5 Things I Hate about Baby Led Weaning


We followed baby led weaning with both of our children, and it's something we really enjoyed, and would definitely do again if we were to have another child. There are a number of things we didn't enjoy about it though.

So here's 5 things I hate about baby led weaning!

The mess

Honestly, sometimes it is just too much! There are days where they are wearing more food than they have eaten. You will find rice from a meal you had a week later. Your walls will be covered and the pretty highchair you purchased destroyed. (seriously, who's idea was it to put white straps on highchairs?). You'll then need about 10 billion wipes to clean your child up - all while they're rubbing the hand you just cleaned back into the food... brilliant!

The unknown

With baby led weaning you don't really know how much your child has actually eaten. Those first few weeks especially, it's hard to work out whether they actually ate anything at all. Did they eat enough? Do you give them more? I hate not knowing whether they've had a decent meal or not.

Constantly checking food

High levels of salt?

Contains nuts or honey?

They can't have it!

Baby led weaning is shown to be a way of weaning where you just give the baby what you eat. But in reality you simply can't all the time. Luckily we don't add salt to our food anyway so this was never a problem. But just be careful, especially when eating out.


Gagging itself is actually a good sign (it's noisy compared to chocking). It shows that your baby is trying to sort a problem themselves. It doesn't stop it being bloody terrifying though!

Always having to share my food!

With both kids eating 'proper' food from the get go, it wasn't long before they noticed ours. If they run out of food, you'll probably end up having to offer yours. And if you don't offer it, 9/10 it's stolen from your plate anyway.

Word of warning - all food looks better off of your plate... even if it's EXACTLY the same as what's in front of them!

Would you add anything to this list?


  1. Agree completely! BUT it's great isn't it?! I can't imagine weaning any other way x

    1. Oh totally! I have the counter argument coming too :) zx

  2. Lol thanks for the heads up Emily. My daughter, Holly, is only 5 months old - I'm hoping to do baby lead weaning when she turns 6 months. I am terrified for the gagging as we had a few problems with choking in the past due to silent reflux where she was admitted to hospital, the fear has never left my mind! But it's reassuring that it's a good thing. x

  3. I'm doing BLW with Sonny. I'm going to hate the mess!!!! I've never had to worry about mess or choking with jax as he doesn't eat! X


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