Indiana's 17 Month Update


I really think this has been the quickest month yet! 17 months means only 1 more month until our little Indiana is a year and a half... slow down time?! I have no idea about weight or any measurements anymore but I do know she's been going through a major growth spurt recently. When I first put her in 12-18 month clothes they swamped her but now they don't seem so long. Even Jack's dad commented on it (even though he'd only seen her a few weeks previously!).
 She's really showing her cheeky character now and is only ever quiet if she's up to something. She babbles away constantly and picks up words and phrases like a little sponge. Sometimes she comes out with a new words and I have to do a double take to wonder what she's actually said! Her newest word is 'spoon' - which she proudly shouts while waving it in your face haha.

She can ask for what she wants by speaking now instead of just crying. If she's thirsty she'll demand her juice, if she wants to go out she'll ask for her shoes, for example. The second my top is lifted she shouts 'baby' and runs over to kiss my bump (or blow raspberries on it haha). Her animal noises are really coming along - with the help from a selection of pop-up books - she knows woof, meow, moo, cheep and even tries to say cock-a-doodle-do haha!
 As well as being a chatterbox she's really loving independent play this month. She will happily sit and read to herself or play with her toys whilst babbling. The past week she's grown really attached to her baby and carries it around everywhere! We got her a cheap pushchair and it's become her favourite toy - she feeds her baby, pushes her around and even hangs her little handbag on it too (if it's not hooked on her arm that is - little diva haha).

Her moods have been a lot better recently with a lot less tantrums. They're still there but not quite as often thankfully. I really think her being able to communicate and understand more is helping. The sharing is still an issue and is the only thing she majorly flips out about - oh or taking her food away, that's a big no no! She's very loving though and will willingly come over to give you a cuddle or a kiss (which are almost closed mouth.. yay!).
Speaking of food this girl eats for Britain! She now demands you give her meals by dragging you to the kitchen and passing you her bowl. Her new favourite is a 'nana' which she screams at you until you pass it over haha. She even had her very first Happy Meal this month which she completely devoured - it's not going to be a common thing, but she was so happy with it haha.

I've loved dressing her more summery this month and her hairs now long enough for individual clips (it's probably too long for the bands now). She is like me though and doesn't really cope with the heat though so lots of inside play for us this summer!
My favourite thing she's done this month is her cheeky smiles (or the face where she sticks out her tongue haha). She shows off to everyone she sees with her massive grin, and I just know it's the start of her getting away with absolutely everything haha!


  1. Every time I see new pictures of her on Instagram she looks more grown up! I'm glad she's not having as many tantrums. how sweet is it she looks after her baby, and kisses your belly, she's going to be a great big sister. Love the photo of her kissing her baby :) xxx

  2. Haha it looks like butter wouldn't melt. :-) She is adorable. x

  3. Love this update. Sounds like a good month. Amelia's tantrums lessened when she could start to say a couple words which she finally is doig phew! Indianas such a clever little girl can just imagine her demanding being fed. Amelia tried to get in her highchair and says num nums lol! There little characters show even more at this age and it's amazing! Can't believe she will be 18 months soon that is like so grown up!!! Love these photos especially the summery ones, shame the weather seems to have left us now! Lush update xxx

  4. She's so grown up and how amazing is it that her speech is so good?! Well done Indy, Mummy and Daddy! Very cute that she kisses and blows raspberries on your bump hehe xx

  5. I remember the babbling and we also had a growth spurt around that age too! She sounds like she knows more words than Athena did at that age though! I'm glad the tantrums are fading and love that she loves your bump!

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