Indiana's 18 Month Update


Our baby girl is a whole year and a half today and I still cannot believe it! I've been looking on Timehop and seeing how much she's grown in just a year is crazy - she was such a baldy last year and had only just started eating solids haha. Her hair is SO wild and curly now, I'm finding it hard to control haha and you wouldn't think she used to make such a mess with food.
I haven't a clue what she weighs, I'm really not too bothered with it now, as long as I know she's eating and growing I think she's ok haha. Talking of eating this girl is pretty much a dustbin - she can eat for Britain! She's going through a lazy stage of wanting to be fed which is strange considering we did BLW, but I think this is down to her learning how to get her own way! She's very much against veg, pasta, and any meal that doesn't contain meat; however she'll happily eat any fruit, any meat and her favourite meal is still chilli con carne - this girl loves spice!

She's been for her second visit to the dentist this month which she behaved like a star at. The dentist said her teeth looked perfect and very clean. I was shocked by the last bit as she hates us brushing them haha. She's been teething pretty much all month with her 4 canines coming through - the two bottom ones have broken through giving her a total of 14 teeth!
Indie love to chat and roll play and is really independent. Whenever we collect her from nursery she's in the home corner or playing with the baby dolls. She puts her baby in her highchair at home and asks for a spoon and bowl to feed her. She'll also brush her teeth, give her kisses and generally take her wherever she goes! If a baby is crying at nursery she'll go over to comfort them which is so sweet. She loves to build towers and creates some impressive ones that end up taller than her! She still doesn't really share. Everything is 'mine' at the moment even if we're trying to play with her haha.

New words this month include: mine, balloon, ball, apple, please, bowl, doggy, quack quack, bath, more, kiss, nose, dirty, tower and probably lots more! She's saying sentences such as 'ta daddy' and 'no mummy, mine!' and is getting very clever at using the right words in context. She's starting to count too (although obviously not in the right order haha, she's mastered two and three though).
She's got great understanding too. When she's hungry she takes you to the kitchen, gets a bowl and then (for breakfast for example) gets out the cereal. If she cries she will head straight to where we hide her dummies. If we say shall we change your nappy she points to her nappy and either runs away haha or gets a clean one.

She's such a little character now and is definitely the queen of this house! The tantrums are unbelievable but the way she demands a kiss (which she has learnt to give closed mouthed with the actual kissing sound haha), and gives you her cheeky smile makes it all worth it!


  1. aww your beautiful girl is growing so quickly :)

  2. Such a gorgeous little girl, looking so grown up too. I can relate to everything being 'mine'! Where have our little babies gone!? Xxx

  3. 18 months is a wonderful age. I was pregnant when my eldest boy was 18 months, he was such a star even though I was miserable with morning sickness!

  4. Ah such a lovely update, it's been ages since I've had time to catch up with all my fave blogs... she's grown so much in the meantime, gorgeous girl! It's nice to know what's ahead of me... and you've inspired me to take baby W to the dentist, he hasn't been yet xx


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