Me & Mine | February 2016


Well February, you've probably been just as wet and miserable as January! It's been a good month though. Parker turned 6 months old on the 4th and is now closer to turning one than being a newborn (how that's possible I do not know, slow down kid!). We finished up our hip-hop term at Diddi Dance, and were lucky enough to be chosen as Butlin's Ambassadors!

We celebrated Valentine's Day as a family and went on countless trips to Costa. The bond between Indiana and Parker is growing ever stronger too. On the days Indie is at nursery I think Parker really misses her, as he just isn't as happy! Now he's fully sitting up and interacting she loves playing with him more. Although I'm not sure she'll be quite so keen when he's crawling around after her haha.

This month we finally managed to capture some decent family shots without the need for selfies or staying indoors! We were supposed to go to a different National Trust spot, but with the recent rain it wasn't suitable for the pushchair - so guess where these were taken? Knole Park of course!

Indie wasn't so keen at first, but Jack managed to get her smiling by running back and forth with her to set the timer each time. I'm so pleased with how these turned out and I think these are my current favourite photos of us all!

My Sunday Photo | Da-Da {28.2.2016}

Mummy & Me | February


Finally a month where I've taken some decent shots of the three of us! I absolutely love these photos, and I can't believe how well they actually turned out either haha. I love having these to look back on, and can't believe I've kept up with this linky for nearly a year now. I really encourage any parent to join in, as it's been so lovely to capture the memories, and watch my babies grow.

Indiana turned 27 months yesterday, and Parker is coming up to 7 months. I won't lie and say every day with them both is easy, some days are a write off and bloody tough. But I always get to the end of the day, when they're both in bed asleep, and remember just how lucky I am to be their mummy!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

The Walking Dead, Brit Awards & Peppa Pig | #LittleLoves


What another quick week! We were back to Diddi Dance on Tuesday this week after the half term break. This term's theme is Irish dancing, and my word it was tiring! I think us parents were more exhausted and dizzy than the kids haha. We had lots of snuggly time and plenty of Disney movies too. Indiana has started crying out a lot more in her sleep, so we're unsure if she's experiencing bad dreams, or is just a bit poorly. Luckily cuddles seem to help, and you can never watch Finding Nemo enough times... although ask me in a week I may change my mind!


I've been on my Mac a lot sorting out bits for our holiday this week. I've booked our seats, added our Passport information and may have started browsing the summer clothing too. I've been researching lots about airport parking too. We're flying from Gatwick, so any suggestions of who to go with would be fab!


How did I forget to mention The Walking Dead last week?! It's honestly one of our favourite shows, and it just keeps getting better. I won't add any spoilers just in case. But I'll just say OH. MY. GOD! I am still a bit unsure of it now haha.


Anyone else watch the Brits this week? I'm young and even I hadn't heard of most of the nominees, and how awful was Rihanna too. One group that did stand out though was Little Mix - how good were they! I love their new song with Jason Derulo too, and have had it on repeat a lot recently.


I allowed Indiana to pick one magazine from the shop this week, as she was so good while I had to post some packages. She chose Peppa Pig (I thought we'd escaped that bloody thing haha), and we had lovely snuggles reading the stories. She created a sticker masterpiece too, while I was left to cut out and create the jack-in-the-box included with it.


It's been all about rain coats and wellies again this week. I think my rain coat is the most worn item I own, as it seems to always be raining, or looks like it's about to! Indiana looks so sweet in hers, although they didn't do a very good job at keeping her dry in the puddles on Sunday.

And Lastly...

I finally added our YouTube Channel to the Channel Mum website! You can now find us over there, and if you search through their categories may come across a few of our vlogs too. How exciting!

My Wilds Ones #7 | Puddles


Is there anything better than watching your child explore, play and have fun? Even though the weather's still rubbish, we love to get and about with our two. Indiana loves nothing more than running about, and as Jack doesn't mind getting messy too, I can just watch and enjoy from afar (staying nice and dry, and clean haha)!

These pictures were taken on Sunday when we ventured out to capture our family photos for Me & Mine. We didn't expect Indie to get messy as we were walking on a path, so didn't bother with her rain suit. We should have been prepared though, what toddler can resist a muddy puddle?!

She got absolutely soaked! Water was pouring out of her wellies, her leggings were completely soggy, and her once white socks turned brown from all the water. Despite being so wet, Indie didn't want to leave and splashed around for ages after. I think we must have spent about 20/30 minutes just in that one place!

Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer | Review


We've all been there. Trying to pop a thermometer in our baby's ear or mouth while they're wriggling around all over the place. Every read seems to be incorrect or you're unable to even take it as they don't sit still long enough! I think I gave up with the in-mouth one that came with the Tommee Tippee Grooming set within about 5 minutes. So when I was contacted to try the Kinetik non-contact thermometer recently, I couldn't have been more excited (yes, really #mumlife haha).

The thermometer uses infrared technology to take a temperature (to an accuracy of ±0.2°C) within just a second. There's no need to fiddle around trying to work out the correct position, or battling with your child to sit still for ages (those in-mouth ones take forever). Just simply turn on, take off the cap, and press the scan button - holding the thermometer 1-3cm from your child's forehead. Easy!

The thermometer has three modes. As well as measuring body temperature, with the click of a button you can use it as a room or surface temperature thermometer too - all of which can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. The built in memory also stores your 25 previous readings, so you can go back and see whether your child's temperature is going up or down!

It's suitable from newborn so I have no worries using it on Parker at all. It has been extra useful at the moment as he has really been suffering with his teeth. If the temperature hits above 37.5°C it will bleep, alerting you that your child has a temperature - a feature I've found extra useful as I always struggle to remember what a high reading is.

The fact it's non-intrusive has meant we can keep an eye on his temperature even when he is sleeping, without having to disturb him. I love that it's quick too, as he is at the age where everything he sees he wants to either grab, chew or throw.

We are highly impressed with the thermometer. It's definitely something all parents need, and I honestly don't know how we managed without a non-contact version before! It can be purchased directly through the Kinetik website, or other large retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Asda and Sainsburys, and it's currently on sale at £19.99 - a great price for peace of mind.

Disclaimer - I was sent this product for the purpose of the review. However all opinions are honest and my own

My Sunday Photo | #ParentOn {21.2.2016}


Yesterday my husband Jack and I took Parker along to The Baby Show at London's Excel. We were filming for the YouTube Channel Jack is part of called Dad Channel - if you've heard of Channel Mum, it's very similar but it's giving the dad's side of parenting, pregnancy and life!

We had a great time meeting lots of brands and discovering new products. We visited Tommee Tippee and checked out their new campaign. It's all about showing parents the only thing you need to raise your baby... You! 

Illness, Sia & Dad Channel | #LittleLoves


One word to describe this week? Exhausting. On Sunday I came down with a weird cold/temperature illness. Then Parker got it. Then Indiana. It's truly been a sick house this week haha, but luckily we all seem to be on the mend at last, so hopefully we'll have a better week next week!

It hasn't all been bad though. Parker's finally decided he's mastered the whole sitting up thing, and Indiana has been getting on SO well with her walking too. We also had a lovely Valentine's Day, and I hope you all did too! But anyway, what were my #littleloves this week?


I've been loving reading everyone's entries to the Mark Warner blogger programme. Everyone has been so creative and I think they're going to have a challenge on their hands deciding. I particularly loved Hannah's entry. She's so good at these little poems!


I'm sure everyone has been watching the James Corden Carpool Karaokes? I watched his one with Sia this week, and was actually blown away by her voice. She's amazing, and James actually wasn't that bad either!


Whenever we go anywhere by car we always stick on Radio 1 (unless it's the dance hour or something boring haha). Number 1 this week is called '7 Years' and it's been on constantly. I still think it's awful, but it's so catchy it's stuck in my head all the time... and now I'm singing it writing this post, agh! I'm sure I'll love it next week haha.


Honestly, not much this week! These two made a mess in my bed on Tuesday though. Little monkeys haha.


Honestly, one day I'll have something for this section haha. It's totally acceptable to add a wedding picture in instead right? With Valentine's Day this week, I spent a lot of time looking back through them. I can't believe we've already been married nearly 5 months!


We're off to The Baby Show tomorrow as part of Jack's work with Dad Channel (if you haven't checked them out please do, there's some fab dad's over there!). We went last year when I was 16 weeks pregnant, so it'll be strange to go back with that baby in my arms, at 28 weeks old!

My Wild Ones #6 | The Big Walk


Indiana has been walking since she was 11 months old. She's always been confident at it and loves to get out and about. We got a double when Parker was born though, as she still wasn't great at walking long distances - and we walk everywhere as I don't drive!

Recently though she's wanting to walk more and more. She refuses to get in the pushchair and demands she walks. She marches alongside me, chatting away and pointing out what she can see, so excited to be be my side and not in the pushchair!

On this particular trip Indiana walked all the way from our house to the baby clinic - over a mile away. It may have taken us ages, and I may have been terrified everytime she got too close to the road. But it was such a lovely walk, and I'm so proud of my little lady for how well she's doing!


The Siblings Project | February 2016


The bond between these little loves of mine has really grown this month. Indiana tries to get Parker involved in absolutely everything, and he loves the attention. If she dances, she makes him join in too. If he cries, she tells him it's alright and tries to comfort it. It's so so lovely to watch their little bond grow.

Don't get me wrong, she still tells him off for touching her toys, or destroying her games. But then she is a two year old with slight big sharing issues haha. He doesn't seem to mind though, he just smiles and giggles because his big sister is 'playing' with him. Now Parker is 6 months old and sitting, I think the fun is really about to begin between these two!

The Me and Mine Project

My Sunday Photo | Off To Nursery {14.2.2016}


Most Mondays Indiana goes off with my mum, who then drops her at nursery. This week my mum was unable to have her, so I had to do the nursery drop off. Indiana practically ran the whole way there, chatting away the whole time. I just love how grown up she looks with her backpack and little brown boots. She's such a big girl now!

Labour For The Second Time | All Births Are Different


Recently I've been thinking a lot about my labours. How different they were, and how I coped with each. I thought it would be interesting to write about my and others experiences, so that other second time mums-to-be can see a little bit more what to expect; although I'm very aware this is just individual experiences.

When I was pregnant with Parker I will admit now I was absolutely terrified. Not about having a newborn, or having two under two. But about the labour itself. I never found anything to read that gave me reassurance. I was adamant I was going to have a labour just like my first.

If you've been reading for a while you'll know I didn't have the easiest of labours with Indiana. I thought I was one of the lucky ones when my contractions started on my due date. However what I didn't expect was to still be in labour 32 hours later! My contractions weren't doing their job and I eventually ended up on the drip, and had to have help with a ventouse delivery. My recovery was also very hard, and very long.

Parker's birth didn't end up as I expected though. At less than 5 hours long and completely natural (apart from gas & air) it was the complete opposite! Also despite a 2nd degree tear, my recovery was much quick and I felt back to myself within a few days.

So why do I think my second experience was so much better?
  • With Indiana I was told to expect a longer labour. Your cervix has to go from long to short, which takes a lot of time. I was told by my midwife that any subsequent births are usually quicker, as your body knows what to do (and therefore does this part a lot faster).
This was taken on the 4th August at 10am - by 9.30pm Parker was born!
  • I knew what to expect this time. I knew what my waters breaking felt like (and what to do when they did). I knew what was a 'real' contraction, and not a braxton hick. I also knew what the pain was going to be like (and that I could get through it!).
  • Linked with above, I knew what worked for me and my body. Gas and air really helped. Sitting/laying made the pain a lot worse - so bouncing on a ball was out the question. I also knew I hated being touched. If anyone tried to rub my back I whacked them away and told them to leave me alone haha. I feel I knew how to manage the pain better as I could just do the things that worked for me.
  • I was more confident to ask questions and do what I wanted. As a first time mum you usually listen to the doctors/midwives as you assume they know best. However the second time I had clear points that I wanted (water birth, skin-to-skin, etc), and was more vocal about getting them! 
Parker was born in the pool. I then had immediate skin-to-skin ready for breastfeeding!
These are just a handful of reasons, and I'm sure there are more. I've asked fellow bloggers whether they'd like to share their experiences too, to see just how different births can be.

Emma from Mama P and Little Me had a very similar experience to me.
"With my first I had lots of intervention and very little progress. I had my waters broke, they hooked me up to a drip, I was exhausted and went for an epidural to get some rest. With my legs round my ears I had two midwives yelling 'push!' and finally Austin arrived after 38 hours.  
My second was totally different. 90 minutes from my waters going on their own and contractions starting to having him in my arms with only gas and air and nobody telling me when to push! I went into a bit of shock afterwards though as it all happened a bit too quick!" 

Victoria at Mummy to my Cheeky Little Monkey also had a long first birth.
"James' birth was long! I started in slow labour on 19th August and didn't go into established labour till early hours of August 26th! James was born at 4.34pm. From being 10cm to James arriving was 34 minutes resulting in me  having a tear and needing general anaesthetic for the repair. 
With Freddie I found out at 39 weeks I could have elective c-section as I had a high risk of having another tear. Best decision I could have made as his birth was so lovely and controlled. I got all the skin-to-skin contact that I never got the first time. I actually feel like I have recovered better from section than I did from James birth".

Sian who blogs at Quite Frankly She Said had an induction for her first labour
"My first was a horrible, long induction. 46 hours, all the drugs, ending in emcs and a J incision, and 5 days in scbu. Second was an awesome v-bac. No drugs, 3 hour labour, and home a couple of hours later. Couldn't have been more different!

Abigail, who blogs at Lily Mae Adventures has recently given birth to her second baby, a beautiful boy! Sending her HUGE congratulations.
"On paper my labours should have been pretty similar. Both were inductions for the same reason at the exact same gestation (38w). However the two labours couldn't have been more different. My first induction was long, tense and I had all the drugs going including an epidural. I had a bad reaction to my induction pessary and spent more of my labour vomiting than I did focussing on my breathing, and the baby kept getting distressed, so it was all very stressful.  
My second labour I went into it feeling more relaxed with a 'what will be, will be' attitude, and this definitely helped. The whole labour was intense but super fast and I went from 2cm to fully dialated within an hour with no time for pain relief. Although much more painful this time round I'm pleased I managed to avoid pain relief as the recovery was much smoother and we were out of hospital and back home within 24 hours" 
So as you can see, every birth truly is different. Don't be afraid just because your first birth wasn't straight forward, as you're most likely going to have a completely different experience! Just go into it feeling positive, knowing you can do it, and that no matter what happens you'll have your beautiful baby in your arms.

How did your labours/births differ? What do you think made the difference?

Teething, Pancakes & Roses | #LittleLoves


It's been a long week in the Peacock household. Jack's been working long days and Parker's sleeping is so over the place - last night he only woke once, however the night before, he was up all night, and would only settle in my arms. Damn you teething! Despite this we've kept ourselves busy, and I still cannot believe it's Friday again.


To be honest, not much this week! I'm sure I have read plenty of blog posts, I just can't remember any specifically! One day I'll read a book to add to this section haha.


Anyone else tune in for the new Lion King series on Disney Jr? I still can't decide whether I enjoyed it or not! Indiana loved the lions, and danced along to the music. It was just a bit over animated for me... bring back old school Disney!


I'm currently obsessed with Jason Derulo's new song. I've had it on repeat this week, and Indiana and I have been dancing around the house to it far too much. Jack hates this kind of music, so I always blast it as loud as possible when he's out haha.


Jack and I made the decision this week to finally get rid of the kids old and unused clothes. Indiana probably had enough for about 4 children.. it was a bit ridiculous! We're selling on the decent bits via an Instagram sale, make sure to check it out if you fancy some Next bargain!

Of course you'll know it was Pancake Day this Tuesday. Jack was working late so we didn't actually have any Tuesday. We made up for it Wednesday morning though. Indiana was a great little chef helping her daddy. 


Stickers. Lots and lots and lots of stickers! Indiana decided I was the best sticker book in the world and covered me from head to toe haha. I'm still finding them now! Of course Parker couldn't be left out - he was finding the whole thing hilarious bless him.


Who's excited for Valentine's Day? We're not big on it, but Jack has got a few things planned apparently. He even came home with roses the other day, 'just because', so who knows what's in store. Indiana helped me pick Jack's card, so lets hope he likes it haha.

My Wild Ones #5 | Gloop


If I'm honest I'm not really into the whole 'messy play', as I simply cannot stand cleaning it all up after haha. Luckily Jack is always keen to get stuck in and get messy (I think his job helps with that haha). 

We finally got our hands on some cornflour for a recipe last week, so Jack decided to make gloop as well! It's so simple - just just cornflour and water - and it created endless fun for both kids. Even I got involved and had fun too! Parker was fascinated by the stuff, and Indiana loved covering her toys in it again and again.

Despite wearing coveralls both kids got covered in the stuff! Parker decided to flick his arm so that the gloop flung all over the room, himself and Jack haha. Luckily it brushes off quite easily once dry. But I was finding dusty white patches all over the place for ages after haha.

It's definitely something we'll be doing regularly. Who knows, I might even try this one without Jack around!