Indiana's 3 Month Update


Indiana turned 3 months on the 26th February so this is a little late, but better late than never I always think! She's developed so much over the past few months, so here goes..
10 weeks old
Weight: I got her weighed at exactly 3 months (so technically 13 weeks and 1 day) and she weighed a perfectly normal 12lb 5oz. I dotted it on her growth chart in her red book and she's still following the 25/50th percentile nicely.

Daily: During the day we don't have a specific set routine. She has her bottles roughly the same time every day but naps can vary. Some days she's just more sleepy than others haha. She usually gets up around 7/7.30 I change her bum and then give her a bottle. We have a bit of playtime, but she's usually back down for a nap by 8.30/9ish. She is a cat napper so only really sleeps for 20/30 minutes at a time. Between naps, bum changes and bottles we play, have cuddles and I try and get bits done around the house. She has her other bottles roughly around 11/11.30, 3/3.30, then her bedtime bottle at any time between 6 and 7 after her bath. She's in bed every night by 7.30 and has a dreamfeed at 10ish, she will then sleep through until the morning!

Although she still needs lots of naps I love playing with her in between, she's got such character now and really enjoys her play mat, bouncer and just playing with me. She's learning how to grab her toys herself now so we've just got her a jumperoo to enjoy!
Always has smiles for mummy
My little geek
Bedtime: We have a pretty set routine for bedtime now, which we became more strict on when we moved a few weeks ago. She now sleeps in her cotbed in her own room as her moses basket was getting so small, and we were all waking each other up (yes I know they recommend 6months but we knew she was ready!). She has a bath with Johnsons Bedtim Bath around 6.30. We let her have a good splash about before getting her out and massaged with Johnson's Lotion. She's put into a sleepsuit and then has her last bottle usually around 7. She gets her last cuddles and then is put in bed every night by 7.30 in her grobag with her mobile on. She's usually asleep pretty quick and will then sleep through until the morning with a dreamfeed at 10/10.30.

Eating: Indiana's been bottle fed from birth due to personal choice. She's on cow and gate formula (the comfort version atm), and we use Tommee Tippee bottles with size 2 teats. She's a greedy monkey and has 4 8oz bottles during the day and then a 5oz bottle at her dreamfeed. She doesn't always finish them but usually has 6/7oz at each feed. She goes 4 hours between bottles but sometimes she only lasts 3, I think this depends on how much she had in her previous feed.

Sizes: Indie's a small baby so has been slowly progressing through sizes haha. She was still in newborn at 8 weeks which I loved. She's now fully in 0-3 but even some of her sleepsuits are too big now! I've tried her in 3-6 but she's too dinky for them bless her. She's in size 2 nappies but I know these are becoming a bit small now. We use a range of nappies from Pampers to Tesco Cheeky Bots, but Asda Little Angels are by far my favourite.

  • She learnt to roll from front to back at 12 weeks! She hasn't done it since but it was such a proud moment :)
  • Giggling! It melts my heart every tie she does it. She used to only do it when being tickled but now laughs at lots of thing, including her cousin Freddie.
  • Grabbing. This week she learnt to grab her toys. I was playing with her and her Sophie La Giraffe toy and she opened her hand and took it! She's only been taking things with her left hand so I'm hopeful she's a lefty like her mummy 
  • Teething. Yup we're pretty certain our little lady has started her teething journey poor thing :(. She's chewing absolutely everything, especially her whole fists, which she loves to shove in her mouth haha. She enjoys eating my fingers too which is so so cute.
  • 'Talking'. We have such a chatter box! She will happily wake up in the morning and talk to herself before we get to her. She also will babble away to herself, her toys or you which is adorable.
  • Sitting up! Yup that's right, our 13 week old sat up unaided. It's most likely a fluke but it happened. She was sat on lap and I let go of her hands (and yes I was ready to catch her if she wobbled) but she just stayed there for a good few minutes. Clever baby :)
Holding her Sophie
Chewing mummy's finger
So that's about it for her 3 month update. She's far too grown up for my liking haha, but still my little baby. I cannot wait to see what she learns over the next month!

Emily xx


  1. Love reading your monthly updates, helps me see what I've got to come! I'd like to start doing monthly updates rather than weekly ones, do you mind if I use the same format that you have for mine? It would give my ramblings abit of structure! 😊 xx

    1. They're so much fun to write, hard to remember all they've done though haha. Of course not! :) xx


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