Indiana's 14 Month Update


Now Indiana's 14 months old I'm going to change how I do her updates a bit, as to be honest not much changes to things such as her routine any more! I'll just write about her overall at each age and any new things she's done... oh and add a few pictures of course!
The biggest change in Indiana's development this month is her speech. She's really coming on with her language and I know I'm biased, but I think she's actually quite clever! At 14 months she can say:
> Mummy (she actually calls me mummy now and my heart melts every time)
> Dadda
> Hiya
> Bye bye
> NO!
> Nanny
> 'woof woof'' for a dog
> What's that?
> Uh Oh
> Down
> Yay
> Wow
> Bubba (baby)
> Cheers (with her drink against yours)
Now I'm no expert but that's quite a lot, and we are very very proud! She constantly babbles and chats to herself and us in her baby language too which is so cute. She waves hello and goodbye, blows kisses and also gives kisses and cuddles. Her walking is really good now and she almost never falls over - well unless she gets too confident and runs too fast haha.
Teething has been a nightmare this month and we've really suffered for the first time. She had an awful fever, sore bum and even went off her food earlier this month. We noticed one of her molars is on it's way which explains a lot. She also has 9 teeth now as she has another top tooth through. This has affected her sleep and we have had a number of nights of little sleep or early wake ups.

That's about all that's new, make sure to follow us on Instagram as I'm ALWAYS uploading pictures and videos of Indiana, just in-case I've missed anything!


  1. Anonymous29/1/15

    Williams language is awful- he won't move off da-da! He thinks it's a game where when we try and teach him something new his response has to be da-da. Arggghhhh hahaha. You've got such a clever little beauty on your hands! X

  2. Aww she's so clever you should be so proud! She's coming along amazingly :) I'm with you with the disruptive nights and early mornings at the moment, wasn't too impressed to be up for the day at 5:30 this morning lol! #mummymonday

  3. She is such a superstar!!! Watched your video too and her vocab really is soo good. Amelia is kind of similar but doesn't seem to want to repeat anything else at the moment she just says NO all the time!!! And if its possible she is getting cuter by the update hehe! Thanks for linking up lovely #mummymonday xx

  4. aw gorgeous photos, she is getting so much hair now. I can not believe that my Sophia was this age when she became a big sister xx


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