My Wild Ones #11 | Animal Adventure Challenge at Howlett's Zoo


Earlier in the week I posted about our trip to Howlett's over the Easter weekend. It was such a fun-filled busy day, and Indiana was go-go-go from the minute we arrived, until she finally fell asleep on the drive home!

As well as the zoo, Howlett's have their own mini Go-Ape style course, called the Tree Top Challenge. It's obviously too grown up for Indiana and my nephews, but luckily they have a mini version too called the Animal Adventure Challenge! On our visit it was set up as a mini egg-hunt which made it extra fun. It was £2.50 per child, but that included a little prize too.

The kids had to climb, slide, swing and scramble all while looking out for little eggs. All of them were fantastic at it, especially Freddie (4) who even managed to swing along a couple of the monkey bars - good job little man!

With a little help from the adults they all found the eggs, and were awarded with some mini eggs and a fab little certificate each. And as you can see from Indiana's muddy knees, crazy hair and messy face, she absolutely loved it!


Me & Mine | March 2016

March has been a pretty exciting month for us! Mother's Day, Easter, watching the children grow and BIG decisions from me. We've spent so much quality time together as a family this month too. I probably say this all the time, but spending time just as a four really is perfect for me. Whether it's on a fun day out, like our trip to Hever Castle or just popping to our local Costa.. as long as we're together, I'm happy!

This month's photos were taken on Good Friday at Howlett's Zoo! We took advantage of my sister being there and got her to snap a few pictures of the four of us. None of them are perfect - as you can tell Indiana was NOT feeling the pictures, just look at that face!

That's not what this linky is about though. We've captured a memory of the four of us; the stubbornness of 2 year old Indiana, the curiosity of 7 month old Parker and the struggle Jack and I go through to get a decent picture haha. But I'll always look back on these pictures, and remember what a lovely day we had!

The most exciting part of this month (and equally scary!), is the fact that my Maternity Leave has come to an end. But I won't be heading back to work! We've decided that I'll be staying at home with our two little monkeys, and instead of going out to work I'll be using my blog and YouTube as a little bit of extra income instead.

I cannot wait to spend every day with my babies. Never missing a day of them developing and hopefully getting to see all of Parker's firsts. It does unfortunately mean Indiana will be stopping nursery, but hopefully she'll have just as much fun at home with mummy and Parker!

Here's to the next step in my mummy adventure!

The Me and Mine Project

Our Easter Weekend | The Zoo, Egg Hunts & Snuggles


I hope everyone had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend! We most definitely made the most of Jack's extra days off, and I'm currently sat surround by chocolate wrappers, with a little huge food baby to show for it haha.

In true British style the weather has been absolutely naff, but we did manage to get out and about regardless. Friday was the most beautiful day, so we headed off to Howlett's zoo with my sister, her partner and her two boys.

It was one of my favourite days out of the year so far - glorious weather, the kids running around having fun, and the zoo is just beautiful too. From the moment we got there Indiana was in her element, running around giggling with her cousins. There was even a mini egg hunt/obstacle course for them to enjoy.

She was most definitely dressed for a summer's day, and wouldn't let her sunglasses out of her sight! Parker was such a happy boy all day too, although I think his favourite part was lunch time haha.

Indiana even had her face painted for the first time! We were unsure how she'd take it as it was way past her nap time (and she's a grump if she doesn't sleep haha), but she was fascinated by it. She asked to be a butterfly, and what a beautiful one she was!

Saturday was a lot more relaxed as we were out until gone 7pm on the Friday! I had to pop into work quickly, which gave us a perfect excuse for coffee and cakes. John Lewis also had a little egg hunt around the store for children, so Indie and Jack had great fun doing that. She loved doing it, and has wanted to 'find the eggys' ever since haha.

We did our own little egg hunt on Sunday morning. The weather was awful so we guessed it was better than nothing! Jack hid little eggs around the living room and we let Indie go find them all by herself. She did really well, and surprisingly she's still not eaten any... just played with them!

The rest of the day the kids went to play with Jack's parents, so we managed to spend some quality time together. Although honestly, we did spend most of it tidying and cleaning - such a parent thing to do! We had a lovely (baby free) family meal for my nan's birthday at The Hare in Langton Green in the afternoon. If you're local I'd definitely check it out, the pub is beautiful and the food was really good too.

Easter Monday was then spent shopping, snuggling at home and stuffing ourselves with chocolate! Parker learnt to pull himself up over the weekend, which we cannot believe! Jack being home meant he didn't miss it,  something that happens too often with him working, It really was a perfect weekend, and makes me cherish family time even more. I just wish there was a long weekend more often!

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

Mummy & Me | March


A year ago I wrote my first ever Mummy & Me post. Indiana was only 16 months old and Parker was a little 20 week bump! Looking back on that post I can't believe how little Indiana was, even though I probably thought she was too big haha.

I love that I've continued this linky for a year. It's been so lovely to capture my big girl growing up, me becoming a mummy of two, and a snapshot of Parker since he was born! So a HUGE thank you to Nicola for creating it; definitely join in if you aren't already.

This month's photos are from random days throughout the month. I probably had plenty of opportunities to get pictures of the three of us, but I think I love these 'unposed' shots just as much. They show just how cheeky and sassy Indiana is now, and just look how big Parker is!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

My Sunday Photo | Feeling Like Spring {27.3.2016}

Easter Fun, OBEM & Holidays | #LittleLoves


I hope everyone has had a lovely short week. I absolutely love this time of year as it means more family time, lots of fun activities to take part in, and obviously because of the chocolate! We've had a week of Easter fun, exciting emails and probably a bit too much of the chocolate I mentioned... but hey it's Easter, so it's allowed! Here's this weeks #littleloves..


I've read lots of blogs this week, as so many have been popping up on my newsfeed talking about the MADS and BIBS awards. My newsfeed has also been filled with posts about Jamie Oliver and the whole breast vs bottle debate. I have been keeping well out of it, but absolutely loved this post by Hannah. I just wish it didn't keep coming up, it turns everyone crazy!


One of my absolute favourite shows started again this week, One Born Every Minute! I cannot believe that last time it was on I was pregnant/just had Parker. I was a blubbering mess watching of course, and it's made me even more broody - nothing beats a birth story.


Time for another 'Indieism' I think! Everyday her speech improves, and although she's been saying 'love you' when you put her to bed for a long time now, I don't think she really understood what she was saying. Recently though she'll reply with 'love you more' and you can go back and forth with her for ages. It's so sweet, and makes me want to get her back up and give her lots of snuggles.


We've had a busy week doing lots of Easter activities. We don't really celebrate it, as we're not religious, but just had to get involved in the fun! We made these yummy Easter nest cakes (there's a vlog of it if you fancy a watch), and Indiana also had fun with this egg painting set from Poundland. They had some fab Easter bits in (the cake cases and stakes were also from there), which gave us hours of fun.


Excuse the blurry photo, kids really don't sit still haha. But I've spent far too much time dressing up with the kids this week - in particular this Anna crown. Most of the time I forget I'm wearing it and just carry on as normal. I also bought Parker this amazing romper this week. How cute huh? Hurry up holiday!

And Lastly...

On the subject of holiday, we got our E-Tickets through this week! I'm definitely on the countdown now, and am far too excited to go. As you can see Indiana is getting into the holiday spirit too!


My Wild Ones #10 | The Park


Sometimes I think the most simple trips are the most enjoyable. With Indiana being so poorly last week we didn't get out much. The second she was back to her happy self we grabbed the chance to get out and about, but kept it close to home, with a trip to the park.

It was beautiful weather, which I think just added to the happiness of the trip. We had the park to ourselves too, which is always the best - no-one else on the equipment for Indiana to get annoyed with (this girl REALLY doesn't do sharing haha).

Both kids were in the best moods and were happy and giggly the whole time we were out. Indiana walked the whole way there and back in knickers too - something we were VERY proud of (although it was actually my fault as I completely forgot she was in them haha).

Indiana was running around all over the place. Jumping, climbing and being exactly how a toddler be - wild and free! She was full of confidence and really surprised me with her climbing skills. It wasn't high, but I didn't know miss short-legs could manage the gaps haha.

This simple trip may not have been anything fancy. We may not have gone far. But it really was lovely - and has made me even more excited for the warmer weather. Parker might even be walking by summer too, which will make these trips even more fun!


Wicked Wednesday {23/3/2016}


 When you're just not feeling the selfie... at least Parker made an effort! 


The #FeelSuper Campaign For Marie Curie + WIN A P&G Hamper Of Goodies! (CLOSED)

Last year the #FeelSuper campaign between P&G and Superdrug raised over £200,000 for Marie Curie, helping to more than 10,000 hours of vital care and support for people living with a terminal illness.

You may have already noticed the special stickers on P&G products (including Max Factor, Olay, Tampax and Venus), as the campaign launched on the 9th March. It runs until 5th April - and selected products will then be keeping the logo in the hope to trigger even more donations!

Every time you buy one of these products P&G will make a donation to Marie Curie. Simple as that - one product = one donation. For more information, check out the Superdrug website.

This year they are hoping to raise even more money, and Frankie Bridge has once again joined forces to support the campaign. The Saturdays singer and mum of two says,
“This is a really special charity which I’ve supported for many years and I’m very excited to be working with Marie Curie again through the #FeelSuper campaign. What I love about the campaign is that it’s so easy to get involved, it’s as simple as buying your everyday essentials from Superdrug, without putting anything over and above what you usually put in your shopping basket. For lots of people, it’s the little treats like a new lipstick or favourite moisturiser that helps them to feel super. Now those everyday pick me ups can make them to #FeelSuper knowing they are helping others too. One product = one donation.”
As part of my work with P&G I was lucky enough to receive a hamper full of goodies - all of which are part of the one product = one donation campaign. I'm also offering you a chance to win a hamper too! Just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below:

Disclaimer - I was sent a hamper of goodies as part of my work on this campaign. I was not paid for this post.

My Sunday Photo | Binoculars {20.3.2016}

Magazines, Painting & Hand-Me-Downs | #LittleLoves


There's not really been many things to love this week. We had a lovely weekend, but the rest has been pretty rough - I'm currently typing this whilst munching my way through even more crap food to make myself feel better haha. Our poor Indiana has had hand, foot and mouth and has been so poorly she even slept in our bed for the first time ever - strangely she took up less room than her baby brother haha. She's on the mend now though thankfully, and Parker has actually slept the best he ever has; he must have known we needed it! But anyway, onto the little things I have loved this week...


Not a book, but a step in the right direction I think - I actually read a magazine this week! I used to love flicking through a cheesy mag, and then completing the puzzles when I was done. I definitely want to do it more as it really helps you to switch off and get your mind of 'serious' things haha.


Far too many Disney DVDs and CBeebies! Well there's nothing better than snuggling up when you're poorly is there? We watch Bing religiously as Indie is a massive fan, and we always seem to catch the potato programme that's on before. It's got the catchiest theme tune ever and I'm still humming it now haha.


I'm not going to link it as I can't bloody stand it, but the Work song by Rihanna seems to be everywhere at the minute. I honestly have no idea what she's saying, and Jack and I just seem to make a joke of it every time it comes on haha.


Like I said Indiana has been a poorly little lady this week. We haven't really been up to much, and even had to miss our Diddi Dance class on Tuesday. To keep her spirits high we tried to do lots of fun activities at home, including painting. Indie has lots of fun and made a beautiful painting for her daddy!


Parker's been wearing lots of Indiana's old clothes this week. I absolutely love this part of having more than one little one, and although there aren't many things I can pass down, it's still so so cute when I can! I blogged about this Tommy & Lottie t-shirt before Indie was even one, and it still looks brand new on Parker now!

And Lastly...

I had a well needed night off on Wednesday, and had a lovely night out with my girls! What more could you want than good food and good company when you've had a rough day. It was then an extra bonus that Parker then slept all night too!