My First Mother's Day


Sunday the 30th March marked my first Mother's Day as a mummy myself. Last year it was just any other day, little did I know I was actually a few weeks pregnant!

I was well and truly spoilt by Jack, and Indiana of course with the help of her daddy. On the Saturday Jack took Indie shopping in the morning so I could relax. He then came home with flowers for me from them both. It was SO cute, and such a surprise as I rarely get flowers haha.
She decided she wanted to eat them after I took this
Then I got a lovely lie in (well if you can call 8am a lie in), and was woken up by my two monkeys. They came in with my presents and cards and snuggled with me in bed while I opened them. I knew Jack had got me the two Hunger Games films as I had asked for them haha, but was still super happy. I was almost 40 weeks pregnant when it came out so never got the chance to see it!

Then from Indie I got a really cute 'I Love You Mummy' book and teddy bear set. Jack said he saw the book and thought it was sweet so picked it up and I'm so glad he did. I'll read the book to Indie all the time, and she loves the teddy bear haha.

I loved my cards too, and Jack even drew around Indie's hand to add her own touch to it.. so cute!

We Then visited my own mum with cards and flowers. Now I'm a mummy myself it's made me realise just how much I need my own mum, and how much she does for me. Love you mummy :)!

We then went out to breakfast at our local Frankie & Benny's, and it was amazing. Every breakfast is only £5 and there's so many choices. We both went for pancakes as we hadn't had them in ages, then I got a milkshake and Jack had an 'unlimited' cappuccino. Indie even slept the whole time we were eating so we could enjoy it in peace.. amazing!

She didn't really want her picture taken haha
My pretty little lady in her Cath Kidston dress and Bow Boutique headband
After breakfast I had to pop into work (I'm not due back until August but I've got the hours I wanted to return on.. yay!). We then went shopping for me and I finally got a new bikini I actually feel I look okay in.

We didn't do much the rest of the day, we just relaxed, chilled out and popped to our local Costa for a coffee and treats. Jack cooked a roast for dinner and then when missy went to bed we snuggled up to watch The Hunger Games Catching Fire.

It was a perfect day for me, and I loved every second.. even when Indie decided to be sick all down my new top and in my hair haha, that's mummy life for you!

How was your first Mother's Day?

Emily xx

Bumpkin Babies Photo Shoot, London | Review


Yesterday was a VERY busy day. We left the house (after we'd packed everything bar the kitchen sink) and got on the 10am train to London. We're very lucky to only live a 45 minute train journey away from the capital, so when at The Baby Show in Bluewater last October we signed up for a photo shoot with Bumpkin Babies. It was £10 which included an hours shoot plus two copies of our chosen image and a frame!

We got off at Charing Cross and had to brave the tube from the Embankment to Turnham Green. It actually wasn't as bad as we thought as we managed to get seats, and although there wasn't any lifts we managed to carry the pram up and down the stairs easily enough.

It was a bit of an adventure to the place where the photo shoot was, as we didn't know this part of London. Although once there it was great! The staff were lovely and friendly, and took lots of different shots. We asked for mainly shots of the three of us as we didn't actually have many haha, and they were very accommodating. They also took some individual shots on Indie and of me and Jack with her separately. We took changes of clothes with us for Indie as well which they used too.

We didn't manage the whole hour as misses got grumpy towards the end due to being tired, but we got enough. So we went into the viewing room and had the extremely difficult task of choosing which picture we wanted. Of course we wanted them all! But they were quite pricey and realistically we couldn't afford it, but really wish we could!

We ended up choosing two shots of the three of us as we just couldn't pick the one. We love them both and cannot wait to put them up on the wall.. along with the growing collection of pictures we have of Indiana!

While in London we thought we'd make a day of it (we'd paid a crazy amount on train fare so we wanted to get our monies worth too!). So we hopped back on the tube and decided to visit the Natural History Museum as it was close by and most of all free haha, plus Jack wanted to see the dinosaurs.

We then went to Planet Hollywood for dinner as a final treat. The food was so good, and the atmosphere is amazing, but it was just a shame we couldn't enjoy it as much, as miss fussy pants decided she wanted to play during dinner.

Overall it was an amazing, but tiring day! I could go to London a million times and still want to go back, and now we have Indie we have an excuse to take her to all the places you have to go when you visit London!

Indiana's 4 Month Update


14 weeks old
I know I say this every day but I cannot believe how big my baby girl is getting.. 4 months old is just crazy! It seems like yesterday I was screaming in pain haha. This has been a pretty tough month with teething, sleep regression and a HUGE leap which we're still in!

I got her weighed at last week when she was 16+1 weeks and she weighed a healthy 13lb 2oz (Jack guessed this exactly the day before, so scary!)

Her routine is becoming much more set now. She wakes up roughly around 7.30 every morning. She has bottles at 8, 12, 4, 7 and then a dreamfeed between 10 and 10.30 everyday. I'm so glad she's settled into a better routine as it means I can prepare bottles and know when she's hungry! Her naps are still irregular but she does have a morning, lunch time, and afternoon nap. But like last month we just play and cuddle inbetween until she gets screechy for her nap!

Our routine is still the same. If it's not broke don't fix it I say haha! What is broken however is her sleep pattern :(! She was sleeping through the night but we are currently suffering the dreaded 4 month sleep regression.. she goes down fine but can be up so many times in the night. Her teeth don't help, so we're suffering with bad sleep deprivation atm.

Her feeding has become a bit more irregular. She now eats at set times but what she takes varies from one day to the next. She's still on Cow&Gate Comfort (we switched to Reflux formula but that made her constipated), but with size 3 teats instead. We still make 8oz bottles but she takes anything between 5 and 8 ozs.

She's now in all 3-6 month clothing, I switched over her wardrobe last week :(. She's in size 3 nappies as well now as little miss has a big bum haha. 

  • She is SO close to rolling front to back. She twists onto her side and then just gets frustrated when she can't get over haha.
  • She is a pro at grabbing and holding things now. She even reaches out for the toys on her bouncer.
  • As well as grabbing things she can now shake a rattle!
  • I don't know if it's a milestone but she's learning way more sounds. Her favourite now is screeching.. she does it constantly but seems so happy about it haha!
  • She's learnt how to work her Jumperoo properly now. She jumps up and down an can even start the music herself now.
  • She's back to being a pro at tummy time, she could probably sit there for hours bless her.

That's all I can think of for her 4 month update. Now she's 17 weeks she can start her weaning journey. We're not sure when we're going to start, but it's exciting to know she can have big girl food not just milk!

Enjoying a spring day

15 weeks old

I love her big blues

16 Weeks old
My little Minnie Mouse
What did your little one do at 4 months?

Emily xx

Watch our video update!

Stranger Danger


Recently Indiana has become a clingy little lady. I knew I should have expected it really, as most babies go through it, but it was still quite a shock. 

She's always been ok with everyone, we could pass her around for cuddles and she'd be all smiles, but all of sudden she hates it. It started with my mum (this actually upset me quite a bit as I thought she would love her nanny), and has now escalated to more people.

Yesterday my best friend came over for a catch up and Indie was a grump from the get go haha. All Louise had to do was look at her and bam the lip went and the tears started flowing! She would be fine with me cuddling her, but the second she wasn't with me she cried. 

I know it's just a faze and hopefully in time she'll go back to realising she's fine and be all smiles haha! And when I think about it, I think I secretly like it really.. She just wants her mummy :)!

How are your little ones with other people?

Emily xx

Next - A Girl Obsessed!


Next Sale
I think many of you mummy's will agree with me when I say that Next baby clothes are by far the most cutest you can buy. Yes they're a bit on the pricier side, but I think they're worth it!

A Next sale is the equivilant to a night out for me haha, I'm so sad. I don't spend any money on me anymore, it all goes on Indiana, but I wouldn't have it any other way. We popped into our local Next today to check out the sale, and it was crazy (it was only 9am too haha)! 

We picked up some super cute bits. We're shopping in mind of our holiday at the moment, and although most bits were more wintery, we still got plenty. 

I know as soon as the next one comes along I know I'll be first inline to grab some bargains.. We have such a spoilt baby haha!

Emily xx



Today was Indiana's third and final set of jabs until she's a year old, and boy am I a happier mummy now!

I have never been against jabs, I'm all for anything that's going to help protect my child. I even had the whooping cough jab when I was pregnant to pass on immunity to her.

But is it just me that feels like the worlds meanest mummy during them though? The nurse at my doctors is lovely, she gets me to sit Indie on my lap and hold down her little leggies (I hate this bit), then tells me when she's going to do it. She always tells me to expect the worst as 'this one stings a bit' too. 

The cry that comes out of my baby when the jab goes in is heart wrenching. She soon calms down with mummy cuddles though, and I always have calpol at hand in case she gets a fever. But overall it's not actually as bad as I thought it would be. 

I know they're for the best, and I'd rather a few seconds of pain and some grouchyness than her ever catching an awful disease! And like my best friend who's a nurse said, we don't remember the pain now, so really it's not that mean at all!

What's your opinions on infant jabs?

Emily xx

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine | Review


When Indiana was born I knew breastfeeding wasn't for me. So we prepared for bottle feeding. I'd always read good reviews on Tommee Tippee products, and liked the look of the design much more than Avent or Nuk. So we picked out literally everything in the range.. our first baby purchase was the complete set including a steriliser, bottles and loads more haha! Then I started noticing the Perfect Prep Machine popping up. It looked amazing! Perfectly made bottles in 2 minutes or less? I was sold instantly.

It took a lot of persuading and asking to get Jack to give in haha. The price was the one thing that he used as his reason.. it was £100 when it first came out, which for us was a lot of money! However, after time he gave in after I gave him scenarios of him being woken by a screaming baby at silly O'Clock in the morning waiting for a bottle (although she actually never did this anyway, yay haha). We were also lucky enough to be bought it by my nan who had offered to get us a bigger baby item. It has gone down in price slightly now, but I do still think it is very expensive, so it's definitely one of our more luxury items.

Now we couldn't live without it. It's so simple and easy to use, and makes a perfect temperature bottle so quickly. There's no waiting for the kettle to boil, and the water to cool down. 

Here's how it works:

1. Choose the size feed you want (Indie's on 8oz now the greedy monkey).

2. The tray can go to many levels, so it can be used with any type of bottle although we use Tommee Tippee. So choose the level and pop the bottle on.

3. Press the button, there will be a LOUD beep and the light will flash red. A 'hot shot' of water will be added which kills any bacteria.

4. Add your scoops of powder. We measure out ours into tubs so that it's even quicker! Once the scoops are added swill it around to make sure the powders mixed in.

5. Pop it back on the stand and press the button again, another loud beep, the light will flash green this time and the rest of the water will be added.

6. Once done you'll get a final beep and the light will stay green for a few seconds. Your bottle is done so add the supplied cap on top to give it a final good shake and voila! Your bottle is done, perfectly in 2 minutes or less.

I can only think of a couple of negatives of the product. Firstly it is SO loud. I'm not even joking when I say you could probably hear it from the other side of the house haha. I suppose you need it so you know when it's done, but at 2am it is so ear piercing and I'm pretty sure it could wake even a heavy sleeper up. Also the lowest size feed it does is 4oz, perfect for when they're older but when they're newborn it's not suitable. We had to buy the premade bottles to start as we didn't want to waste the feeds.

I hope you found this helpful, I find these kind of posts are good for persuading those who think it's just a waste of money. Jack now admits he was wrong and couldn't live without it!

Our Visit To Leeds Castle


Before I start I must mention the fact that Leeds Castle is actually no where near Leeds haha, weird right? We live in Kent and Leed's Castle is only a 30 minute drive from us. This past weekend was so beautiful so we thought we'd make the most of the weather and go out for the day!
Our first visit back in December
We first went as a family when Indiana was only 2 weeks 5 days old, we dressed her up as a reindeer and everything. What a difference a few months make as this visit was completely different! Firstly it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was warm enough to just wear a light cardigan.. perfect. Also Indie was much more awake and interactive, and definitely didn't need as much focus on bottles and feeding. We put her in the big girl part of her pram so she could look around as she's such a nosey pickle now. We even dressed her up nicely in a cute little summer dress with tights and a flower headband, she looked SO cute!

Leeds Castle have a great ticket where you pay once and you can came and go as many times as you like in a year! So we packed up a picnic, and everything but the kitchen sink.. going out with a baby requires a lot of stuff haha, and off we went. It was already packed when we got there but luckily the grounds are so large it doesn't seem busy once you're in. We had a lovely slow stroll up to the castle, with stops along the way so Jack could take pictures. Eventually we ended up by the birds of prey which we enjoyed having a look at. It was just a shame there isn't anywhere to leave prams by the maze as we would have loved to have a go in that too! 

We then settled down for our picnic as Indie was due a feed. It felt like a summers day sitting with our sandwiches and juice cartons, feeling the sun and listening to the birds. Indie loved being about to kick about on the blanket without having ten million layers on keeping her warm.. although I still did worry whether she was getting cold haha! Everyone around us were eating ice creams so we decided we definitely had to have one too, not one of those rubbish whippy one, but proper scoopy ice cream in a waffle cone, YUM!

Ice cream selfie
After filling ourselves and the cheeky pickle up we carried on our walk along the bank of a lake and through beautiful gardens. It just smelt like summer and made me so excited for our summer holiday in June. You wouldn't think it was March!

We brought our carrier with us so we could go inside the castle this time but typically Indie decided she wanted to nap at this point. We didn't want to wake her up as she's a right grump if you do, and that's no fun for anyone haha. So we passed on the idea again this time, but we have plenty of chances to come back and do it! We opted for some photos infront of the castle instead.. better than nothing I say!

It was a perfect day out for us, and I can't wait to go back when Indie's a bit older again to explore the maze, castle and to enjoy more picnics and ice creams haha! It really is true what they say about turning into your mum... I would have never enjoyed this is I didn't have a baby haha!

Emily xx

Why Indiana?


I'm sure a lot of you are thinking what an unusual name we have chosen for our little girl. Many of you may hate it, most have told us they love it, but I thought I'd give a bit of background as to why we chosen her name!

From the second we discovered I was pregnant we thought we were having a boy. We were so convinced we called my bump a he, and started thinking about boys names. Jacks grandad sadly passed away a couple of years ago, so he really wanted to include his name. So that was simple, the name John would be his middle name! Then it was the hard part of choosing the first name.. We didn't really have that many we both liked. Jack was determined we'd call him Seth but I firmly put my foot down haha. Eventually we decideded on Elijah, a beautifully unique name, that went really well with John too.

Sorted we thought! Our 20 week scam came along, and there we were looking for his little willy, when bam 'its a little girl' comes out the scan ladies mouth.. I was I'm shock, I had to ask if she was sure haha, and she reassured me she was almost 100% sure. I'd secretly wanted a girl all along and now my dream had come true, just a shame we had to start the name process all over again!

Going back to middle names we decided that if we were using Jack's choice of middle name for a boy, I got the choice of the girls middle name. I thought it would we lovely to use mine, and then maybe it would be carried on by her. So Rose was decided as her middle name. 

First names we had loads of, a whole list actually! We hated common names, every baby you see these days are an Olivia or Amelia, and while I think these names are lovely, I didn't want my little girl being one of many. Especially as I'm an Emily and it's just so so common (it's so unfair my mum got a bit more creative with my little sisters Carmen, Jade and Amber haha)! 

A few on our list were:
  • Phoebe
  • Matilda
  • Delilah
  • Sparrow
  • Florence
I bet you're reading that and thinking 'Sparrow!? What weirdos haha' but we thought it was cute.. Was never a proper option though, especially not when her surname was going to be Peacock! Jack hated Florence (but then proceeded to tell me a month after she was born he loved the name, men ay haha. We thought they all went lovely with Rose too, perfect. 

We narrowed it down to Phoebe and Matilda and then just kinda stopped thinking about it after that. Everyone would ask what her name was and we genuinely didn't have one haha. I thought about it more and thought wouldn't it be lovely to put my Nan's name as her middle name instead, I thought she would like it, and make her slightly happier towards the situation too haha. See my nans name is Jean, so Phoebe Jean would be the end result. It wasn't until Jack started singing 'Billy Jean' after I told him that the idea went out the window as quickly as it came in haha!

I was now around 35 weeks pregnant and I thought it might be time to actually decide a name. As much as we loved these two we just couldn't pick one. This naming business is hard, especially when they have to live with it for life. This may sound so bad, but we were actually watching the Indiana Jones films at the time. One night we were just joking around picking names from DVDs around d our flat and we both said Indiana at the same time. We just looked at each other and I instantly knew that this was it. It sounds so beautiful with Rose and was unique without be too out there. 

We added it to our list but every time we talked about my bump we always ended up calling her Indiana. I turned to Jack and just said that it was definitely her name and it was finally decided! We didn't tell anyone until she was born as we thought it saved comments and was a nice surprise too. When we finally revealed it everyone said how lovely and girly it was, and we actually haven't got that many Indiana Jones comments just yet haha. 

We think it suits her perfectly, our little Indie bug, perfect in every way :). I hope you enjoyed reading this, even if I ramble on too much haha!

Emily xx

Baby Girl Haul


I have a problem...
I can't help but buy something for Indiana every time I go out, I have a serious addiction and I need to stop haha! So as I've collected a number of bits this past month I though I would show you all the bits I've picked up. I'm a sucker for a sale or bargain, and you'll see this throughout.
Indie's Taggie
The first thing I got isn't clothes but still an item for Indiana! I'm a massive fan of forums/groups and other baby related social sites. I feel I talk to people more on there than in real life these days, and get so much more supportive and understanding while doing it. On one of my Facebook groups there is a lovely lady who is a keen sower and makes some lovely items. I saw she made taggies for other ladies and just had to have one for Indie. She does 3 different sizes and you can chose the fabric, colours and whether you want a name embroidered on it. We loved the strawberry print and decided to get Indiana on it to make it more personal. She LOVES it, and loves holding onto it and chewing the tags.
Vests from Tescos - left are 6-9 right are 9-12
Jack picked these up on his lunch break, and they're from Tescos. I recently went through our clothes in bigger sizes are realised we had literally nothing above 3-6 months! They were a bargain at £4 each for a pack of 5 long sleeve vests.. couldn't say no to that.

My selling site bargain, £8
So here we have my little Next haul. I'd have all the sleepsuit sets if I could but alas I'm not made of money haha. I was lucky to pick up a voucher code a few weeks again which got me £10 off a £15 spend online so I ordered the pink floral set. While collecting these I got another code and got the blue floral set. Then I found the red set on a selling site for £8. They're all 3-6 so I can't wait to see her in these soon!

Quilted coat from John Lewis
It has such a gorgeous flower print on the inside
 So here's my final selling site bargain. As it seems like Spring is finally making an appearance (yay!), we thought we best get Indie a jacket/coat at a snowsuit will be far too warm. This gorgeous quilted coat is from John Lewis and actually retails at £18, but I got it for £8. I actually work for John Lewis (my discount is the only reason we shop there haha), and we saw the exact same coat in London last week, was so amazing we found it for much cheaper!
Nautical theme t-shirts from Mothercare
I love, love, love these t-shirts from Mothercare. They have an up to 50% off sale on atm so of course I went in haha. I got these in mind of our holiday in June as I think they're so summery, and the long sleeves will protect her from the sun a bit. The white top was a bargain at £1.75 and the blue top was another bargain at £3.50!
Can you tell which one Jack likes haha?
Bambi & Batman
Another one of Jack's purchases.. I think he likes shopping for Indie just as much as I do haha! You can tell he picked these though, Batman wouldn't be my first choice, but hey ho.The vest is 3-6 and was £4, and the leggings set are 6-9 and were £5, both from Asda.

Mint greens for summer
This beautiful outfit is from Zara Baby and is in 6-9 months. We spoilt her on Saturday as she had been such a good girl.. okay I admit it's actually because I'm in love with the outfit! The top was only £4.99 and the jeggings are £7.99. The colours are what drew me in, I think they're so summery, and match one of my recently bought bows as well!

My final purchases are my bows and headbands from The Bow Boutique which I blogged about previously. I got all of these for £15 and I love them all! I think the mint green bow on the white headband goes perfectly with the Zara outfit!

So that's it! We made some bigger purchases such as a Bumbo tray from John Lewis (we got given the seat for free), a Jumperoo (another bargain at £42 from Ebay), and finally her highchair but I didn't get pictures of those. Her highchair was recommended to us by so many and is the Mama's & Papa's Pesto and was £50 from Argos.

Emily xx

The Mummy Tag


I've recently filmed this tag for my Youtube Channel, so thought I'd add it to my blog too! Indiana is only 3 months old so some answers might change when she's older, but these are what I think right now.

1. Are you a stay at home mum or a working mum?

Technically I'm a working mum, but I'm just on maternity leave at the moment. I'm due back in early August (just before my birthday annoyingly haha), after having 9 months off. 

2. Would you have it any other way?

YES! I would love to be a stay-at-home mum with Indie. I've never been a massive fan of leaving her, and I think leaving her for work if going to be so hard. I'm only going back part time, but we're still unsure whether it's actually going to be beneficial to us. Although Jack works in a nursery and we will be getting 50% off, it will still cost us a fortune! I would also hate to miss any milestones. Jack missed Indie rolling over as he was at work, and I would be devastated if I missed her first word or walking for the first time.

3. Do you co-sleep?

Nope and we never have! We're lucky that Indie's been such a good sleeper, and never fussed with her Moses basket. Yeah she would wake up when first put down, but with her seahorse on and a few strokes of her nose she was out of it haha. Now she sleeps in her cot in her own room, so we've never had a need. I would be terrified to do it anyway, we're such wrigglers in bed and I wouldn't be able to sleep with the fear of rolling onto her.

4. One must have gear for baby?

Muslin clothes, definitely. They are multi use and definitely needed when you have a baby. Indiana's become very sicky recently so they've been a lifesaver with all her sick. They protect your clothes and furniture from being covered in sick, and are also perfect for mopping up sick, spit, and any spillages really.

5. How many kids do you plan on having?

Two. Coming from a large family (I'm one of seven, and it's amazing!), I know I could never do it myself. My mum's supermum for popping out and raising us all, but it's not for me. I had quite a traumatic labour so don't think I could do it that many times. Just once more so Indie has a sibling (a boy or girl I don't mind, I won't keep trying for the other sex haha!).

6. Date night? How many nights a month?

We don't really have a 'date night'. We have left her a few times while we have gone out. She's a good girl and isn't too clingy to me so my mum, my sister and Jack's mum have all looked after her for us. She goes to sleep at 7pm so we don't really need it, we get the whole evening to ourselves anyway which is bliss!

7. Your child's favourite show? 

Well being only 3months old she doesn't really have one yet. I'll pop her in her bouncer in front of the TV with Disney Junior on if I need to get something done, and she'll just watch whatever's on there. My favourite is Doc Mcstuffins, I'm so sad I even know the songs haha.

8. Name 1 thing you bought before you had your baby and you never used?

We made sure to only buy things we knew we were going to use, so nothing. Yeah she's not a fan of her swing but she's used it, so technically that's been used haha. The only thing I can think of that may have gone unused is a lot of her clothes. We went a bit crazy and got so many bits, we've ended up just putting her in them for the sake of it. But I can't help it, everything is just so cute!

9. Your child's favourite food?

Milk, milk and more milk! She's on Cow and Gate formula (2 bottles of comfort and 3 just normal stage 1 at the moment).

10. How many cars does your family have?

Just the one, which is Jack's. I can't drive so I don't have one, one day I'll learn but it's just SO expensive and I doubt we could afford two cars anyway.

11. Weight gain before pregnancy, during, after and now?

I've never kept track of my weight. I thought I was getting fat before finding out I was pregnant but even then I didn't hop on the scales. At my first doctors appointment I weighed just over 9 stone roughly. Then at 37 weeks I weighed myself on my sister's Wii (which I know isn't 100% accurate), and I was over 11 stone.. Oh My God haha! I'm now back down to just under 10 stone and I'm happy at the moment. I know I can lose it eventually, and plan to for our holiday in June.

12. Dream holiday with your child?

Walt Disney World in Florida. My all time favourite holiday destination. I've been 5 times and I could go a million more, it's the perfect holiday destination!

13. Dream holiday without your child?

New York definitely. I've wanted to go for years and years. My parents went when I was like 5 and I'm still jealous haha. I'm a massive fan of Friends and Sex and the City, and I just want to go shopping and see the sights like in those haha!

14. How has your life changed since your baby has been born?

It changed from the moment I discovered I was pregnant. Going out has become so unappealing, and drinking is not fun like it used to be. I would much rather stay in with Jack watching a movie and eating snacks. A massive change was moving out from home. I relied on my mum for everything and had to start fending for myself.. and now I think I'm a pretty good housewife if I do say so myself :D

15. Finish the sentence: "it makes my heart melt to see......"

It's a toss up between seeing Jack with Indiana, and her massive gummy smiles. I didn't think I could love Jack anymore until I saw them two together, I love my little family. And those smiles! Every morning we go in to her and she just looks so excited and happy to see you, all the sleepless nights are worth it for that moment!

16. Where do you shop for your kids?

Anywhere that sells kids clothes I'm there in a flash! If I had my way I would buy the whole Next baby sections as their clothes are just so beautiful, but practically I just can't afford it. We shops anywhere from Primark to supermarkets and love a good sale (most of Indie's bits from the more expensive stores such as Next and Mothercare were brought in the sale).

17. Favourite make-up and skin care products?

I couldn't care less. I've never cared about make-up, I just buy the cheapest products out there, and I hardly put it on anyway. I'd rather spend my money on Indiana now.

18. Huggies or pampers?

Neither! The UK doesn't sell Huggies nappies anymore, and personally I think Pampers are awful. Everytime Indie wears one they leak and have really rubbish absorbency. We much prefer supermarkets brands. My favourite is Asda Little Angels, although we also have Tesco Cheeky Bots too.

19. Have you always wanted kids?

YES! I grew up with baby dolls, my baby Anabelle was my pride and joy. I loved dressing her up and looking after her. Mummy's and babies was also my all time favourite game at school and with my sisters. I didn't think I would ever become a mum so early, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

20. Best part of being a mum?

Again this is also a question with two answers, it's just so hard to decide haha. First would be knowing that Indie will always need me. I always look to my mum for advice and for help, and I love knowing Indie's going to need me for this. The second is watching her grow and develop. I loved her as a squishy baby, but I love her more and more as she's learning new things. She's become such a cheeky character and I can't wait to see what she'll do next.

So that's the Mummy Tag, I hope you enjoyed it, and I love reading all other mummy's answers!

Emily xx