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The Siblings Project | October 2018


It feels as if I was only just writing up last month's siblings project post, and now I'm sharing October's post already! Since my last post, we have fully got into the swing of our new weekly routine. Indiana is absolutely loving school and comes out full of stories and excitement each day. I can tell Parker is well in need of the upcoming half term break though, as he is completely exhausted by the end of the week. And so am I to be honest!

We have tried to keep weekends as low-key as possible these last few weeks, as everyone simply has no energy to do much. Trips to the park and lots of lazy afternoons at home have been just what we all needed. This month's siblings pictures were taken on one of those park trips - matchy matchy outfits meant I just had to get some snaps of our trio!

I love Lilah's little expressions in these photos, as they really do sum up her blossoming personalty. She probably thinks her mama is crazy plonking her in these random spots, making crazy faces to get her to smile. Indie and Parker are clearly used to my craziness by now, but she still just gives me the most confused and unimpressed little faces. It's hilarious!

It's crazy that just a few months ago, our trio was just a duo. It honestly feels as if Lilah has been part of our sibling tribe forever, and I really couldn't image life as a family of four anymore. Three littles is loud, chaotic, and full of hard moments. But it really is the best. And I cannot wait to see how the dynamics are going to change over the years.

The Sky Kids App - A World of Entertainment | Review


With technology quickly becoming a big part of our little one's lives, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is becoming more conscious about what they are watching online. There are so many apps and videos that just can't be trusted these days! Thankfully though, if you are a Sky customer, they have their own dedicated app to put your mind at ease.

The dedicated Sky Kids app is described as "a world of entertainment for them, peace of mind for you", and is available to download on your phone or tablet at no extra cost (to Sky TV customers with the Sky Kids pack). All you have to do is pop in your Sky login and you're away! You can set up up to 10 unique profiles, (so there's no chance of any arguments between your little ones), which can all be individually tailored to your child's age too.

Once signed in your little ones are greeted with over 5000 on demand episodes, from all of their favourite characters and shows. And as you can personalise each profile, only those programmes that are suitable for your child will be shown - making it easier for them to navigate, and giving you peace of mind too!

From the home screen you can either just scroll through all of the programmes on offer, or pick a channel to search through. Channels include NickJr, Milkshake!, Disney Junior, CBeebies, Cartoonito, and Sky Kids which is full of favourites such as Lego and The Gruffalo! The app also has fun little extras such as educational games and quizzes (only available on a tablet at the moment), that my two really enjoy playing too.

If you want to watch while out and about, you can also do this through the Sky Kids app too. Simply download the programme you want while connected to the internet, and then watch while on the go. We love doing this for long car journeys, or if we need to entertain the littles while out and about.

The Sky Kids app is of course loaded with parental controls too, so you can stay in control of what your children are watching and playing. The 'sleep mode' is a ready handy feature, as you can set when your child can and cannot use their profile. So if you don't want them watching or playing before school, you can set it to unlock at 4pm. So clever! The parent controls is also where you can set up and adjust profiles, if you need to access them after the initial set up.

Overall we really do love using the Sky Kids app. It's perfect for my big two (who are almost 5 and 3); I can let them relax after school with their favourite programmes, while I have peace of mind that what they're watching is safe and suitable for them.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mumsnut and Sky Kids. All opinions are honest and my own.