34 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


34 weeks pregnant and I feel like a gigantic, hot, and absolutely exhausted whale haha! Baby boy now measures around 45cm and is around 5lbs (size of a cantaloupe melon)! I can definitely feel his movements have changed from pokes and kicks to huge rolls and whole body movements - he is constantly sticking limbs out left, right and centre too haha.

This week I have really felt heavily pregnant and I've really slowed right down. Monday I had my first nap this whole pregnancy with Indiana, and it was amazing! I think it's going to become a regular occurrence from now on. Sleep at night is becoming worse, but I think that's more down to it being SO hot at the moment.

I've noticed a change in my appetite this week too. Now I'm so big there's not much room for huge portions. I've started just having smaller meals more regularly which seems to be working better for me.

Walking for any longer than 5 minutes leaves me really out of breath now too - I'm definitely waddling now haha. I'm really grateful for Indiana's pram to be able to lean on and it seems to make me ache less. The lightning pains are increasing when I walk as well - it honestly feels like he's going to fall out sometimes!

Last night I felt HUGE movements from baby. All week he's definitely been transverse and in my ribs as I could feel, and see him poking out the sides. My ribs felt bruised where he was so high up and it was so tricky to get comfortable. Just comparing my bump from a picture I took Friday to today he definitely appears to have dropped! I'm really intrigued to see how he's laying now at my midwife appointment tomorrow to see for sure.
I've now purchased a few bits for my hospital bag, and actually washed his first size clothes! I'd love to get some advice on dressing a summer baby though. As Indiana was born at the very end on November I'm used to a winter baby!


  1. Aww it's not easy being so pregnant in this hot weather is it?! I just know my little boy is going to arrive smack bang in the middle of the heat wave next week and I'm dreading it, especially being on the postnatal ward after labour! I always love finding out what position baby is in too at the midwife appointments :) xx

  2. I could have written this myself - I feel exactly the same! lol. I am very jealous of your naps though, I'm getting some in on the weekends and they are bliss! xx

  3. Your bump is so gorgeous! I bet it is getting hard now and is so hot!! The naps must be so rare with Indiana running around. keep resting as much as you can xx #maternitymondays

  4. Oh my goodness I cannot imagine being so pregnant in this heat. I had G in a September but the summer of 2011 wasn't too bad. Hope you aren't too uncomfortable! x


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