Parker's 6 Month Update // Happy Half Birthday!


Happy half birthday baby boy!

Wow, 6 months! The pain of labour may be a distant memory, but it really does feel like yesterday this little man came into the world. He's changed our lives in such a big way; and despite not having a full nights sleep in over six months, he's absolutely perfect to us.

Parker weighed 16lbs 2oz at 23 weeks, and is growing into a proper little chunk. He has chubby cheeks to rival his sister's and leg rolls for days. He's getting taller every day and his feet already completely fill his 6-9 month sleep suits! He's still in size 4 nappies, and wearing mostly 3-6 month clothing that's not leggings or sleep suits.

His hair is growing so much now and is a gorgeous sandy blonde colour, and he has the biggest blue eyes I've ever seen. He has got pretty bad cradle cap, as well as eczema which flares up every now and again; mostly on his back and neck. We have started washing him in just plain water, which has definitely helped.

At the beginning of the month Parker was on antibiotics for a throat infection, which was followed a day later by chicken pox! It was a tough week, full of snuggles, NO sleep and lots of crying. But he's been so much better since thankfully. He's also nearly out of leap 5 - so here's to less fussy days!

He still loves his milk and has a bottle every 3/4 hours. This has definitely taken a back seat to food though! We started baby led weaning at 23 weeks; he was SO ready and has taken to weaning really well. He loves toast, porridge, cucumber, rices cakes, and demolished a whole yoghurt this week which made a whole lot of mess haha. He's having 3 meals a day, but it yet to drop any feeds.

Despite all that food, this little guy still doesn't sleep through. We've both decided to start sleep training him now he's 6 months, as well all need the sleep! He seems to have realised naps are good, so fingers crossed he'll get the idea about night time too haha.

He has come on in leaps and bounds development wise though. He rolled back to front at 22 weeks and hasn't stopped since. He hated it at first (and proved this with constant face planting haha), but has learnt to love being on his tummy. He usually spends his time spinning in circles and 'caterpillering' around the room. This boy is on the move!

He can push right up now, and even brings his knees up as if getting ready to crawl! He's also nearly sitting completely unaided which is so lovely. He loves sitting, playing and interacting with Indiana so much more. Standing is also his favourite thing to do.

I can't believe we're out of the 'baby' stage already. We no longer use the playmat or bouncer. He's now in a bath seat instead of the support, and all he wants to do is play with Indiana big toys haha. We've also signed him up to nursery which he'll start at the end of March. Where did my baby go?!
26 weeks
What was your little one up to at 6 months? You can read Indiana's 6 month update here.


  1. Happy half birthday gorgeous boy! xx

  2. Ah that last photo of him is beautiful! He's getting on lovely :) we are totally out of baby stage now, the jumperoo has been sold and now we are looking at a new car seat! :( xx

  3. Fingers crossed for night time sleeping Hun. And yes, where did our babies go?? Xxx


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