34 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


34 weeks pregnant and I feel like a gigantic, hot, and absolutely exhausted whale haha! Baby boy now measures around 45cm and is around 5lbs (size of a cantaloupe melon)! I can definitely feel his movements have changed from pokes and kicks to huge rolls and whole body movements - he is constantly sticking limbs out left, right and centre too haha.

This week I have really felt heavily pregnant and I've really slowed right down. Monday I had my first nap this whole pregnancy with Indiana, and it was amazing! I think it's going to become a regular occurrence from now on. Sleep at night is becoming worse, but I think that's more down to it being SO hot at the moment.

I've noticed a change in my appetite this week too. Now I'm so big there's not much room for huge portions. I've started just having smaller meals more regularly which seems to be working better for me.

Walking for any longer than 5 minutes leaves me really out of breath now too - I'm definitely waddling now haha. I'm really grateful for Indiana's pram to be able to lean on and it seems to make me ache less. The lightning pains are increasing when I walk as well - it honestly feels like he's going to fall out sometimes!

Last night I felt HUGE movements from baby. All week he's definitely been transverse and in my ribs as I could feel, and see him poking out the sides. My ribs felt bruised where he was so high up and it was so tricky to get comfortable. Just comparing my bump from a picture I took Friday to today he definitely appears to have dropped! I'm really intrigued to see how he's laying now at my midwife appointment tomorrow to see for sure.
I've now purchased a few bits for my hospital bag, and actually washed his first size clothes! I'd love to get some advice on dressing a summer baby though. As Indiana was born at the very end on November I'm used to a winter baby!

Indiana's 19 Month Update


Today Indiana turns 19 months old, and think for the first time I can believe it... She's so grown up now! Comparing pictures of her from a year ago to now makes me so sad, she's like a completely different child.
Our days more frequently start at 5.30am which are far from enjoyable. I'm really looking forward to the darker mornings as that seems to be when she sleeps in longer. Bed time is still 7pm though and this is something she's really good at! Her bedtime routine consists of fighting to brush her teeth and then she gives us kisses before having milk in bed. Some nights she's been known to climb in herself and wait for her milk - this girl loves bedtime haha!

We took the side off of her cot almost a month ago now and it's gone so well. From night one she hasn't climbed out and apart from a few tricky nap times she's loving it. She's very proud of her new bed and has to show everyone who comes over haha. We were worried about the transition, but knew it was best to do before her brother arrives in August.
Eating wise she's turned slightly fussy/lazy, mostly with her dinner. Breakfast she can eat for England and has been known to have second helpings a lot haha. She usually has cereal or porridge and always fruit (the fruit seems to be a pre breakfast snack at 6am recently). Lunch we always have a 'picnic' style lunch of sandwiches, crisps, fruit, yoghurt and a little treat. Dinner she has what we have; she's still fussy with veg and pasta though and is wanting us to feed her more - even though we never spoon fed her when weaning. She's just lazy haha. If she's hungry she'll let you know and will get bowls from the cupboard or drag you into the kitchen for a snack.

Her speech is improving everyday and she's been known to put up to 3 words together now in a sentence! She repeats what you say and tries her hardest to say things - she is learning to say words from pictures in her books and we read to her every day to help. New words include: Bow, chicken, what's that, flower, fish, bath, thank you, turtle, Minnie (as in mouse), eyes, nose, spoon and probably more. 'What's that?' is her favourite at the moment, along with repeating please to get what she wants haha. The other day I asked her a question and she sweetly replied 'yes please mummy' - I think I almost died with love for her in that moment.

Her favourite things to do at the moment include reading, building towers, drawing, running around like a loony haha, puzzles and dancing. She's starting to sing and tries her hardest to do 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' which is adorable! Potty training isn't something we're planning any time soon but she's getting good at telling us when she's done something in her nappy.

Sharing is still an issue, as she thinks every single toy/thing she ever sees is hers haha. She's very headstrong and knows what she wants. If she doesn't get her own way she will throw a strop and scream blue murder - not so fun when out in public! Apart from that though she's so lovely to be around and so much fun; just don't get on her bad side haha.

There's so much more I could say about her, but I'll save that for the video update on my YouTube channel! What was/is your little one up to at 19 months?

33 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


Eek just 7 weeks to go, and only 4 weeks until baby boy is classed as full term... scary! It's really starting to hit me now that I'm going to have a new baby in just a few weeks, there's no way of forgetting I'm pregnant anymore haha. Baby is just over 4lbs now (that seems SO big!) and is up to 44cm - the size of durian (again NO idea what that is haha).

One word to describe how I've felt this week is exhausted. I've literally got no energy left and just the simplest tasks leave me out of breath, and needing a rest. The pregnancy insomnia has kicked in again so sleep at night - even though I'm so tired - just isn't great. Then add in these hot, humid nights and sleep is just a disaster!

I have been absolutely boiling this week, and have just wanted the evening to come around so I can strip off and sit with my bump out haha (please tell me I'm not alone with this?!). My hands and feet have been especially hot which is more annoying that anything.

Earlier in the week Indiana brought me my doppler again so we had a listen to baby brother's heartbeat. It took me ages to find, and I was shocked when I found it so high up (nearly up in my ribs) on the right hand side. I can literally feel him in my ribs since then as well as I'm now pretty sure he's breech - cheeky monkey. His movements bloomin' hurt now so I'm hoping he moves asap!

Finally Happy Father's Day everyone! I've made sure to treat Jack to presents from both Indiana and bump this year. I can't believe next year we'll have two little ones to enjoy the day with.

32 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


I think this week has gone even quicker than usual; I really think finishing work has been the reason. Monday was my last day and I'm SO glad to be finished and able to relax (as much as you can with an 18 month old haha). Baby boy is around 42cm long this week and weighs around 3.75lbs - the size of a jicama apparently!

Sunday (the day I turned 31 weeks pregnant) I experienced the worst braxton hicks EVER! There were super painful and I had to have a long hot bath to get rid of them - the only reason I knew they weren't actual contractions! My midwife agreed that's what they were and said it was probably a combination of that and his position, and said I definitely need to take it easy from now on.

I saw my midwife on Wednesday and all was really well with baby. He's still head down, although she said he's laying slightly more across than straight down. He was being a monkey and wouldn't let her get a clear heartbeat, although you could hear it in the background (148bpm). My belly measured 31.5cm which was perfect as was all the other checks. 

The only negative of the appointment was that my blood results came back saying I have low iron - so I'm not just tired, I'm anaemic too! She said this could also be the reason for my breathlessness. She said it's just on the border for tablets, so for now I'm just to boost it myself with an iron rich diet and to take spatone or something similar. 

Apart from that all is well and I'm just experiencing the normal symptoms you'd expect for being this pregnant. Tired, achy and needing the loo constantly haha. I feel huge now and even my midwife agreed I'd had a growth spurt - and proceeded to tell me he felt a 'good size' while giving me a look haha. Get your guesses in now for his birth weight; we're all thinking 9lb+!

31 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


Oh. My. Goodness. Just 9 weeks to go! I cannot believe we're in the single figure countdown already. I'm starting to feel slightly unprepared now, but with only today and tomorrow left at work I'm sure I'll manage to get things done! Baby is now the size of a coconut, at about 3 1/3lbs and is roughly 41cm long.

I feel like a broken record having to say I was sick AGAIN this week! I just don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm blaming these boy hormones haha. It only lasted a day luckily and Pip didn't stop wriggling all day, so I wasn't too worried.

The biggest symptom this week has been breathlessness! No matter how I sit, lay, stand I'm finding it much harder to breath. Just doing simple tasks such as going up the stairs has me completely out of breath haha. I can feel baby really high up now, so I think he's just squishing my organs that little bit more. I've taken to being braless whenever I'm home as it's way more comfortable too haha.

I'm seeing my midwife on Wednesday for my 31 week appointment. I also still need to rebook my whooping cough jab after I had to cancel it a few weeks ago! Hopefully all is okay with baby boy, although I have a feeling he may not be head down anymore... but who knows!

Indiana's 18 Month Update


Our baby girl is a whole year and a half today and I still cannot believe it! I've been looking on Timehop and seeing how much she's grown in just a year is crazy - she was such a baldy last year and had only just started eating solids haha. Her hair is SO wild and curly now, I'm finding it hard to control haha and you wouldn't think she used to make such a mess with food.
I haven't a clue what she weighs, I'm really not too bothered with it now, as long as I know she's eating and growing I think she's ok haha. Talking of eating this girl is pretty much a dustbin - she can eat for Britain! She's going through a lazy stage of wanting to be fed which is strange considering we did BLW, but I think this is down to her learning how to get her own way! She's very much against veg, pasta, and any meal that doesn't contain meat; however she'll happily eat any fruit, any meat and her favourite meal is still chilli con carne - this girl loves spice!

She's been for her second visit to the dentist this month which she behaved like a star at. The dentist said her teeth looked perfect and very clean. I was shocked by the last bit as she hates us brushing them haha. She's been teething pretty much all month with her 4 canines coming through - the two bottom ones have broken through giving her a total of 14 teeth!
Indie love to chat and roll play and is really independent. Whenever we collect her from nursery she's in the home corner or playing with the baby dolls. She puts her baby in her highchair at home and asks for a spoon and bowl to feed her. She'll also brush her teeth, give her kisses and generally take her wherever she goes! If a baby is crying at nursery she'll go over to comfort them which is so sweet. She loves to build towers and creates some impressive ones that end up taller than her! She still doesn't really share. Everything is 'mine' at the moment even if we're trying to play with her haha.

New words this month include: mine, balloon, ball, apple, please, bowl, doggy, quack quack, bath, more, kiss, nose, dirty, tower and probably lots more! She's saying sentences such as 'ta daddy' and 'no mummy, mine!' and is getting very clever at using the right words in context. She's starting to count too (although obviously not in the right order haha, she's mastered two and three though).

She's got great understanding too. When she's hungry she takes you to the kitchen, gets a bowl and then (for breakfast for example) gets out the cereal. If she cries she will head straight to where we hide her dummies. If we say shall we change your nappy she points to her nappy and either runs away haha or gets a clean one.

She's such a little character now and is definitely the queen of this house! The tantrums are unbelievable but the way she demands a kiss (which she has learnt to give closed mouthed with the actual kissing sound haha), and gives you her cheeky smile makes it all worth it!