Indiana's 19 Month Update


Today Indiana turns 19 months old, and think for the first time I can believe it... She's so grown up now! Comparing pictures of her from a year ago to now makes me so sad, she's like a completely different child.
Our days more frequently start at 5.30am which are far from enjoyable. I'm really looking forward to the darker mornings as that seems to be when she sleeps in longer. Bed time is still 7pm though and this is something she's really good at! Her bedtime routine consists of fighting to brush her teeth and then she gives us kisses before having milk in bed. Some nights she's been known to climb in herself and wait for her milk - this girl loves bedtime haha!

We took the side off of her cot almost a month ago now and it's gone so well. From night one she hasn't climbed out and apart from a few tricky nap times she's loving it. She's very proud of her new bed and has to show everyone who comes over haha. We were worried about the transition, but knew it was best to do before her brother arrives in August.
Eating wise she's turned slightly fussy/lazy, mostly with her dinner. Breakfast she can eat for England and has been known to have second helpings a lot haha. She usually has cereal or porridge and always fruit (the fruit seems to be a pre breakfast snack at 6am recently). Lunch we always have a 'picnic' style lunch of sandwiches, crisps, fruit, yoghurt and a little treat. Dinner she has what we have; she's still fussy with veg and pasta though and is wanting us to feed her more - even though we never spoon fed her when weaning. She's just lazy haha. If she's hungry she'll let you know and will get bowls from the cupboard or drag you into the kitchen for a snack.

Her speech is improving everyday and she's been known to put up to 3 words together now in a sentence! She repeats what you say and tries her hardest to say things - she is learning to say words from pictures in her books and we read to her every day to help. New words include: Bow, chicken, what's that, flower, fish, bath, thank you, turtle, Minnie (as in mouse), eyes, nose, spoon and probably more. 'What's that?' is her favourite at the moment, along with repeating please to get what she wants haha. The other day I asked her a question and she sweetly replied 'yes please mummy' - I think I almost died with love for her in that moment.
Her favourite things to do at the moment include reading, building towers, drawing, running around like a loony haha, puzzles and dancing. She's starting to sing and tries her hardest to do 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' which is adorable! Potty training isn't something we're planning any time soon but she's getting good at telling us when she's done something in her nappy.

Sharing is still an issue, as she thinks every single toy/thing she ever sees is hers haha. She's very headstrong and knows what she wants. If she doesn't get her own way she will throw a strop and scream blue murder - not so fun when out in public! Apart from that though she's so lovely to be around and so much fun; just don't get on her bad side haha.
There's so much more I could say about her, but I'll save that for the video update on my YouTube channel! What was/is your little one up to at 19 months?


  1. Awww she is adorable! Sounds like she is growing up so well and loved :)

  2. She needs to teach my little boy some of her language skills!! She is so adorable! Xx

  3. Aaw, she is such a cutie. How sweet that she takes herself to bed! xx

  4. She's so grown up now! Aww, I smiled when reading that she answered 'yes please mummy' that must have been so lovely to hear. I love her hair up in a little pony tail, so cute. She sounds like such a sweet little girl, I bet she'll make an amazing big sister :) xxx


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