Me and Mine Project | December 2017


And just like that, another year is over! Can you believe it's New Year's Eve 2017 already? Because I honestly cannot get my head around it at all... that, or the fact that this not so little bump of ours, is due in just two weeks time.

We've ended the year with such a wonderful month though. December was absolutely packed full of fun-filled family time, the loveliest Christmas celebrations, and we even welcomed a new addition to the family, with my nephew being born just a few days before Christmas! 

This Christmas was definitely the most magical yet, as both littles were absolutely sucked into the whole thing completely. Indie played a beautiful angel at her very first Nativity, and I don't think a day went by when they weren't singing carols. The madness of buying Grotto tickets back in September was made entirely worth it; we were all mesmerised by the experience, and the littles actually spoke to Father Christmas and his elves (something that has never happened before!). The magic was then topped off on Christmas morning, when we came downstairs after stockings to squeals of "HE'S BEEN!".

I think there were so many moments where my heart could have completely burst this month... and that's not just from all the extra pregnancy hormones either!

I am so glad I managed to complete another year of this wonderful linky. Going back through this year's posts to create the collage below, had so many memories flooding back. And just look how little Indiana and Parker look!

I've loved seeing our family change each month, and it's been extra special to watch our little bump grow with us too. With our due date just around the corner, this post also marks our last Me and Mine as a family of four. As from next year we'll welcome the newest, and final little member to our family. And I honestly cannot wait to join in with this linky for another year!

You can see our year in monthly photos below:


The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

Mummy and Me | December 2017


Another year of Mummy and Me complete, and another year of capturing some wonderful moments with my littles. I love this little linky, as it reminds me to jump in the picture too. I of course adore capturing Indie and Parker together. But I know in years to come (and especially when they're older), I'll love having these memories of our moments together too.

And as this month is an especially special one, I've shared a number of different snaps from throughout the month. December was definitely our last month as a trio, as January will welcome not only the new year, but a new member to our family. And my goodness I cannot wait!

So here's to a wonderful 2018, and a whole new chapter for my Mummy and Me adventure!

Living Arrows // 52/52


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

I'm writing this post in a post Christmas haze. No idea what day it is, still eating all the food, but mostly just full of happiness from the last few days with my little family. Christmas this year was the most magical one yet, with both littles full of excitement from the moment they woke up on Christmas Eve.

Surprisingly I hardly took any pictures over the last few days. I was too busy enjoying our last Christmas as a four, and soaking up all of the excitement! So the one I'm sharing for this last Living Arrows of the year is of my pair together.

I have loved joining in with Donna and her lovely Living Arrows linky this year. Sharing 52 pictures of my little loves growing and changing, and remembering to capture those little moments just as much as the big ones. I already cannot wait to join in again in 2018... especially as there will soon be a third little one to capture and watch grow!

Living Arrows

36 Weeks Pregnant {Baby Number Three}


9 months pregnant. Wow! Although I feel as if I'm in the "I feel as if I've been pregnant forever" bubble now, I really do think I'll miss my bump when it's gone. Especially as this is definitely the last time I'm going to experience all the ups and downs of pregnancy.

36 weeks & 5 days

14th January 2018


I use the Baby Centre App to check on baby's progress - baby girl is roughly the length of a romaine lettuce this week, weighing around 2.6kg and measuring just over 47.4cm long. She's now shedding what's left of her downy lanugo hair and vernix - both of which she'll then swallow, which will then become part of her meconium poo.

I saw my midwife for my home-booking appointment yesterday, as well as my 36 week antenatal check. It made everything feel a lot more real, especially talking through where the pool is going to go, and the procedures. She also dropped off the home birth box, and the birth pool is being delivered this week too, so we're nearly 100% ready to go now! In regards to antenatal checks, everything was perfect. Baby girl is still well head down, and now 3/5ths engaged... and boy can I feel it!

I don't even want to know anymore.. especially with Christmas just around the corner!

The constipation is back.. yay! I think it's due to the iron I'm taking, as well as the fact everything is so squished up now. Either way I'm hoping it passes soon, as it really makes you feel miserable. 

Braxton hicks are almost constant in the evenings now, and usually accompanied by period like pains too. I'm hoping it's a sign that my body is getting all prepared, so when labour does come it is a little quicker. Although I'm still certain she's going to be late!

Sleep is pretty awful if I'm honest. I'm waking so much to go to the loo, and rolling is just impossible. I'm finding I'm waking in the night randomly too, and then struggling to get back to sleep. Which is incredibly frustrating when you have your husband peacefully snoring away next to you...

Nothing of note recently.

Exhausted, achey, heavy, and pretty bloody huuuuuge. I am oh so excited though! My sister, who was due a few weeks before me, welcomed my nephew into the world this week. Meeting him and having those newborn snuggles has made me even more excited. I still can't believe I have a baby just like that in my belly though!

Feeling 'normal'. I have completely forgotten how it feels to be able to walk around and not feel tired and out of breath. I just want to sit on the floor and play with the littles, but everything hurts too much to do anything. 

I recently worked with JoJo Maman Bebe, reviewing some of their lovely maternity clothing. I think my favourite piece is this maternity and nursing top - it's so clever, and stripes are my favourite!

We've got everything prepared for baby! We have built our co-sleeper, the clothes are all washed and put away, and I have my home birth box / hospital bag sorted. 

Enjoying our last Christmas, and hopefully New Year as a family of four! We have so much to look forward to in 2018, and I just want to enjoy every last minute with Indie and Parker before she's born.

You can see how this pregnancy compares to Parker's (my second) here.

Christmas Maternity Style with JoJo Maman Bebe | Review


At the beginning of the year I had the pleasure of working with my local JoJo Maman Bebe. The beautiful new shop had so many lovely items for little ones that I lusted over, and a maternity section that I dreamed of browsing one day. So when JoJo Maman got in touch a few weeks ago, I was absolutely thrilled!

I was sent some of their beautiful maternity items from the winter collection, and I've loved styling them over the last few weeks. I'm now 36 weeks pregnant, so buying maternity items this late wasn't something I thought I would do. But I've found that with a lot of JoJo's items, they're designed to last beyond your bump. So I know I'll be wearing nearly all of these items once baby girl is born!

Maternity leggings are something I kept putting off buying. But oh my goodness. I have been most definitely missing out! These comfy cotton maternity leggings are so soft and comfortable to wear. The bump band can be worn over or under the bump (I'm an over the bump kind of gal though!), and where it's seamless you can't notice it under clothing. The biggest thing I love about these leggings is that they're not see-through! A huuuuge plus - especially during pregnancy.

As it's so close to Christmas, of course I didn't want to miss out of the festive clothing. I thought this ruffle maternity jumper was the perfect subtle way to embrace Christmas - but not be too garish. The knitted red jumper is not only comfortable and soft, but it is lovely and warm to wear too. I love the pretty ruffle sleeves, and because it has been designed to fit all throughout pregnancy, I know this one will definitely be staying in my wardrobe once baby is born.

I practically live in snuggly jumpers in the winter, so just had to choose this ribbed maternity jumper too. It comes in a range of colours, but I opted for the pink as it's my favourite colour! I was a bit surprised by how oversized the jumper is, and I do think I could have probably sized down. But the slouchy fit means it's really comfortable to wear, and I can just throw it on with some jeans and feel dressed down, but still stylish!

The final piece of clothing that I chose was the lovely striped maternity and nursing top. Stripes are my absolute wardrobe go-to, so I was drawn to this top straight away. It wasn't until it arrived though that I realised how practical and clever the top actually is!

Designed to last throughout pregnancy and beyond, the top features cleverly concealed feeding slits to make breastfeeding (whether at home or out and about), that little bit easier. If you didn't know though you wouldn't notice - and I think this striped version makes the slits that little bit more discrete too.

Overall I have loved all of the pieces I received from JoJo Maman Bebe. They've been worn, washed and worn again on repeat for the last few weeks, as they're just so lovely! Their clothing is on the more pricier side, but the quality really does show. And the fact that so many of their items are designed to last beyond pregnancy, means that they're worth spending that little bit more too.

Disclosure - I received these items of clothing in exchange for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Living Arrows // 51/52


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

I cannot believe how close the end of the year is now! December is literally whizzing by in a blur of Christmas sorting, baby preparations and plenty of festive fun. Last week we had Indiana's very first nativity. It wasn't very long, but all of the children were absolutely brilliant. Indie was an angel, and sang soo loudly I could hear her from the back. It was definitely one of my proudest mummy moments so far!

I know I'm technically cheating with the photo I'm sharing of Parker this week, but I just love it so much I couldn't resist. He is absolutely obsessed with my bump, and he constantly asks to see baby and give it kisses. I was taking some pictures for a blog post I'm writing, when he ran in and asked to see baby - lifting his top to show me his! He's going to make such a wonderful big brother when baby girl arrives in a few weeks.

Living Arrows

The Siblings Project | December 2017


And just like that, another year of the Siblings Project is complete! I cannot believe just how much my two have grown this year. Not just in the obvious way that they're both looking huuuuge now. But with they're relationship too. They started the year not really knowing how to play together, and with Indie well and truly still the boss. But now they're very much on the same level - true partners in crime!

It wasn't until I was looking back on the year's photos, that I realised that we took almost identical ones for last December's post. Even down to the same Christmas duvet cover! With such awful weather in December though, and it most definitely being the month of snuggling at home, I think it really is the perfect photo setting.

We're still struggling with siblings squabbles and sharing issues this month. But honestly? I think that's just part of sibling life now. Most of the time they really are so lovely together.. so I think we're just going to have to embrace it, and take every day as it comes.

An exciting milestone this month though, is that we officially signed Parker up to start Indie's preschool in January. He'll only be going a couple of mornings a week, but he's already soo excited. Indie came along to his settling sessions, where she loved showing him around and introducing him to everyone. You could just see how proud she was that her baby brother was there, and it was just so lovely to watch!

I am oh so excited to share another year of Siblings pictures next year. Especially as January's picture could be the ones to include our littlest love! I have loved watched the relationship between Indie and Parker grown over the last 2.5 years. And I absolutely cannot wait to see how the dynamics are going to change when their baby sister arrives. 

So I'll end with a round-up of this year's Siblings pictures, and here's to an even more exciting 2018!