A Toddler Bedroom for a Brother & Sister


When we discovered we were pregnant for the second time, we knew that the new baby and Indiana were going to be sharing. We swapped the rooms over, bought Indiana a toddler bed and Parker joined her at around 4/5 months old. He's just turned one and she's now nearing three, so I thought it was about time we gave their room a little shake up (and make sure to scroll to the bottom for a room tour video)!

Living in a rented property we can't unfortunately paint the walls, or actually put any nails in to hang up picture. But we've made the most of what we've got, and I think their room is definitely my favourite in the house! I've kept their 'areas' very boy / girl to give them their own personal space, but everything else is very much unisex.

Storage is something we're low on in our house, so we have three of these Ikea Malm units in their bedroom. The one above was once a changing unit. We removed the mat, but have kept the nappies and toiletries in the top drawer for convenience. The bottom drawers house their towels, bedding, blankets and swimming bits. The other two units on the opposite wall are for the kids clothes - one for Indie and one for Parker.

These storage towers provide even more storage - they're stocked full of excess wipes, shoes, and other random bits and bobs (that Parker loves to throw all over the floor). Ideally I do want to remove these soon, but for now they're useful.

We picked up this fun little car mat in Ikea. It was an absolute bargain, costing us only £4! We love to play with their Happyland, train tracks and cars on it. And I just know as the kids grow it will be used more and more.

Both children have their initials above their beds. I picked these up from Babyface, after seeing them on someone's Instagram, and they're fab quality. They both have personalised birth prints on the wall too, which are gorgeous keepsakes. Parker's is from a seller on Instagram called Vintage Rose Prints.

To add even more of a personal touch, I have four canvases on the walls of the children as newborns. They make me smile whenever I look at them, and just show how much they have grown. As we can't put nails on the walls, we use command strips for everything we put up - a great tip if you're in the same situation as us!

Thankfully we managed to transition Indiana into a cot bed pretty easily, so Parker uses it now. It was from John Lewis and despite not being too expensive, it's still going strong! Now he is one he has his own bedding set too. This duvet set and sheet were from Asda. They actually have a fantastic range of toddler and children's bedding, all at reasonable prices and great quality.

Indiana's corner of the room is pretty, girly and oh so pink! She's very much a girly girl, so I wanted to include this with her part of the bedroom - but also keep it a bit more grown up now she's definitely outgrown the baby stage.

Her toddler bed was from John Lewis and is the perfect size (as well as being super comfortable). Next to this we have another Ikea purchase; a perfect place for all of their books, puzzles and important toys. It's a great cosy corner, as Indie can just grab a book and snuggle in bed, and you'll often find Parker hidden away reading here too.

The gorgeous butterfly range items are from Laura Ashley, and were exactly what I imaged when I dreamed of Indie's bedroom! The Bella Butterfly fairy lights are Indie's favourite part of the room (so much so she ran the batteries down within 3 days haha). Mine has to be the duvet cover; which although is a single size, with a bit of tucking looks perfect on her bed.

Finally, two items we couldn't live without in their bedroom. The Gro Egg and Motorola video baby monitor. These add peace of mind, as well as looking stylish and sweet on the side!

Although the room isn't decorated much, I definitely think it's got character and life. Their door letters are colourful and fun, and the second you walk in the room there are toys and books all over the room (I promise, these photos are probably the tidiest it's ever been haha). A toddler bedroom for two sexes can be difficult to create. However I think we've definitely left room for it to grow and develop, and we absolutely love it!

Disclosure - We received the Laura Ashley items to feature in this post. 


  1. Lovely shared room... We also live in rented accommodation and it can be a hassle when it comes to decorating. Do you find that the command strips work well? I've been considering picking some up for hanging a couple of photos, but didn't know how well they'd work / if they were worth it.

    1. They work really well if you use them properly (my husband has a habit of doing things without reading the instructions haha). Couldn't be without ours! Xx


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