I'm Going to #BML16!


So after blogging for over two years, I'm finally going to my first blogging conference - Britmums Live or #BML16 as it's know this year! I still can't believe it as I never thought I'd pluck up the courage to book a ticket, and I'm still VERY nervous. But I'm also so excited to finally meet some fellow bloggers who I've been speaking to for ages now.

Britmums have set up a linky to hopefully take away some of those nerves, so here's a little bit more about me:

My Name: Emily.. the clues in the blog name I think ;)

My Blog: I've been blogging at EmilyandIndiana for over two years now! I'm also a vlogger, which is actually where I first starting sharing our family life - you'll find us if you search 'thepeachicksandus'

Find me on Social Media at: You'll find me under EmilyandIndiana on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, @emilyvaughanx on Twitter and 'thepeachicksandus on Youtube.

How I Look: You'll rarely find a selfie of me anywhere, so here's one of me and the rest of my family. I'm short, with mousey blonde hair and blue eyes. I will most likely look very tired too haha.

Is this my First Blogging Event? Yes! I'm still very anxious about it, but like I said still really excited. Hopefully attending will give me more confidence to attend more events in the future.

I will be Wearing: Absolutely no idea! I feel you can't plan much with how the weather has been lately. I do know I'll have my hair down though - a luxury I rarely get at home, as Parker is obsessed with pulling my hair haha.

What I Hope to Gain from #BML16: I am most excited to meet fellow bloggers! I've spoken to people on social media for ages now, so it will be great to finally meet them in person. I'm looking forward to hopefully learning something new when it comes to blogging too, and maybe meeting some new brands!

As this is my first conference I don't have any tips - I have heard to take a big bag though so I'll be sure to do so! I'd love any tips though, and please do come say hello if you find me hiding in the corner haha.


  1. I can't wait to meet you! I love Britmums Live x

  2. Yay! I look forward to saying hello. Thanks for the tip of taking a big bag, surely thats an excuse for me to buy a new one x

  3. Eek! I'm looking forward to seeing you there 😀 xx


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