Me & Mine | June 2016


I wasn't very organised with pictures this month. Jack and I haven't really spent many weekend together as he's had his own thing going on, and then I was at Britmums last Saturday. These were taken on our day out at Diggerland last Sunday, where I said to Jack I wasn't leaving without a photo. Indiana really wasn't feeling it (I really don't know what the face is about it the top picture haha), but we got them anyway!

This month has passed by without much to shout about. The weather has gone from boiling hot to thunderstorms almost daily, so getting out hasn't been easy to plan. I have been in full party planning mode for Parker's 1st birthday though. I've got his outfit sorted, most of his presents bought and the invites are sent. We're not booking a cake smash but we're planning on doing a DIY one in a few weeks too.

We've got lots of exciting things planned for July, and you never know Summer might decide it wants to come back again for them haha. I can't believe this is Parker's last month as a baby (he's one on August 4th). I really don't think I'm prepared to have two toddlers... I think that's a scarier thought than 2 under 2!

The Me and Mine Project

Britmums Live 2016 #BML16 | My First Britmums Experience...


This year was my very first Britmums experience, and actually my first experience of a blogging conference in general. I keep trying to sum it up to people, and can't really find the words. It was absolutely fantastic, but also very overwhelming, long and exhausting.

My day started bright and early when I met the lovely Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine on the train. I was a bag of nerves, but I cannot tell you how much better I felt for not being alone. We arrived at The Brewery to a sea of people, and so began the hunt for faces I recognised!

It wasn't long before I spotted Sophie from Sophie & Lily, and within a few minutes we were taken through to registration and nibbles. The process was really easy - although I was shocked they didn't even check my ticket, they just asked my name once I picked up my badge. We quickly grabbed some pastries and drinks and found a table ready for the day to begin.

From there the day passed with a bit of a blur. I spent most of my day with Sophie and Claire (The Witt Family), we're all vloggers so I've 'known' them for a while now. We went to a number of sessions, although I didn't find all of them to be as useful as I was hoping. The SEO chat was definitely the best and I do felt I learnt some helpful bits. I also really enjoyed the Parenting Round Tables - Parents Under 30 chat too; it was lovely to just chat to lots of mums, and hear their experiences.

I spent my afternoon and evening with three fantastic ladies (and one gorgeous baby) - Alex (Lamb and Bear), Charlotte (Berice Baby) and Kay (Mummy Burgess). We relaxed in the MAM lounge before heading to the Keynote speeches and BiBs Awards. Amazingly I won MAM's fantastic giveaway, which really did make my day! The Keynotes were great, and I'm really glad I stayed for the awards.

The Hub was absolutely bursting with life, and I will admit I found it a bit too much to begin with. The room wasn't very large, and with the amount of people in there it was very intense. This did calm down throughout the day though which was better, and made it easier to talk to the brands and see what was going on. I really enjoyed meeting the brands; from cupcakes with MAM and tasting the new Coke Zero (I totally tasted the difference), to creating ice cream combinations with Affilinet, there was loads going on. I didn't manage to meet as many brands as I'd have liked, but there just simply wasn't time!

Something that really disappointed me was the food, or the lack of. The day started at 9am and if you stayed for the award, like I did, it ended at 7.30pm. In this time we were offered tiny pastries, a small hot lunch, teeny tiny cakes and then the little samples available with the brands. Don't get me wrong, what was offered was lovely, but there just simply wasn't enough! I came home very lightheaded and hungry - there should at least have been savoury nibbles before the awards I think.

Throughout the day I spotted so many familiar faces, although I wish I was brave enough to say hi to everyone! I was so happy to meet Alice (Alice & Amelia) again, after meeting her in Bluestone last year. After chatting on twitter for a while now it was lovely to meet Hannah (The Diary of an 'Ordinary' Mum), although we didn't manage a picture! I also bumped into two more Hannahs - Hi Baby Blog and Budding Smiles - both were lovely and have the most gorgeous little girls. I met Stacie from Parker & Me, although again it wasn't for long enough, and with so much going on it was so hard to find people once they were gone. I also managed to bump into and grab a quick selfie with Donna (What the Redhead said) at the end of the day - She's like blogging royalty so I was thrilled to meet her!

Overall I had a great day, and I'm so pleased I battled with my anxiety to go. Although I don't think I learnt very much, meeting fellow bloggers really was worth it! The day was VERY long though, and I felt as if I was go go go to be able to do everything in time. I'm still not 100% sure if I'd go again. Of course I'd love to meet everyone again, but I'm sure it was worth the money.

I vlogged my day so make sure to go over to my channel to watch. I'll also be vlogging all the goodies I managed to pick up to give you an idea of what to expect!

Weaning onto Solids | Q&A with Nutritionist Julia Wolman


Starting to think about weaning? Worried about how to start, and what happens when you do? Then this is the place for you! I've teamed up with Julia Wolman - registered nutritionist - to help tackle some of the big questions when it comes to weaning. You may know it's National Breastfeeding Week, so this does focus more on breastfed babies and weaning, but hopefully it'll be helpful for bottle feeding mummies too!

A little bit of background about Julia. Julia is a freelance public health nutritionist who specialises specifically in baby and child nutrition. She has a Masters degree in Psychology & Health and has a passion for promoting healthy eating in children. She has years of experience not only through learning, but also from having two children herself!

Should I continue breastfeeding when I start weaning?
Yes, definitely. Breastmilk is especially important alongside solids in early weaning as its protective properties may help to reduce the risk of diarrhoea, vomiting or allergic reactions when new foods are introduced. Breastfeeding will continue to protect your baby from infections for as long as you continue feeding them.

Do I need to give my baby vitamins?
It is a national recommendation that all breastfed babies should be given a vitamin supplement from 6 months. In some cases, a specialist may advise this earlier than 6 months. It should contain vitamins A and D as these nutrients are not too widely available from food. Most baby vitamin preparations will contain these. For babies who are formula fed, or receiving both breast and formula milk, they should have a vitamin supplement if their formula intake is less than 500mls per day.

What happens if my baby stops wanting to feed?
Sometimes babies go through phases of being less interested in their milk. It may be because they’re enjoying solids too much and their tiny tummy is getting full up. If your baby seems less interested in their feeds, try adding more milk to their cereal or other foods such as mashed potato. Or make sauces for pasta or vegetables (e.g. macaroni or cauliflower cheese). Experiment with your timings as babies won’t take much milk if they’re either too full or too tired. If milk intake falls below 500mls/day then a baby vitamin supplement is recommended (see no 2.)
I remember Parker went through a stage early on where he didn't want his milk. We added it to his porridge and cereal instead so he still took it, as we knew milk was still very important! Luckily this stage didn't last long, and he was back onto milk in no time.
How will my baby’s sleep be affected?
Parents sometimes say their baby’s sleeping improves once they have started solids. But there is no real evidence for this. Sleeping and eating should be regarded as entirely separate behaviours. Babies should not be waking, or woken for, night feeds once weaning has been established.
You might know that Parker wasn't a very good sleeper for a long time. Even when we started weaning at 5.5 months (baby led weaning this was) he was having milk feeds at night. Once he was eating a lot (actually swallowing food) he did start to sleep better - but he didn't drop his dreamfeed until last month. So don't worry if your baby is still having milk - all babies are different!
Won’t giving them water just mean they don’t want milk?
Drinking water should have no impact on a baby’s appetite as it has no calorie value. Most babies probably won’t drink great quantities of water during the early months of weaning. To start with, it is more about getting them used to the taste and to using a cup, rather than quenching thirst as they usually get enough fluid from their food and milk.

We had lots of trouble getting Indiana to drink water, so it's great to hear this wouldn't have been a problem! Luckily Parker has taken really well to water, and will happily drink from a non-spill cup, a free-flow cup and even a straw beaker - definitely a positive of him having an older sibling.
How do I ensure they eat enough?
Many parents make the mistake of thinking their baby needs to eat more than they actually do. However babies are very good at self-regulating, meaning that they eat when they are hungry and stop eating when they are full. They are far better at this than older children and grown-ups! It is always a good idea to give babies small amounts to start with, then if they still seem hungry offer more. If you still feel unsure, checking your baby’s weight every few months is a useful way to monitor if they are taking in what they need. 

Baby led weaning is great for this this! Both children have eaten lots, but always chosen how much, and when they want to eat it. We just kept offering food until they started pushing it around or dropping it off the tray.
What will happen to their nappies when I introduce solids?
There will usually be some changes to baby’s poo when they start solids – it may become runnier, lumpier, smellier or a different colour! But these changes are perfectly normal and things should settle down once their digestive system has become more used to the food. If you ever feel worried, or find blood in your baby’s nappy, make an appointment to see your GP.

Hopefully this has been helpful and will make your journey a #stresslessweaning experience. I never heard anything about giving vitamins with either children, so it was really interesting to learn. Thank you Julia!

My Wild Ones #19 | Reaching Another Milestone...


When I first bought these baby milestone cards I was so excited to start using them. At first the milestones were slow, and it was easy to just lay Parker down, place the card next to him and click away. These days though, it's a nightmare! And with each passing milestone I'm wanting him to be my little newborn again even more.

Parker's newest skill is standing (if you can read the card that's what it says haha). He's gaining so much confidence and can stand for longer each day. It's such an exciting but bittersweet time, the leap between baby and toddler. I just wish Parker would stay still for a second, so I can actually use the cards like I dreamed about all those months ago haha - I had to bribe him with food for this one!


Parker's Birthday Outfit | Next Wish List


You may know that I have a teeny tiny HUGE obsession with Next for the kid's clothes. So where else would I look when it came to Parker's 1st birthday outfit? We're going to get him a special 'one' top for his party, but I just love these bits for the actual day!

Parker's birthday is on August 4th - but you know what summers are like in England.. so I've planned for all occasions:

1 - Mustard Bomber Jacket (instead of the hoody if it's wet!) - I am a little bit obsessed with this colour, and both Jack and I adore this jacket. The inside is lined with arrow print too, making it extra cool.

2 - I Am One T-Shirt - Of course he needs a special birthday t-shirt! Next do all the ages up to 10 I believe, for both boys and girls. This one is perfect as we love stripes in this house, and the caterpillar is super cute too.

3 - Bright Stripe Socks - Socks are pretty much just a necessity - but they don't have to be boring!

4 - White Converse - Parker's getting so close to walking, so we've agreed that if he by his birthday, we're going to get him his first pair of Converse! I never knew Next actually sold these, so it was a lovely little surprise.

5 - Yellow Hoody - There's that mustard colour again! If it isn't raining he'll have a jumper instead, as you never know if it'll be warm haha.

6 - Denim Light Blue Jeans - I'm not a huge fan of babies in jeans, but figured he won't be a proper baby anymore once he's one! These are super cool - the little turn ups are my favourite bit.

Saving Space with Babymoov | Light Wood Highchair


Edit: Since reviewing this pushchair (7 months) we have had a couple of problems. We have had to replace the tray due to the plastic snapping (and the colour coming off), and the opening mechanism is also damaged. The highchair does have a lifetime guarantee, but we are disappointed to have problems so soon.

Living in a flat we really have to be conscious of the things we buy. Although ours is bigger than most I've seen, we still don't have that much space! One area that is especially tricky is our kitchen / living room. It's open plan, there's not much storage space, and there's no room for a separate dining room. Luckily we managed to pick up a dining table that folds down, but what about a highchair?

We needed one that could fold up really small - so that we could store it out of the way when not in use. It also had to be easy to clean and use; we follow baby led weaning which gets very messy. We've had a 3 highchairs over the years now, and I think we've finally found the one that covers everything! The Light wood highchair from Babymoov has been an absolute dream.

Previous highchairs have been plastic, which although easy to clean always seemed to be really bulky. Where this one is wood it folds so slimline it can easily slot into a small place. The tray can be kept on when folded too, which although makes it slightly wider, is nothing compared to previous ones we've owned.

It also ticks the box of being easy to keep clean! The cushion comes separately so no little nooks and crannies for crumbs to hide in, and this also means it's easy to whip off and clean. The tray is removable, and the straps can pop out too for a deep clean (something that I have to do on a regular basis with Parker's love for mess haha).

The best bit of all? The chair actually grows with your child! This means we won't have to get another chair once he outgrows it so he can sit at the table. We'll simply adjust it, remove the tray, and he can sit at the table with us - it truly is #stresslessweaning!

*We're working with Babymoov as part of their #stresslessweaning team. We received this item as part of the project, however all opinions are honest and my own*

Why I Vlog, Chocolate Cake & Appreciation | #LittleLoves


How is it Friday again already?! This week has whizzed by in a blur of rain, toddler tantrums and family time. Despite the rubbish weather we've managed to get out at least once a day, and I really think it helps keep my two entertained... for a little bit at least! We had a really sad moment on Saturday though. We lost Indiana's beloved Bunny on our trip to Shrek's Adventure - the bunny she's had as her comforter since she was 9 months old. I almost cried the moment I realised; luckily she seems to have accepted a replacement for the time being. It's not the same though!


Again I honestly can't think of anything! I have been researching for Parker's 1st birthday though and found some great bits for him. You can check out his wish list here.


I've watched a lot of Youtube this week. This vlog by Emily Norris stood out though, as it really hit home with me. A lot of people don't understand why we vlog our lives - but this video really does sum it up.


I've become a little obsessed with Ariana Grande recently. I'm probably a bit too old to be a fan, but I don't care. I might as well admit I'm a Justin Bieber fan while I'm here too haha.


We went to my mum's house for dinner on Tuesday. In true nanny style she made a huge chocolate cake - Indie was VERY happy about it... and so was I!


We've been trying out these Peppa First Pants from Asda Little Angels this week. How cute do these two look with their little piggy bum pre nap time?

And Lastly...

It was our 'getting together' aniversary this week, and of course it's Father's Day on Sunday too. So here's a little appreciation for Jack (not that he reads my blog.. rude right haha). I really don't know what I'd do without him!

The Ultimate Camping Guide 2016 from Halfords


Growing up UK holidays were what my family loved to do. We've been all over; from the most westerly point at Land's End in Cornwall, all the way up to Loch Lomond in Scotland. The really do hold some of my most fondest memories. The great outdoors played a huge part in these trips, and we've stayed in caravans, cabins and lodges. Jack was the one who did the camping as a child though and he's always told me stories of how fun it was.

Now our two are getting older, we've agreed we'd love to take them on similar holidays. To let them enjoy the great outdoors like we did. I'll admit I'm still not into the whole camping idea, but I think I've found something that might make me think otherwise.

The Ultimate Camping Guide from Halfords has all the information you'll ever need when considering a camping trip. The first few pages give you an idea of where to visit - tourist hotspots, events and examples of campsites too! Locations include Cornwall, Scotland, Norfolk, Yorkshire and the Lake District, so there's plenty of choice for whether you want to stay close to home, or travel further afield.

Once you've picked your location, the guide is full of helpful tips and tricks to make your trip a enjoyable experience - this bit is the most helpful for me I think! How to choose the right tent (and how to put it up), survival tips, essentials and even a page on how to glam up your trip - the page I went straight for! The back of the guide even has a handy packing checklist so you can't forget any of the essentials.

The guide is a great size, making it handy to slip into a bag - and can even be downloaded if you can't get your hands on a paper version. It's bright, colourful and full of really useful information. I love that each area has it's own map so you can see what's there - from campsites, to cycle routes and places of interest.

With this guide I really think we could have a fantastic camping experience. We're off to Norfolk in October, and although not camping I think I'll be bringing the guide along too. And who knows, maybe next year we'll be brave enough to plan a proper camping trip!

This is a collaborative post with Halfords

My Wild Ones #18 | Raincoats, Wellies & an Umbrella

Of course it didn't take long for our best friend the rain to return. We didn't let it stop us this week though, and we ventured out to the weighing clinic (Parker's now 21 lbs if you were interested!) and into town. Indie was kept happy with her rain coat, wellies and umbrella, and off we went!

She may have walked slower than a snail, and almost jumped so much rain went into her wellies (and not forgetting the moment she slipped and almost fell in a puddle). But she was having the best time, and that's what it's all about. The umbrella also did a pretty good job as a rain cover for Parker too haha!


The Siblings Project | June


Just look at these two this month! My gorgeous babies are looking so grown up, and are becoming a right little pair. I love how summery this month's photos are too (although if you looked outside today you wouldn't think it was ever this sunny haha), and they remind me of the lovely afternoon we spent at Ightham Mote.

Despite how these pictures look, we've had a bit of a set back with Indiana this month. I'm not sure if it's jealousy or just her being a 2 year old, but she's been pretty mean this month! Pushing, not sharing, not letting Parker get even remotely close to her... the list goes on. It's such a shame as when they do get along they have such a lovely bond.

Hopefully as Parker gets older, and he learns he doesn't have to be next to Indie at every second, things will improve again. I know deep down she really does love him - the cuddles, concern and slobbery kisses are proof of that. And he really does think the world of her too.

These pictures do seem to capture the best of them though. Parker the cheeky, mischievous little brother. Indiana the protective, loving big sister. Together little partners in crime... who we just know will be giving us lots of trouble in the years to come haha.

The Me and Mine Project

Baby Boys First Birthday Wish List


I honestly cannot believe that Parker's birthday is just over 7 weeks away - definitely time for a first birthday wish list! We've left party planning and present buying quite late compared to with Indiana. It's not because we've been less bothered, but we've just found it so much more of a struggle. What do you buy a boy who has everything?

We decided to go all out 'boy' in the end though and get Parker lots of boys toys. Of course he doesn't care, but it will be nice for him to have something of his own - that isn't second hand or pink haha. We're well aware that Indiana will be playing with the toys too though, so haven't got him anything too babyish.

1 - Cath Kidston Robot Food Tray - We got Indiana one of these divider plates for her first birthday, so knew we wanted to carry on the tradition. How cute is this robot design? I may have to get the matching bowl and cup too.

2 - Happyland Fly and Go Jumbo - Parker loves playing with Indiana's Happyland toys, so want to get him some of his own. I love that this is on wheels, so as well as playing with the people in it, he can push it along too.

3 - V-Tech Toot Toot Drivers Garage - Jack really wanted to get P some cars so this Toot Toot Drivers garage is what we've chosen! We already have one of the cars which he really enjoys, so we know this will be a hit.

4 - Disney Bath Toys - These are similar as the Cars version aren't online, but there are lots of difference designs. You can't go wrong with bath toys, and these ones are just so fun!

5 - 'One' T-shirt - Not really a present, but this will be to wear on his birthday. I absolutely love this design from Blueberry Boo Kids, although I have no idea what colour to order.

6 - Jamm Scoot Aqua Racer - How cute is this scooter?! I much prefer wooden toys and I know this one will last for a long time. It's a gorgeous colour and I just know he would absolutely love it.

7 -  V-Tech Toot Toots Cars - Of course Parker will need some cars to go with his Toot Toot bits. We'll probably be asking for these from family and friends too.

8 - Wooden Noah's Ark Shape Sorter - Like I said above, I love wooden toys, and have fallen in love with this Noah's Ark! We have regular shape sorters but love this animal design - and I know both children can play with the animals separately too.

We'll probably ask for gift vouchers towards bigger sized clothing, or money to go into his bank account from family - we definitely don't need many more toys haha. I hope this has been helpful for anyone else in our situation though. It was definitely so much harder to decide on gifts this time though. Just to buy them now... and start party planning!

My Sunday Photo | Indiana {12.6.2016}

She has absolutely no idea why we made her sit here for a picture... but it makes her dad and I laugh!

Sun, Sex and the City & Teepees | #LittleLoves


What a beautiful week! After all that moaning last week, mr sun decided to pay us a visit and it's been glorious. We've managed to get out and about as much as we could; the bonus of Jack being on the early shifts this week also meant lots of evening trips to enjoy the last bit of sun too.


Not much this week! Although my sister and I may have started looking at Disney holidays for next year...


When I discovered Sky boxsets had added Sex and the City I downloaded series 1 straight away! I do have it all on DVD - but am I the only one who will watch something on TV if it's on anyway?


Lots of giggles and noise! I got Indie's ball pool back out and both kids have been loving it. It brings back so many memories of Indie as a little baby - she loved jumping into it when she first starting walking.


We made use of our National Trust passes again at the weekend, with a trip to Ightham Mote. It was a lovely day, and I just love seeing Jack having fun with his babies.


You know I haven't worn anything special haha! It's been all about the rompers and playsuits for the kids though. How adorable is Parker is this khaki one from Next? I love a teepee print!

And Lastly...

It's another busy weekend ahead for us. Jack's spending all of tomorrow at the tattoo shop (much to my disapproval haha), Parker's with my MIL and I'm taking Indiana to London! We're off with my sisters to the Shrek Adventure, so expect to hear all about it next week.