5 Ways To Entertain A Poorly Toddler!


There's nothing worse than seeing your little ones poorly and suffering. Indiana has been really ill these past few days which has been horrible for us all. We had to keep her home from nursery as her temperature was so high and we suspect she has hand, foot and mouth.

But how do you entertain a poorly toddler? Especially when your stuck indoors? Here's some fun activities that are simple and easy for everyone to simple!

1. Indiana actually requested painting so this was easy! Kate from My Family Fever even made a fab suggestion of messy play using a tuff spot - "Chuck some sand, play dough or shaving foam down and let them explore! Takes their mind off feeling rubbish too" - I think we need to invest in one of these!

2. All that paint needs cleaning up, so make an activity of it with water play! Hannah from Budding Smiles even suggested a soak in the tub if they get extra messy, "Toby did loads of painting when he was poorly with hand foot and mouth, then had a nice warm bath to wash the paint off and relax".

3. Dress up your baby brother and have a little boogie! Parker absolutely loves it when you sing and dance so this is a fab activity for everyone. I just pop music on my phone so this can be done anywhere!

4. Fellow bloggers Jade, Fiona, and Chelle all suggested simple sit down activities - stickers, books, colouring - simple but lots of fun!

5. And if all else fails stick on the TV and snuggle up! Be it copious amounts of Bing on CBeebies (a fab suggestion from Emily), a Disney movie, or like Victoria's little boy, a show on Netflix. Keep drinks and snacks to hand, and just enjoy those extra cuddles.


  1. Aw that last photo is so lovely! If it's any comfort, Toby didn't suffer once the spots were appearing and was back at nursery the following week xx

  2. Great tips, we tend to do cuddling and tv when Baby is ill. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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