Indiana's Unicorn Themed Fourth Birthday


With soo much going on with Christmas, preparing for baby and two little ones to look after, I'm so late sharing this post. But as this blog all started because of Indiana, I thought it was better late than never!

Our biggest girl celebrated her fourth birthday on the 26th November, in a full on pink and girly celebration. She was absolutely adamant she wanted a unicorn birthday this year, so that's exactly what we gave her! Her birthday tee this year was from Rocket and Rose, and I found her adorable unicorn horn on Etsy, from a seller called Little Lapins. Complete with her pink sparkly tutu, she made the perfect unicorn princess.

We started the day with snuggles in bed, and then it was downstairs for presents and balloons. After searching far and wide, Indie got her wish of a Fingerling (you can see her other gifts here), and I think she was over the moon. We headed to Frankie and Bennys for birthday pancakes, and then to Scotney Castle to search for princesses.

The rest of the day was lovely and relaxed, as we spent time at home so she could play with all of her gifts. Family then joined us in the afternoon for birthday cake (unicorn shaped of course), and more gifts. Her absolute favourite one by far being her unicorn pillow pet - she's carried it around with her every day ever since!

At the end of the day, it was so lovely to hear Indie tell us how much she loved her birthday. Birthdays have always been special, but this one just seemed even more so as she was so excited by the whole thing. She was even kind enough to let Parker help her with her presents, which was an unexpected surprise!

I am so excited to enjoy this next year with Indie, and to experience the wonders that a four year old brings. I just cannot believe my biggest baby if four... where have those years gone?!


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  1. It sounds like she had a wonderful day. Can't believe she is 4! Xx


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