An Autumnal Adventure with Aldi Mamia


With Autumn looking like it's finally on it's way, I'm so excited to go on some autumnal adventures! What is the one thing you cannot leave behind when going out with toddlers though? Snacks!

We recently received a fantastic hamper full of goodies from Aldi. Their Mamia range isn't something we've tried before, as (much to my disappointment) we don't have an Aldi close by. We were therefore thrilled to try them out - although I did have to hide them prior to our trip, as the little ones were eyeing them up as soon as they saw them.

So armed with our treats we headed out to the park for a morning walk.

Of course it wasn't long before Indiana was asking for a snack. Do two year olds ever stop eating?

Aldi Mamia’s baby food is award-winning and prices start at just 59p! The range includes everything you'd need for snacking on the go like we did, or even if you're at home - fruit and savoury pouches, rice cakes, fruit pots and even flavoured spring water.

Rice cakes are always my go-to snack of choice. They're so easy to pack and I feel like they're pretty healthy. These raspberry ones were a huge hit and were exactly what Indie needed. They're 100% organic and even Jack said they're tasty.

My two were baby led weaned so we never used pouches or purees as meals. Fruit pouches are the perfect snack however as they're healthy, quick and convenient! I like to use them as an alternative to yoghurts as they are *usually* less messy.

The water is something we really loved. We struggle to get Indiana to drink water, so this flavoured spring water is a great alternative on days out - especially when you know they're using lots of energy so need to drink.

It can be drank straight from the bottle (we would usually dilute it if at home), so there's no need to remember extra cups either!

The snacks gave the children enough energy to continue our adventure, and kept them going until lunch time. I just wish we had an Aldi closer as I know we'd use them regularly if we did. Just like we'd use Aldi Mamia nappies, as I know just how good they are!

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Me & Mine | September 2016

I'm quickly typing this up late at night on the 29th. I honestly cannot believe it's the end of the month already! We were actually very prepared this month, and captured these pictures at the very beginning  of the month on our trip to Bedgebury.

I thought this month would be full of autumn adventures, but summer seemed to stick around for a while. I'm not complaining, as it meant we managed to sneak in a few more late night trips to the park and got as much use out of our summer wardrobes. The dark nights have finally appeared and the chillier weather has set in though. So I can finally get those autumn mustards out!

We've had a relatively quiet month, which I think we needed after such a busy August. The kids haven't complained though. Sometimes I think we forget that all they want to do is run wild and free, and that they simply don't care where that is!

Saying that though we've got another busy month coming. We celebrate our first wedding anniversary this weekend. Parker was just 8 weeks old at our wedding, so looking at him now and comparing the pictures is crazy. He's grown and learnt so much in just a year; it's hard to believe that little bundle of squish is now a crazy little person.

Indie and Parker have definitely enjoyed each others company a lot more this month, and I can really see it continuing to grow. Of course we have the usual sibling dramas (and damn are they intense now), but I just cannot wait to see how it's going to develop.

I've thrown in a little throwback to us last year. Just look at how we've grown...

The Me and Mine Project

Toddlers in London with Little Tikes


Earlier this week we were invited to London to attend the Little Tikes Baby Shower! The event was to celebrate the launch of their newborn range of toys, as well as to reveal the results of a survey on the highs and lows of parenthood.

Apparently the nation's parents say that the first year is 50% giggles and 50% graft. I can totally understand this; being a parent is so tough, yet those milestones and smiles do make everything seem better!

Bright and early we took the train into London, where we met fellow bloggers Harriet and Fran and their gorgeous little ones. After a quick walk we were greeted at the fantastic venue by huge balloons, toys and food galore and even an adult sizes Cozy Coupe.

The children were absolutely thrilled, and ran straight towards the toys before I even had chance to park the pushchair! I've always loved Little Tikes toys, but actually never knew they had such a diverse range - I only ever thought of outside toys.

The toys were all bright, colourful and very very noisy. With the touch of a button they would light up and sing, much to Parker's delight. The giant Cozy Coupe was the toy of choice for the girls, who honestly spent so much time in there, I feared we wouldn't get them out.

While the children played we listened to the lovely Emma Kenny (child phycologist), who gave more background to the research mentioned above.

After a good few hours, and armed with our goody bags it was time to leave. We managed to take a detour via Trafalgar square, to squeeze in some site seeing with the toddlers. They even had a little picnic sat in-front of the fountain. Not your average lunch time, and I was so impressed with how well behaved the children were all day.

We had a fabulous trip to London, and absolutely loved exploring the new Little Tikes range. Keep an eye out for them, as they'd definitely make great Christmas presents. I'm hoping for the giant Cozy Coupe!

Disclosure - We were invited along to the event free of charge. I was not paid for this post.

Mummy & Me | September


It's been another lovely month with my two minions. The older Parker gets the more fun we have, as he's able to join in and play with us. We don't always need the pushchair and we can just explore to our hearts content.

Of course the older he's getting the harder it does get too. He's discovering his voice more and his favourite word is NO. He doesn't sit still for a second and always heads towards danger. He couldn't be more any more different than his big sister!

We've all been poorly this past week though (naughty mummy spreading her germs). So we've had lots of snuggly pj days and fun indoor activities. Fingers crossed we're all on the mend soon, and we can get back to exploring outside!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

5 Things I Love about Baby Led Weaning


If you read my recent post, you'll know there are plenty of things I hate about baby led weaning. Of course though it's not all messy walls and checking salt levels. There are plenty of things I LOVE about it too.

So here are 5 things I love about baby led weaning!

No spoon feeding

We have nothing against spoon feeding (especially weetabix, that stuff is not safe to be left with a child). But being able to just all sit down together and eat, without having to think about it is amazing.

There's never been any moments where they've clamped their mouths shout to avoid the food, (a memory I remember so well with my little brother), and no making a fool ourselves pretending to be an aeroplane - well, during meal times that is! Just place the food down, and you're done.

This may have ended in a sink bath...

All eating together

Tied in with the point above, I love being able to all eat at the same time. I can make one meal, we can all sit down, and eat at the same time! All eating together is great encouragement for getting kids to try new foods as well - if they see you trying something they're more likely to pick it up too.

Watching them discover foods and flavours

There's nothing like watching your baby's face as they taste food for the first time. The faces they pull, the inquisitive looks to you for reassurance, it's all so wonderful!

With baby led weaning you can introduce different textures and flavours from the beginning. Indiana has always loved spicy foods with chille and curries being her favourites from the very start! There's no need to keep it bland.

No cooking / making extra food

Of course I still have to cook food, but I only have to make one meal for all of us! I never needed to spend ages making purees or batch cooking meals - a huge relief as there's never any room in the freezer anyway.

The mess!

I know this was in my hates, but most of the time it's actually the part I love. Seeing their cheeky little messy faces is so worth it! It shows how much they enjoyed their food, and is usually a good indicator that they actually ate some too.

The amount of messy weaning pictures / videos I captured is crazy, but they all still make me smile. There's nothing like a yoghurt faced, spaghetti monster! After all #messisbest

What would you add to the list?

Blossoming Gifts | Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}


Is there anything better than receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers? How about a little box of chocolates alongside! I was lucky enough to receive just that from Blossoming Gifts.

Blossoming Gifts offer a wide range of online gifts to choose from, including fresh hand-tied flowers, hampers and wines. All of which are available for next day delivery across London and the rest of the UK! So whether you're buying for a special occasion or just want to treat a loved one, they've got something for you.

I was sent the 'Polka Dot' flowers and chocolates gift set:
"Soft apricot versillia roses with bright and cheerful scented yellow lilies, white reagan chrysanthemum, lovely pink veronica and delicate purple phlox, a gift to be adored.
Handmade with love just for you".

They arrived well packaged, secured in two layers of plastic wrapping and tied to the box. I was very impressed that the bunch I received, looked very similar to the pictures shown online. Of course the lilys were still closed, but that just means I get more life out of them.

After removing the plastic layers I found the attached plant food, and followed the instructions given in the accompanying booklet. This little booklet also had a lovely note from Blossoming Gifts - although I'm sure this is where you can add you're own if you're the gift giver.

I was slightly disappointed with the 'free chocolates'. The box is absolutely tiny, and I wouldn't really call it a gift. The brand are also not one I've heard of and as I'm a fussy chocolate eater (it's Cadbury's or nothing for me), I don't think I'd enjoy them. Luckily my husband did though.

Overall though I am very impressed with my bouquet. My flower arranging skills aren't great so they'll never look as good as the picture, but they do look and smell absolutely beautiful! Prices for this bunch start at £39.99 which I think is very reasonable, considering the size and the quality. I also love that you can also pay an extra £5 to include a vase!

Fancy trying some for yourself?

Blossoming Gifts and I have teamed up to offer you a £40 voucher to spend on their website. So whether you want some flowers too, or fancy trying a hamper or personalised gift, just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below!

Disclosure - I received the above bouquet for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.

My Sunday Photo | A Typical Boy {25.9.2016}


When I knew we were expecting a boy I didn't believe in the stereotypes. "He'll be just like his sister" I thought. "There'll be no need to do anything different, he's just a boy..."

Then Parker was born. And he is most definitely the stereotype.

Cars, mud, mischief and mayhem. 

He loves his mama like a true mummy's boy.

Oh, and he eats deer poo...


Dr Brown's Options Bottles | Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}


When our second son started showing signs of colic as a baby, I took to the internet for help. Nearly everyone I spoke to suggested Dr Brown's bottles, so of course we went straight out and bought some!

They helped massively, and we still love them 13 months on. However the older he got, we knew he didn't need the vent as trapped wind wasn't a problem anymore. We had to continue to use it though, as it's an important part of their design. Until now.

Introducing the Options Bottle. The first convertible bottle that can be used with or without the vent system!

These new bottles are designed to grow with your baby. While your baby is little you can use the vent to help reduce trapped wind. Although different in appearance, it still works in exactly the same way as the original bottles. Then as they grow older, you can remove the vent and use it just like regular bottles - with the new scalloped designed teat allowing air to vent through the bottle instead.

We have found them to work in the exact same way. Now we just have the ease of not having to use the vent, but keeping the familiar bottles that Parker is used to. It has also made washing the bottles a whole lot easier and quicker!

The new bottles also have some fantastic new features. They have listened to our complaints, and finally the writing on the bottle is printed in blue - making it much clearer to read! They also hold an extra ounce compared to the original bottles too. 

We absolutely love the new bottles. But do you want to try some for yourself? Just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below to win an Options Newborn Gift Set! Terms and Condition apply.

Disclosure - We received a 2 pack of Options bottles for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own

New Books, Paw Patrol & Deer Poo | #LittleLoves


Hellooo Friday! We've had another busy week with little adventures here and there. Now Parker is older and Indiana is so good in knickers, going out is just so much easier. I don't need to pack a huge bag, I can take the smaller pushchair and I don't have to stick to places with a toilet every 5 minutes haha.

It's given me so much more motivation to go out, and I really think the kid's are benefiting from it - and so's my sanity (seriously two toddlers in a small space all day can get very overwhelming).

So what have I been loving this week...


I've mentioned before how much of a book worm I used to be, and I'm hoping the kids get my love for reading too. Their bookshelf is packed full of books, but you can never have enough! We recently got The Works in our town, and they had a 5 for £5 offer on books. I love that they have a mixture of classics and new books to discover. How could I resist Mog?


This one be a mischievous little boy. He has the face of an angel, and is so sweet and loving. But my goodness is he hard work! We popped to Knole after shopping at the weekend, and he spent the whole trip trying (and succeeding) to eat deer poo. Yuck!


"Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, we''ll be there on the double..."

Indiana's obsession has moved on to Paw Patrol. She sings the theme tune, knows all the characters, and has demanded a Paw Patrol party. Send help!


The kids made an absolute mess decorating their own pizzas. It was such an easy activity, but was definitely a hit with my two. Mine was pretty tasty too.

Indiana and I also had loads of fun getting crafty for Halloween! I know it's early, but we just couldn't resist. Keep and eye out on The Parent Pod for a tutorial on our fluffy ghosts, coming soon.


I love finding new and exciting brands on Instagram. So after seeing Turtledove London pop up on so many of my favourite feeds, I just couldn't resist ordering these bits. The tops and leggings are new collection, and the dungarees were an absolute bargain in the sale. Parker is one lucky boy!

And Lastly...

I've never thought Indie and Parker look that much alike. She's always been smaller and chunkier, and he was the tall skinny one. She looked like Jack and he looked like me. However the older they've got, the more alike they get (and the less like me Parker looks). This week I managed to capture them looking practically identical! I don't look like either of my siblings, so this is so lovely for me.

Have a lovely week!

Wicked Wednesday {21/9/2016}