Third Trimester Maternity Style with Mothercare Denim


At over 34 weeks pregnant with my third baby, I am well and truly living in a full maternity wardrobe now. Although if I'm honest, even some of those bits have started to become a little on the smaller side! I've been in maternity wear (especially bottoms) from very early on this time. Which has just given me more reason to embrace proper maternity clothing.

An absolute staple for myself, and most pregnant women I think, has to be a decent pair of maternity jeans. They're easy to pair with tops or jumpers whatever the season, and give you so many more outfit options compared to a dress or leggings. And recently I've been testing out a few different pairs from Mothercare's new Autumn / Winter collection.

I've always thought Mothercare's maternity range was aimed at the older mum. With very basic and rather 'unstylish' items, that really weren't my style at all. But honestly, I've been really impressed! The denim collection has soo many different styles, that I think would impress even the most style conscious mama.

The first pair I picked were these washed black over the bump maternity biker jeans. What I love about these jeans is how soft and stretchy they are. I don't feel squeezed into them, and I can move and sit comfortably without them falling down too. I lovee that the over the bump band is seam-free, as it means it's not visible under thinner tees. It really does give that extra support that I've needed too - especially during these last few weeks of pregnancy.

Not only are they comfortable, but they're stylish too! They have added details such as the stitch detail at the knees and zips at the ankles; making them look so much more like 'normal' jeans. They also have a button fastening, which although doesn't actually keep the jeans up, adds to the overall look of them too.

Mothercare jeans are fab as you can order a size as well as a length - an essential for me as I'm so short! I found that these jeans are definitely true to size, and the length is perfect for me.

The second pair from the Autumn / Winter collection that I selected were these frayed ripped knee over the bump skinny jeans, in the darker denim colour. These jeans are most definitely my style, with the ripped knees and blue denim. They have been given a faded and distressed look to make them more stylish too, which is something I really like about them.

Again, these feature the seam-free bump band, which makes them so comfortable to wear. I prefer to wear them over my bump to add that extra support (and it's a little bonus layer on colder days!). However you can also wear the band under your bump if you prefer.

I'm personally not a fan of the frayed hem detail on these jeans, as I don't think they look as good with certain shoes. However as you can see in these photos, they're super easy to roll and change if this is something you agree with.

These jeans also feature a functioning button and belt loops, which creates the illusion of a low rise design. I love this extra detail, however I do think that as my bump gets bigger this will make them harder to wear. I did also find that these jeans came up small, even though I ordered all three pairs in the same size - so this may be to do with the low rise detail. It's such a shame, as I think these are my favourite style!

The third and final pair of maternity jeans I have been testing, are these blue super stretch over the bump jeans. This pair are the most basic jeans I picked, but I wanted some that would go with everything else in my increasingly limited wardrobe. And I think these would be perfect for so many different occasions, either dressed down how I've style them, or dressed up for a special occasion!

They are soft and stretchy, meaning they are really comfortable to wear. And the fact that they don't have any fancy details, has probably made them the comfiest pair out of the three I tried. Although they do also have the frayed hem which I'm not really a fan of.

Just like the previous two pairs, these jeans have the button detail and seam-free bump band. However for some reason, despite being the same size as the other pairs, these ones actually feel slightly on the bigger size. I do find myself having to pull them up throughout the day, and they just feel generally looser.

Overall I've been really impressed with the Mothercare Denim range. The jeans are stylish, super soft and comfortable to wear, and they just feel like they're going to last. With each pair priced around the £35 mark, they do appear expensive. But as they're designed to grow with you (with the help of the bump bands), they really are a great investment... and I know I'm going to be wearing mine once baby is born too!

You can find out more about the Mothercare Denim range here.

We received these items in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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