Gro Egg Room Thermometer | Review


While at The Baby Show recently we met the lovely team from The Gro Company. We were given the chance to test out one of their products that we've both been eyeing up for ages, the Gro Egg.

The 'egg' is a room thermometer designed to give quick, easy readings, making it perfect for a nursery. Just plug it in and it will glow and show the temperature. Easy as that! The colour shown will depend on how hot or cold the room is. This makes it very easy to tell whether the room is too hot, too cold, or at that perfect temperature.

The yellow glow is a comfortable temperature, blue is too cold and red is too hot. You can then adjust the room to suit - adding/taking away layers for example. The glow is then gentle enough to act as a nightlight, which is a lovely little bonus.

As well as the glow, the little screen shows the accurate temperature, so you can see what's classed as too high or too low. A little sad face accompanies the red glow and a sweet little smiley face will show when it's a comfortable temperature! The box also explains everything in more detail, and gives you a guide on how to dress baby to suit the temperature.

To add a little extra to your Gro Egg you can also purchase shells separately. There are 3 different options: an owl, monkey or penguin. These are a cute little touch, and make it fun for your child.

Honestly I don't know why we've never purchased one before! I was always worried that the nursery was too cold, despite using the free little thermometer that comes with the Gro Bags. This gives a quick, accurate measurement, and also looks SO sweet sat on the side in the nursery. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone with a baby or expecting. The egg currently retails at £21.99 and the shells are £4.99 each.

Disclaimer - we were given the gro egg and shell free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own


  1. I have been thinking of getting a one of these too but was unsure if they would be worth the price tag. They look so cute, love the cover you have xx #triedtested

  2. We bought one of these for our Son when he was born and we found it really helpful. So reassuring when you're not sure what the temperature is. I love the shells too! Very cute

  3. Ooo thanks I had heard of the clock but not this and its a constant worry that I have so I may have to pop along!!

  4. What a great idea and gives total reassurance #TriedTested

  5. These are such a great idea. It looks and sounds fantastic. So reassuring x

  6. It's very cute.I think it will be very useful.

  7. Anonymous17/3/16

    I love the products from the Gro company. I think this is a really good product, I never have a clue what temperature it is upstairs in the bedroom and always worried she'll over heat or have not enough layers on. #triedtested


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