Indiana's 14 Month Update


Now Indiana's 14 months old I'm going to change how I do her updates a bit, as to be honest not much changes to things such as her routine any more! I'll just write about her overall at each age and any new things she's done... oh and add a few pictures of course!
The biggest change in Indiana's development this month is her speech. She's really coming on with her language and I know I'm biased, but I think she's actually quite clever! At 14 months she can say:
> Mummy (she actually calls me mummy now and my heart melts every time)
> Dadda
> Hiya
> Bye bye
> NO!
> Nanny
> 'woof woof'' for a dog
> What's that?
> Uh Oh
> Down
> Yay
> Wow
> Bubba (baby)
> Cheers (with her drink against yours)
Now I'm no expert but that's quite a lot, and we are very very proud! She constantly babbles and chats to herself and us in her baby language too which is so cute. She waves hello and goodbye, blows kisses and also gives kisses and cuddles. Her walking is really good now and she almost never falls over - well unless she gets too confident and runs too fast haha.
Teething has been a nightmare this month and we've really suffered for the first time. She had an awful fever, sore bum and even went off her food earlier this month. We noticed one of her molars is on it's way which explains a lot. She also has 9 teeth now as she has another top tooth through. This has affected her sleep and we have had a number of nights of little sleep or early wake ups.

That's about all that's new, make sure to follow us on Instagram as I'm ALWAYS uploading pictures and videos of Indiana, just in-case I've missed anything!

Indiana's Weekend Baby Style #2


So I had to miss out last week due to working and not actually picking Indiana's outfits, but I'm back! Technically I'm cheating a bit as this was actually an outfit she wore during the week (I hope this is okay Hannah, feel free to give me a slap on the wrist if not haha). I got so many lovely compliments on the outfit on Instagram, so I just had to choose it!
Top/Shirt: Next
Leggings: Next
Socks: Next
Bow: The Bow Boutique

As you can see I'm an absolute Next addict... and proud haha! I love this shirt and I'm going to be so so sad when she grows out of it. Indiana is also a massive poser, think I take too many pictures!

Mummy's Little Helper


Indiana is really growing into an independent and clever little lady. She loves to play on her own and just watching her you can really see her brain ticking, trying to work out what she's got to do with things.

Her new favourite thing to do is to 'help' me out whenever she can! I always try and let her when I can as it's so important to her development. She now knows that dirty washing goes in the washing basket (she doesn't really get the dirty part yet but we're working on it haha). I'll let her help me put the washing in the machine and then encourage her to press the button to make it start.

She'll then help me take it back out and is getting pretty good at putting bits on the airer! I give her a pile of socks and she could spend hours putting them on and off. Not only is it fun for her, but it's pretty handy having a little helper around the house haha.

Wedding Series | My Dream Hen Do!


Ever since I picked my Bridesmaids they've been so excited for the Hen do, and to be honest, so have I! I haven't been one of those girls who have dreamt about it for years, but when I do think about it there are definite plans of what I want.

I've never been to a spa or had any pamper treatments really. I'd love to start our day at one, probably with just my bridesmaids. Not really for any treatments, but to just relax in the pool and have a gorgeous lunch; without having to think about Indiana trying to steal it haha. 

Then in the evening is when I want to go out and let my hair down, and get as many of us as possible. Since having Indiana I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I've gone out clubbing! This is a pretty special occasion though and one I definitely want to celebrate in style. 

I want it to be super cheesy. So girls if you're reading this I want sashes, badges, hats, willy straws, the lot! You only have a hen do once so I think you need to do it in the biggest way as possible. I want to have loads of pictures of the day too, as I won't want to forget a single thing! I'm sure none of them will end up Facebook appropriate, but I'm sure we'll find them hilarious haha.

I'm really hoping that nothing too extreme or embarrassing happens on mine (or on Jack's stag for that matter!) haha. But if you do know someone who got a little out of control, then Red7 are currently running a 'funniest hen' competition over on their Facebook page. They're looking for the funniest hen and want everyone to get involved to find her. 

Indiana's Weekend Baby Style


I haven't posted any of Indiana's outfits on my blog for ages now! I love picking her outfits and seeing what she'll wear everyday, so the Weekend Baby Style linky, run by the lovely Hannah at First Time Mummy, seemed like a perfect opportunity to get posting again! If you haven't heard of the linky before check it out here. 

I picked today as Indiana's outfit, although I could probably share one with you everyday haha.
Top - Next
Jeggings - H&M
Socks - Next (She will also be wearing her shoes from Clarks)
Bow - The Bow Boutique
Getting a picture of Indiana standing still and smiling is hard work these days haha. I tried my best but my little model just didn't want to play ball (or let go of her dummy and beloved bunny). She's also starting pulling her bows off so I'm trying to get one on her everyday while I still can!

A New Years Day Walk at Knole Park


I meant to share these pictures last week but with working I just didn't get time to sit down and write! 

New Years Day for us was just like any other day. We didn't go out drinking, or even stay in drinking for that matter haha, so we weren't suffering. We wanted to get out and about so we went for a lovely family walk around a local National Trust property, Knole Park.

It was absolutely freezing, so so windy and it definitely looked like rain throughout. We made the most of it regardless, and Indiana even got to run off some energy on the walk back. Having a walking baby toddler is just so much fun!

Growl Like The Gruffalo!


For what seemed like forever Indiana just wasn't interested in books. The second you tried to read to her she would crawl/walk away; once she'd closed said book of course haha. 

However all of sudden she loves them! It's like she's suddenly realised how good they can be, and is obsessed. I'm pretty relieved because I was worried she was going to hate them forever. I'm a massive book-worm (well I was pre-baby haha), and I really hope she continues to love books just like I always have.

Her favourite at the moment is anything with the Gruffalo in. She toddles over with the book, sits on your lap and happily turns the page. Usually turning straight to the end so she can 'growl like the Gruffalo'... so bloody cute!
Growling like the Gruffalo :)

Happy New Year!


So just like that 2014 has finished and we've welcomed the New Year. We just about managed to stay up until midnight (and then proceeded to jump straight in bed as soon as the fireworks were over haha). So Happy New Year!
2014 was one of the best years yet! We got to watch our baby girl turn from a baby into a beautiful, intelligent and cheeky little girl, celebrating her First Birthday in November. We were lucky enough to enjoy two amazing holidays abroad to Majorca in June and Paris in August. I also turned 21 in August and got thoroughly spoilt, especially by Jack! August was definitely the best month (although I returned to work after maternity leave), Paris is where Jack proposed and we became engaged

There were plenty of firsts as well; our first family holidays, our first Mothers and Fathers day and not forgetting all of Indiana's firsts! It's crazy how much you can fit into a year isn't it. I'm also really proud of how far my blog has come. I have met some lovely people through blogging and had some amazing opportunities; I just hope I can keep it up next year!

I have high hopes for 2015, and have a feeling it's going to be the best yet! I can't wait to watch Indiana grow even more, especially with her learning and speech. We're also getting married in October, so it's going to be busy busy busy!

So here's to an amazing New Year...hello 2015!