed as an early birthday present - and I'm not sure who was me excited; me or Indie haha!

The second it was out the box Indie was shouting 'bike!' and wanted to jump on. She's had little bikes in the past, but this one was different, it just seemed so much more suited to her, and toddlers in general.

Firstly the bike is VERY light. This makes it easy for Indie to grab and take wherever she wants. She loves bringing it over to anyone who comes over to show it off, and you can really see how proud she is of it. This also makes it so easy to take out and about. It's light enough to hang off the pushchair (a must as I'm never out without it!), and where it's so small it doesn't take up room in the car either.

Despite it's lightness, it is very robust and sturdy. Most toddlers don't understand the concept of 'gently' so once it's picked up, it's thrown around A LOT haha. It's made of hard-wearing plastic so it's also waterproof, weatherproof and basically toddlerproof! The fact it's made of plastic makes it easy to clean. I love this as it means we can use it inside (which will be happening a lot more now winters settling in), as well as taking it out.

The bike is suitable from around 18 months, up until they're ready for a real balance bike or scooter. The narrow wheels aid learning to steer and balance by themselves. Indie mastered quite quickly how to sit on the seat and push herself along. The frame being inline with the seat however means that when they are learning, they can use this instead!

We have had awful weather lately, which means we haven't been able to take the bike out as much as we would have liked. Indie has been loving riding it around indoors though, and it's provided hours on entertainment for her! We did manage to take it on an autumn adventure this weekend though, so have a look what we got up to below:

I would 100% recommend - and already have to a number of mummy friends - the Toddlebike2! It's perfect for giving your toddler their independence from the pushchair, and is great fun too. What's fantastic also is the price; it's currently only £23.95 with FREE UK and Ireland shipping from Toddlebike and John Lewis.

Disclaimer - we were sent the toddlebike2 for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are honest and my own!

Wedding Series | The Dress


The next post if my wedding series is going to be all about my dress! I've never been one to dream about the perfect dress. You see all these wedding shows where they know exactly what they want, but I really didn't. I liked the look of lace and knew I didn't want sleeves - but that was about it!

I went to my first bridal shop back in October 2014 with my two sisters. I picked out a lot of dresses, in lots of different styles to see what I preferred. I avoided anything too big and poofy as I thought it would make me look smaller (I didn't want to get lost under my dress haha). However my sister's persuaded me to try on the dress on the mannequin - a big, poofy number with lots of layers!

The second I had the dress on I knew it was 'the one'. I was in love and didn't want to take it off again! It made my sister Gemma cry and I knew that sealed the deal, and it had to be mine haha. The dress was a Justin Alexander, style 8690. The body had a sweetheart neckline and was runched in silk chiffon with a pearl and crystal band at the natural waist. The skirt was silk and chiffon and had A LOT of layers! It did up with a zip which was covered by silk buttons, and ended with a semi-chapel length train. 

I ordered the dress that day and didn't even feel the need to look anywhere else! The top half of the dress was the part I loved the most. It really sucked me in and gave me a figure which I was actually proud it. Then the fact it went in at the natural waist, meant it skimmed over my stomach - result!

We found out we were expecting Parker just over a month later - que me getting into a huge panic over whether the dress will fit or not! My bridal shop were amazing and reassured me they could work their magic if it didn't; phew!

Parker was born 8 weeks before the big day, so I had my first dress fitting just a few weeks after he was born! I definitely wouldn't recommend it haha, but it was actually ok. The dress still fit, and the design of the dress made me look and feel amazing - not like I just had a baby! The only adjustments it really needed was in the length. I'm very short so it had to be taken up quite a bit. I actually had to go back twice for this - meaning I only collected my dress the day before the wedding (very Don't Tell The Bride haha).

I completed my outfit with ivory ballet pumps from the BHS Wedding Collection - I'd definitely check them out, they have some great things, and great prices. I wore Pearl studs, and then my sisters bought my a single drop pearl necklace to match the band. I kept to it simple, as I really wanted the dress to be the star of the show.

If I had one piece of advice for any bride to be, it would be to go in with a completely open mind. Try on dresses in every style and don't say no to anything. That one dress that looks awful to you on the rack, could turn out to be amazing on, and your perfect dress!

Wedding Series | The Big Day


Now we have our official wedding pictures back, I thought it was the perfect time to start sharing more about our special day with you! I'll be doing individual posts on all the important bits; the dress, suits, venue, favours, etc. But if you would like to know anything in particular let me know!

The day itself couldn't have been more perfect. The weekends leading up to the day were pretty much all miserable. Either lashing rain, wind or just dull. I wasn't too worried as the ceremony was all inside, but I knew I wanted to use the grounds for our pictures. When I woke up the morning of the wedding and looked outside is was perfect blue skies; not a cloud in sight and 18 degrees... how lucky were we!

It was definitely a positive sign as we didn't have any hiccups or problems the whole day. Indiana was a bit miserable and didn't actually watch the ceremony haha, but that's not surprising - what almost 2 year old wants to sit through something like that! We even managed to capture some gorgeous pictures of the four of us with the help of our fantastic wedding photographer Sam!

Sat at the top table eating our wedding breakfast I just couldn't believe we were married. Looking out onto all our family and friends and seeing all our my ;) hard work in front of me was surreal too; and a little bit of a relief haha. The food was AMAZING and I think one of my guests even left with the recipe for the dessert!

We partied on until 1am - I know how Jack and I stayed awake that long was beyond me too haha - and then enjoyed our first child free night in a very long time. I very much enjoyed my complimentary breakfast the next morning. Unfortunately Jack was far too hungover for it though haha.

I still cannot believe we're married and I'm sure it'll be that way for a while. I'm so excited to blog about it properly though, and share a few of the hundreds of pictures we have!

Parker's 3 Month Update


One of my first posts when I started blogging was Indiana's 3 month update; now I'm writing the exact same post for her baby brother - crazy! This is a little late, but Parker turned 3 months old on the 4th November. I honestly cannot believe he's already 3 months. These weeks are just rushing by, and I'm not okay with it haha!

At 13 weeks he weighed 13lbs 3oz and he still wears 0-3 months clothes. He's SO long though that his trousers are too short and sleepsuits aren't long enough either - however where he's not chunky the next size doesn't fit around the middle haha; I can't win.

He was measured at his 8 week (where he was actually 10 weeks) check and was a massive 65cm, putting him on the 98th percentile for height! I know you shouldn't compare but he is the complete opposite to Indiana. She was always really short and a bit chubby, whereas he is long and skinny. It's so funny!

Same sleepsuit, same bouncer same age - So different!
He did great at his check and is progressing perfectly. He also had his horrible first set of jabs; luckily I managed to get Jack to take him in this time. He coped really well though and didn't fuss. The reason his check was so late though was because at 9 weeks our poor baby boy had his first chest infection - you really can't escape those germs with a toddler who goes to nursery.

We're still on Cow & Gate Comfort milk but have managed to stop giving the Gripe Water which is great! He now has between 5-7oz every 3/4 hours. He's on a rough schedule which he created himself which is great. We try and follow the EASY method which seems to help him (he's a grumpy little monkey if he doesn't nap haha). He then has his last bottle around 6.30pm-ish and then goes to bed at 7pm with Indiana. We then dreamfeed him at 10pm and he's now started sleeping through until anywhere between 5am and 7am.

We started putting him into a basic bedtime routine around 10 weeks and it only took him a few days to pick it up. I know a lot of people are against things like these but for us it works - we now have the evenings back to relax and enjoy some time to ourselves, giving us the energy to do it all again the next day haha. We've discovered he loves to have something near/over his face to sleep. Luckily we have hundreds of muslins, as they've become his comforters.

We are constantly getting smiles, giggles, coos and gurgles from Parker now. He first started those giggling sounds around 10 weeks and they've really developed. You don't have to do much to get one out of him - he really just loves you talking to him and making silly noises haha. He also finally likes his playmat and can now happily 'play' on it for a good while. He can bash the toys and grab onto the rattles too now. Tummy time however is a complete no-no; he absolutely hates it!

We've had a couple of rough weeks in between due to Leaps but luckily he seems to go back to his happy self pretty quickly. I know the 4 month leap is coming soon though - wish us luck!

13+1 Out - 13+1 In

Mummy & Me | October


Apart from August when Parker was born, I think this has to be my favourite mummy and me month. Of course I'm sharing more wedding pictures! I'm still blown away at how amazing they are, and they'll definitely be pictures I treasure forever. I will be blogging more about the wedding now we have the pictures back, but for now I hope you enjoy these. I can't believe it's been a month since the big day!

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