30 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


Wow 30 weeks, just 10 more weeks to go which is absolutely crazy! It really feels like the countdown is on now; we should probably start getting more prepared haha. Baby boy is the size of a cucumber at almost 3lbs, and will be putting on 1/2 pound a week from now on apparently!

This week started lovely, the weather improved slightly so we got to enjoy the sun again (although it's swiftly left again haha). My bump is getting so big now my belly button can be seen through my clothes! My nephew had great fun pulling it and poking it, which I must admit makes me feel a bit sick haha. Indiana has also been loving her baby brother this week. She even ran up to me one day with the Doppler, popped it on my belly saying baby. It was unbelievably sweet and it makes me even more excited for them to meet.

Then on Friday my sciatica pain decided to come back with a vengeance! It's always down my right side, and leaves me limping if I'm out walking haha. I'm quite glad Indiana is still in her pram as leaning on it does give some relief when we're out.

The only other symptom I've been having for a while is pressure/pain in my bump. It's odd - it really feels like he's trying to escape out of my stomach, and I can always feel body parts if I touch my bump! I don't remember ever feeling Indiana this much so I'm not sure if it's because of my anterior placenta, whether he's bigger or if he's just in a different position! Any ideas?

We'll be in single figures next week! I will start thinking about my hospital bags, birth plan, etc in the next few weeks so look out for those posts. 

29 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


It's so strange that sometimes I still forget I'm pregnant, even though I'm 29 weeks today - pretty close to the 'heavily pregnant' stage I'd say haha. Baby boy is apparently the size of an acorn squash and now weighs close to 2lbs and measures around 39cm long. I have a feeling he's a bit bigger than that though if his sister's birth weight is anything to go by (8lb 4oz not overdue!).

I had my midwife appointment this week where I was 28 weeks and 3 days. Is it just me who gets excited for these appointments haha? It was lovely to see her, and even nicer that even though this is my second pregnancy, she's seeing me for the same amount as if it was my first.

Everything was perfect; his heartbeat was 144bpm, my blood pressure was 108/72 and my urine was fine. She had a feel and confirmed he's head down with him bum sticking under my ribs on the right (although I'm not sure if he's turned since then). She took my bloods which Indiana really enjoyed watching haha and I've got my whooping cough jab booked for Thursday. She measured my bump for the first time and I'm so happy it's measuring perfectly at 28cm!

Now I know he's head down I can definitely feel it. I've been getting 'lightning' type pains throughout the week which I did not miss haha. His bum has been really pushing against my skin too and it's quite painful (you can feel him if you touch my bump!).

Only 5 more days left at work now although I'm feeling done already. After a 9-7 shift on my feet all day yesterday I had really bad pains in my bump, and my feet were killing me! I'm back at work today but think it's definitely time to ask for a chair as I just cannot do it anymore.

Next week we'll be on the proper countdown and I can't believe it. We are so relaxed this time and should probably start buying things and thinking of names! 

28 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


So we've made it to 28 weeks and the third and final trimester... this pregnancy is going too fast! Baby boy is the size of an eggplant this week and weighs more than 1kg, at up to 38cm long! I'm seeing my midwife on Wednesday when she'll measure my bump for the first time - I'm curious to see whether this boy really is big or whether he's slowed down with his growth!

This week I've really started to notice my bump more, and how it makes simple tasks much more difficult! Shaving is now a HUGE task and something as simple as getting up off the floor is a challenge if there's nothing to hold onto haha. I keep forgetting it's there and trying to bend over to pick things up normally; you'd think I'd learn by now it's not going to happen!

I can really feel him up in my ribs constantly and it's becoming more painful. Indiana was exactly the same so at least it's something I'm sort of used to haha. It's making me out of breath a lot more often and I'm having to remember to stand/sit up straight to help with that. He's been doing really big movements too and kicking me in the ribs as well. As much as I love feeling him it is bloody uncomfortable now!

The only negative this week is these pesky headaches. I had one constantly from Tuesday to Friday. I've been trying to keep my fluid intake up and resting as much as possible, but I've kind of got used to them now. I'll be sure to mention it to my midwife though as I know they can be a worrying sign!

We're really on the final countdown now and I'm getting SO excited - also only 4 weeks left at work too, woohoo! I'll be back next week and let you know how my midwife appointment goes.

27 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


I still cannot believe we're at 27 weeks already, the final week of the second trimester (not that I've felt any glow or burst of energy yet haha). Baby is the size of a cauliflower at nearly 875g and more than 36cm. He can now open and close his eyes and sleeps and wakes at regular intervals - mainly awake when I'm trying to sleep haha.

I'm writing this post from my bed again as last night was another night of being up sick - I think this pregnancy is definitely trying to kill me, as before being pregnant I hadn't been sick in years! I'm feeling better than I did so hoping it was just a one night thing!

Apart from that it's been a pretty quick and normal week. I've noticed my braxton hicks have really increased and I'm getting at least one a day now. Nothing painful but if I'm sat scrunched up it's getting harder to breath as there's just no room in there!

I have absolutely zero energy left any more either. I'm practically in bed by 9pm every night and asleep within minutes haha. I'm finding sleep pretty good for the time being as I'm just so tired I can sleep for hours! I've also been lucky enough to be sent an amazing pregnancy pillow to review (that'll be up next week), and I've found it's really making a difference.

I'm hoping for another quick week as I'm excited to see my midwife again for my 28 week appointment on the 20th! Although I'm sure it will as it doesn't seem like a week ago I wrote my last update!

26 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


Another week has flown by and I can finally say I've had a week of feeling pretty good... YAY! Pip is now the size of a butternut squash and is gaining lots of fat this week (and apparently I'm going to be gaining a lot in the next few weeks too haha). He is around 36cm and weighs a little more than 760g.

After spending all of his time buried on the right hand side of my bump (and in my ribs) this week he actually finally moved! He's now been wiggling all over on both the left and right sides which suggests he's laying across my bump. It's been a lovely relief for my ribs and I even managed to capture some of those movements on camera too!

I have been a bit achy in places this week when walking long distances. I've noticed it's more when I walk to/from work than with the pram - it must add some support for my hips. I even had swollen feet on Sunday which I never experienced with my first pregnancy; they were not a pretty sight haha.

Another aching area - warning TMI coming up haha - is my downstairs. It really feels like there's pressure pushing against it a lot of time which is SO uncomfortable. I just generally feel swollen sometimes as if he's been kicking me 'down there' which again, is something I never experienced with Indiana.

Ending on a high this week I have officially booked and sorted my Maternity Leave! I've only got 6 weeks left at work before my annual leave starts on the 15th June, and then my actual leave starts on the 6th July. I can't believe I'll be finishing work next month, but I really think I need the time to prepare and enjoy quality time with Indiana before he arrives.

I can't believe I'm almost in the third trimester already; time is flying!

Indiana's 17 Month Update


I really think this has been the quickest month yet! 17 months means only 1 more month until our little Indiana is a year and a half... slow down time?! I have no idea about weight or any measurements anymore but I do know she's been going through a major growth spurt recently. When I first put her in 12-18 month clothes they swamped her but now they don't seem so long. Even Jack's dad commented on it (even though he'd only seen her a few weeks previously!).
 She's really showing her cheeky character now and is only ever quiet if she's up to something. She babbles away constantly and picks up words and phrases like a little sponge. Sometimes she comes out with a new words and I have to do a double take to wonder what she's actually said! Her newest word is 'spoon' - which she proudly shouts while waving it in your face haha.

She can ask for what she wants by speaking now instead of just crying. If she's thirsty she'll demand her juice, if she wants to go out she'll ask for her shoes, for example. The second my top is lifted she shouts 'baby' and runs over to kiss my bump (or blow raspberries on it haha). Her animal noises are really coming along - with the help from a selection of pop-up books - she knows woof, meow, moo, cheep and even tries to say cock-a-doodle-do haha!
 As well as being a chatterbox she's really loving independent play this month. She will happily sit and read to herself or play with her toys whilst babbling. The past week she's grown really attached to her baby and carries it around everywhere! We got her a cheap pushchair and it's become her favourite toy - she feeds her baby, pushes her around and even hangs her little handbag on it too (if it's not hooked on her arm that is - little diva haha).

Her moods have been a lot better recently with a lot less tantrums. They're still there but not quite as often thankfully. I really think her being able to communicate and understand more is helping. The sharing is still an issue and is the only thing she majorly flips out about - oh or taking her food away, that's a big no no! She's very loving though and will willingly come over to give you a cuddle or a kiss (which are almost closed mouth.. yay!).
Speaking of food this girl eats for Britain! She now demands you give her meals by dragging you to the kitchen and passing you her bowl. Her new favourite is a 'nana' which she screams at you until you pass it over haha. She even had her very first Happy Meal this month which she completely devoured - it's not going to be a common thing, but she was so happy with it haha.

I've loved dressing her more summery this month and her hairs now long enough for individual clips (it's probably too long for the bands now). She is like me though and doesn't really cope with the heat though so lots of inside play for us this summer!
My favourite thing she's done this month is her cheeky smiles (or the face where she sticks out her tongue haha). She shows off to everyone she sees with her massive grin, and I just know it's the start of her getting away with absolutely everything haha!