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Our Disneyland Paris Plans + Bucket List | June 2019


After months and months of planning, it's now just over a week until our magical holiday to Disneyland Paris. I didn't actually share too much of our trip last year on my blog, but this year I'm hoping to share so much more, starting with our plans for our visit!

Last year I shared our holiday plans, so I thought I'd do similar for this year's trip - as well as sharing my Disneyland Paris bucket list! There are so many things we missed last year, either because we didn't have time, or because we didn't even realise they existed.

Our holiday plans

This year we're travelling differently, opting to self-drive via the Eurotunnel instead of the Eurostar. Our Eurostar journey home last year was particularly disastrous (over 2 hours delayed, dirty train, Indiana was unwell and Lilah screamed the whole journey...) This way we don't have to worry about luggage allowances, as we can pack as much as we want in the car. Wish us luck!

I am so excited that this year we're also staying in a different hotel - Disney's Newport Bay Club. Santa Fe was great last year, but the deal we got this year made NPB so much more reasonably priced. The pool will be great when we just want to unwind, and the walk to the parks will be slightly shorter too.

We have the half board plus meal plan again this year, as it was fantastic on our last trip (I would 1000% recommend getting a meal plan and pre-booking your restaurants before your trip!). We are having meals at -

Cape Cod (NPB restaurant)
Plaza Gardens character breakfast
Chez Remy
Auberge de Cendrillon (Princess Character Dining)
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

Bucket List

Of course there are soo many other things that I want to do and enjoy on our holiday (and I'm also not expecting to tick off everything - we are travelling with three children aged 5 and under after all!). There's definitely things I've missed completely too, so I'd love to hear what your must-dos are for Disneyland Paris, so I can add them to my list!

Parvel GO Baby Monitor | Review + Giveaway | AD


I remember the very first baby item we bought when we were expecting Indiana, was a baby monitor. It was incredibly basic but did it's job perfectly. Technology has changed a lot since she was born though - and she's only 5!

We were recently sent a Parvel Go Baby Monitor to use with our youngest, Lilah. The monitor is unlike any other we've used before. It is completely unique; using advanced motion sensors to monitor your baby's sleep, the connected app will then alert you when your baby is awake (or even when he/she is about to wake up).

The Parvel GO device is of Scandinavian design, making it small and sleek. You simply pop it next to your baby while they are sleeping (we've popped ours under the cot sheet to keep it safely away from Lilah's hands), and connect it to the app on your phone via Bluetooth. No wires or lots of different monitors to keep charged. Just one unit - and Parvel doesn't even need charging either as it runs on a single, replaceable battery that lasts up to 2 years!

Although the baby monitor doesn't offer video, the app gives you plenty of useful information regarding your baby's sleep. It monitors the temperature (in real-time) and can give alerts if the temperature rises or drops significantly. It monitors your baby's movements, so you can receive alerts when your baby is waking up. And over time the smart software will even be able to interpret the type of motions registered and identify them - only alerting you to genuine 'I'm awake' movements. The app also features a built-in timer, to help you keep track of how long your baby has slept for!

There are a number of features of the Parvel GO that I absolutely love. Firstly, it is incredibly easy to set up and use. Once you have connected the device to the app, you just need to make sure your Bluetooth is on to connect it the next time. The small size of the Parvel means it's also perfect to use out and about, or when travelling. It could easily be used in a pushchair, or thrown into your suitcase for a holiday.

I do not think the Parvel will be for everyone though, as I know some people may not like the idea of needing an app to use the monitor. I like to close everything on my phone each night to preserve the battery, so have mistakenly closed the app on a number of occasions myself too.

That being said though, the technology used by Parvel emits extremely low levels of electro magnetic radiation - dramatically lower than other baby monitors on the market! This ensures it is perfectly safe to use, and won't expose your baby to any unnecessary radiation.

We have really enjoyed using the Parvel Go baby monitor, and I think it's a great device to use - especially if you have an older baby. I am excited to be offering my readers the chance to win a Parvel GO of their own, all you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter widget below!

*The Parvel motion- and temperature baby monitor indicates values regarding motion and temperature within the immediate surrounding environment of the device. Parvel can NOT meassure the body temperature of your baby.

This post was written in collaboration with Parvel. All opinions are honest and my own.