6 Tips for Designing Top Tier Wedding Invitations


Your wedding invitations, a unique reflection of your wedding theme and style, are a significant part of your special day. They offer the first glimpse into the distinctive ambience you're creating. Designing a standout wedding invitation will not only generate excitement but also ensure that your guests remember to RSVP, thanks to the lasting impression your invite will make.

Creating a sophisticated save-the-date and invitation style that perfectly aligns with your vision of the big day can be a creative adventure. You have the freedom to imagine and design, knowing that your wedding invites will leave a lasting imprint on your guests.

Use High-Quality Paper and Printing

In the first instance, you need to make sure you're using a high-quality paper and printing service. Your wedding invitations need to be printed on something more substantial than plain A4 white paper, so choosing handmade paper or thicker paper will work better for you.

Then you need to make sure the printing service you choose is high quality, and you have proof of the results prior to ordering. Using a high-quality paper and printing service can enhance the visual appeal of your invitations, making them more memorable for your guests. Upgrades like metal foiling can really help you go the extra mile to make a statement.

Print the Envelope

Adding your chosen design or colours to the envelope and using the same font as your invite can really help your envelope stand out, especially if it needs to be posted. To do this, you can either print the entire envelope with your design or use a stamp to add a design element. Get creative and weave your bouquet's flowers into the envelope. Add a ribbon design to tie it together or another design to embellish the envelope, not just its contents.

Boxed Invitations

Go one step further than a standard paper invite and send out a box invitation. To create a boxed invitation, start by choosing a box that fits your invitation and any 'little extras' you want to include. Note that you don’t have to only include the invite itself, but you can choose a style that moves away from the standard invite size and shape. You can include little extras in the box, such as a magnet to save the date, a small candle, or anything else you feel is representative of your wedding and personality.

Add a Rubber Seal

If the rubber seal reminds you of Harry Potter, firstly, you're not alone. Second, think about the fact that the seal alone triggers that memory for you. Can you use this to your advantage to help you create that memory for your guests? A rubber seal on the envelope instantly elevates the invite and makes it seem more personal and important than simply sticking it on the envelope. To use a rubber seal, you can either purchase pre-made seals or create your own using a stamp and wax. Paired with an off-white or coloured envelope, a rubber seal could be exactly what you're looking for.

Get Creative with Your Invite

Why not think outside the box and have some fun with your wedding invites? It doesn't need to be on paper; it can be anything and everything you wish. You can send out video e-vites to save on printing costs and make it more personal and fun. You can choose to be the main focus or make a mini trailer of the venue to create an invite that is guaranteed to be something people remember. You can bake the date onto cookies, add a note on a box of sweets, or in a pop-up card that ejects confetti when opened. All of these ideas can be tailored to the type of couple you are and the type of wedding you will be having, ensuring that your wedding starts with a bang and is remembered as the most memorable one.

Pocket Invitations

It's not an invite that fits into a pocket, but more an invite with pockets in. These invites are ideal for multiple events or cards they need for different dates. For example, if you are creating an invite for your bridesmaids or groomsmen, you can add in date cards for any bridal parties or stag events, you can include pre-wedding dinners or rehearsals for those in the immediate wedding party or add in separate invites for both the ceremony and the evening party so people can attend one or both. Other options include adding to your dress code, rules for the day, i.e., no children, or even directions, menus, or anything else people need to know. This way, you've thought of everything all at once!

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