Make your Home Super Cosy this Winter


As we edge closer to the chillier, darker days of autumn and winter, I'm sure I can't be the only one who wants to stay at home and get cosy - especially if the rainy days we've had recently continue! Spending more time at home lately, however, has made me notice the little things that I want to do to improve. So, with that in mind, in today's post, I thought I'd share some of the things I want to do to make our house feel more cosy and homely this winter. If you're feeling like I am this post will, hopefully, give you some helpful ideas. 

Have a Clear-Out to make your Home feel More Cosy

This is one step that we've already done, and it's made a huge difference to our home already. Having lots of toys, furniture and general items around the house can make it feel cluttered, and therefore, not a nice place to relax and enjoy. Less clutter means there are less items to tidy up and the end of the day of an evening too - which is always a bonus! 

Replace your Windows to keep your Home Warm

Something that we really want to do in our house is replace the front windows. They are currently only single glazed so they don't do a fantastic job of retaining heat, which means we rely on using our central heating a lot throughout the autumn and winter months, which is really frustrating and costly! Replacing old windows for double glazed windows not only helps to improve thermal insulation, but will also increase your homes security, too. We have been looking at the FineLine windows, doors and conservatories showroom in Dartford, Kent as it's local to us, but you can see where your local showroom is by clicking the above link.

Think about Lighting to create a Cosy Home

Having 'the big light on' during the winter always seems too harsh to me, especially when you want to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in your home. Lamps are always a great alternative, and you can now sync these up to smart devices so you don't have to manually turn them on and off constantly. Fairy lights are another great alternative, especially coming in the winter months when Christmas lights are the best way to light your home!

Accessorise Rooms to create a Cosier Feel

A sure-fire way to make a room feel cosier is to decorate it with the right accessories. Blankets, cushions, fluffy rugs and of course plenty of candles too. Candles are great for giving light to a room, but there are so many different scents available now to make your home smell lovely and inviting too. I love these from Yankee Candle, as the scents are a lot stronger than others I've tried in the past. Lots of blankets and fluffy cushions are perfect for snuggling into when watching a film, or simply to keep you extra warm around the house.

This is a collaborative post.

Our Month - September


I think the late-ness of this post pretty much sums up how the last few months have been for us. Busy! Back to school is usually a busy time anyway, but with all of the changes because of Covid this year it felt especially chaotic. Indiana started year 2 and Parker year 1 which I thought would made the school runs easier, but this year we have had to learn staggered drop-offs and pick-ups, not been allowed to talk to teachers (or even other parents really), and had to remember what days each of them have to wear PE kits, because of course those days don't match up either. They both absolutely loved being back at school with their friends though, and have adapted to all the changes so well.

An equally exciting moment in September was Lilah starting preschool. It's only for a couple of mornings a week for now, with the hope of her staying longer once she turns 3 in January. It's all she spoke about over the summer, but when the big day actually came, it wasn't the start to school we had hoped for. Thankfully though, after a few weeks of tears and having to be pulled off of me (the absolute worst experience), she settled into her routine and happily spoke about preschool again. Phew! Those few hours a week do fly by incredibly fast, but it feels so good to have some time to myself to get work done (or have a relaxed coffee morning).

As well as the littles being back at school, September also saw them going back to their weekend activities properly too. Indie was lucky enough to do her ballet lessons over Zoom during lockdown, but she's thankfully now back in the studio with her friends and teacher. Parker is back to rugby too which he is very happy about, especially as Jack is helping out as a coach this year!

September's beautiful weather didn't disappoint, so we made sure to spend the weekends enjoying the last of the sun. We visited a couple of National Trusts, including our all time favourite place Knole Park, and a new one to us Birling Gap. The cliffs had me on edge the whole time with the littles, but we loved rock-pooling down on the beach, and I know none of us will forget that I saved a little fish by scooping him up in my hands! Despite the weather not being so great on the day, we also did the Winnie the Pooh Walk in Ashdown Forest. This is the route we followed if you are looking to do similar.

It would have been easy to think that everything was back to normal in September. With everyone at school / preschool and work, and Lilah and I spending our week days at the park or popping to the coffee shop, the only differences were having to wear a face mask inside and the need to prebook everything. I know we are very lucky in feeling this way though, and we definitely didn't take it for granted. Of course the month ended with uncertainty and the news that Covid has most definitely not gone away. But I'm sure I'll cover that more in October's monthly recap...