The Siblings Project | September


Another month with my troublesome two has passed in a flash! It's amazing how quickly these sibling posts seem to come around, and once again I was not prepared with pictures. We did try to capture some lovely ones during a trip to the park, but honestly it was a nightmare - neither of them wanted to sit still, or be anywhere near each other.

These ones do capture their little personalities well though. Indiana the big sister and leader. Showing Parker what to do, and giving him gentle encouragement. Parker the not so little brother. In absolute awe of his big sister, but also not afraid to step out of her shadow.

This month has seen their relationship grow even more. They have played together (well not actually together, but right next to each other) on a number of occasions. Indiana has been better with sharing, and will let Parker have one toy to play with - a BIG step for her.

Of course Parker is still young, and doesn't really understand that he cannot always play. He tries his very best to do whatever Indiana does though. He climbs, runs, and follows her everywhere. If she's playing in their bedroom, then he goes too. If she goes to the loo, he's right there with her.

That said though, the arguments have increased as well. Now Parker is older and big enough to stand his ground, he will fight back when Indie steals a toy or annoys him. Indie has also started telling Parker off if we do, which although it can pretty funny probably isn't the best.

I just hope they continue to play together, as it is so wonderful to see when they do. But I'll just have to wait and see. And I'll let you know next month...

The Me and Mine Project


  1. I'd never really noticed how alike Indie & Parker look until these photos! He's really starting to look like her isn't he! Bless them, they look thick as thieves. You must be so proud xx

  2. Lovely photos of your duo, they sound like typical siblings. x

  3. Wow parker has grown up so much, he looks so big in these pictures. Oh the joys of siblings, let the fun times begin!! Gorgeous photos x #thesiblingsproject

  4. LOVE their outfits - especially that roar jumper. So cute! x

  5. I can't believe how big Parker has got! I just thought the same about Gabe the other day too - I think this weather must have brought on a growth spurt or something! I don't know about you but I feel like a referee most of the time, trying to stop them constantly fighting over the same toys. We have a house full of toys but Gabe always just wants whatever Toby's got!

  6. Such cute photos. It is funny when the littlest becomes more opinionated, we are having this too and it changes the dynamic when the older one realises that they can no longer get away with it!

  7. These photos are lovely! They are both looking so so grown up! Absolutely love their outfits too xx

  8. They are too cute together. Love these captures this month. My littlest definitely now has more opinions and bosses her brother around I think it's hilarious. Love their outfits. So cute. #siblingsproject


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