Parker's 13 Month Update


This past month has flown and our beautiful boy is now 13 months old. He's most definitely a little toddler now, and he has the temper and attitude to go with it! 

We've been going through Leap 8, which I remember writing about with Indiana. He knows exactly what he wants and will try and do everything he possibly can to do / have it. But when he doesn't get his way (which is 99% of the time, as he's usually doing something dangerous or particularly 'naughty') he throws an almighty tantrum which can rival his big sisters!

The leap has made me extra loving and snuggly though. He's always been a mummy's boy, but he's been partially clingy to me. If I'm cuddling Indiana he will pull her to get her off of me, and will sort of 'refuel' himself with cuddles before going off to play again. It's exhausting, but at the same time I do secretly love it.

Teething has also been thrown into the mix, and he has another 2 teeth (4 on the bottom and 3 on the top). Add 1 year jabs on top of that and he's really had a tough month! Thankfully neither seemed to disrupt his sleep too much, and anbesol and calpol have worked their magic. We finally introduced a toothbrush now he has quite a few teeth, and so far so good in regards to teeth brushing.

Parker's still in a mix of 9-12 / 12-18 month clothing, and wearing size 4 shoes. Nappies are still size 5. He's a nightmare to dress / nappy change though, so the First Pants by Little Angels have been an absolute godsend (the Peppa element is also loved by Parker who is a huge fan).

Something that has developed massively this month is his speech. He is constantly babbling and communicating with us. He can say: mama, dada, nana, bubble, peppa, no (obviously haha), num num (for food), ball and 'row row' when sat on your lap to do the rhyme.

This month Parker loves to dance, run, play with his cars, read books, animals, and annoying his big sister. He hates his pushchair, being told off or left out and being picked up when he wants to walk. He's mischievous (as in pulling out all of the toilet roll, destroying the place, eating paper, etc), cheeky and a typical boy. He loves his big sister though, and is happiest wearing her bows and dancing around.

Here's to another month with our cheeky little boy!

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