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The Siblings Project | June 2019


It's funny how time works isn't it? It feels like only yesterday I was writing up May's siblings project post, but at the same time a lifetime ago that we took those pictures. We've managed to squeeze in so much since then, including of course our magical holiday to Disneyland Paris. So there was no way this month's sibling's project was not going to include Mickey ears or the castle!

The bond between our three seems to have grown even more since our holiday. Lilah has learnt to say Parker and Indie (in her own super cute way of course), and will shout for them constantly to come and play. All three of them will snuggle up in our bed or on the sofa after school too, with Lilah always squeezed in-between her big brother and sister like a little sandwich filler. Everything is currently crossed that this love between them continues over the Summer holidays...

This month Indiana lost her very first tooth, which was an exciting moment for the whole family it seems. Parker was probably just as excited to see whether the tooth fairy had come as she was! I love that as they are so close in age Parker gets to see what exciting moments to are to come for him. This is especially true right now as he starts his transition to big school. Having watched Indie do the exact same thing this past year he (currently) has zero fear or worries, and would probably skip into school merrily right now if he could. Indie has been really supportive too, telling him all about what to expect and what he has to do. I just hope that he takes to school as well as she did come September!

5 Tips for a Fun Filled Wedding Reception


After the 'I Dos' and ceremony itself, the part of your wedding your guests will remember most is the reception. So you need to make sure you keep this in mind when wedding planning! To make the evening truly memorable, you should focus on making sure the guests in attendance have as much fun as they possibly can. Of course this is easier said than done, but with the right ideas in place and enough planning, you'll be sure to have the best wedding reception in town!

To help you with you planning, I've put together a few ideas and tips that are sure to make your reception a night to remember - and all for the right reasons!

Unexpected Entertainment and Games
Your wedding reception should be fun and joyful. You could achieve this by providing entertainment and games, that’ll keep people interested and having a good time throughout the evening. There are so many choices that are predictable these days though, so why not pick something a little more unexpected and unusual? Why not have steel drummers or a rock band instead of a DJ or swing band? A mixologist could entertain your guests with your own specialty cocktail, or how about getting an impersonator to be your master of service? Whatever you decide, keep it fun and all about you!

Keep People Coming to the Dancefloor
If you can keep people coming to the dancefloor, that’s one way of knowing that they’re enjoying themselves and having a good time! Good music is the most important factor in creating a busy dance floor, so make sure to choose your DJ or band carefully. Some DJs will even provide extras such as dry ice and lighting to make the dance floor even more fun!

Hire a Photo Booth
If you want to do something fun and memorable, then why not look into photo booth hire. Your guests can take funny photos of themselves with you or with other guests, which can then be compiled into an album as a memory of your big day. You could even get guests to leave messages on the back of their photos to use instead of a guest book!

Re-think your Wedding Breakfast
Re-thinking your wedding breakfast is another way to have some fun at your wedding reception. Rather than providing food or a buffet in the conventional ways that most weddings do, why not do something different? You could hire a streetfood stall or have a festival BBQ. There are all kinds of ways to feed your guests in a more exciting way!

End the Day with a Bang
Finally, make sure that the evening goes out with a bang! The very best way to do that, both figuratively and literally, is to host a firework display outside the venue. It’s a fun and magical way to end a fun-filled evening and memorable day. It will make for some amazing photo opportunities too.

Your wedding reception should always be fun and enjoyable for everyone - especially you. That’s why it’s worth putting as much planning into the party as you put into planning the ceremony. Good luck with your planning!
This is a collaborative post.