21 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


This week has been an odd one; especially because for most of it I haven't felt pregnant! Baby boy is the size of a carrot now and is about 27cm long. He can now blink and his movements are meant to get stronger and more often.

We had a very busy week holidaying in the beautiful Bluestone National Park in Wales - Pip's first holiday! Indiana went on her first holiday at 20 weeks too, but I didn't have much a bump back then! There was a lot of walking, eating delicious food and relaxing which I think was definitely needed.

The drive was the worst bit and did play a bit of havoc on my back but I haven't really noticed it much at all this week! I definitely think Jack doing most of the hard work (pram pushing and Indiana carrying) was the reason; as well as lots of resting with my feet up!

Pip has definitely been very active this week. He's constantly kicking away and I've noticed his movements a lot higher up recently. I can feel my uterus has moved up and can usually find him hidden on one side. I can feel them quite strongly but Jack's still yet to feel even though I grab his hand to put it on my bump all the time haha.

We're so excited to see our little boy tomorrow at the scan (and to double check he's still a he haha). Fingers crossed everything is still ok! I will be back next Sunday for my 22 week update.

20 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


20 Weeks! That's half way and I still cannot believe how quickly these weeks are flying by. Pip has grown to the length of a small banana, around 26cm long (from now on they'll take measurements from head to toe, instead of head to bum which is exciting). Vernix is starting to appear on baby too! I was planned to have my 20 week scan tomorrow but as we're away in Wales we had to rebook - so my scan is booked for the 30th March instead, when I'll be 21+1 weeks.

I have absolutely no notes written down for this week, it's been pretty quiet and plane sailing. I spoke to OH (occupational health) at work on Monday, and they're referring me for physio for my back. Fingers crossed it helps, but who knows!

I've finally booked the last of my holiday too and have started thinking about maternity leave - crazy to be thinking of it again so soon! I'm hoping to start my leave at 35 weeks (the same I did with Indiana), but take holiday before - so I'll leave work actually around 32 weeks if all goes to plan. I'm in retail so being on my feet all day is pretty tough going, and with my back and hips aching like they do already, I'll be lucky to reach this I think.

The only other update is that I've actually got around to buying my pregnancy pillow. After everyone's suggestions I've gone with a basic v-shaped pillow. It's AMAZING already; I've been using it to sit up with, sleep with and I know I can eventually use it when baby arrives too.

As usual my bump update vlog will be live on my channel at some point today, and I'll be back next week for my 21 week pregnancy update!

19 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


19 weeks, almost half way there... I just can't believe it! Baby boy is now the size of a mango and is growing quicker than ever now! My uterus has now reached my belly button, and will rise a cm every week from now on. My centre of gravity is beginning to change to make way for my growing bump, although I think this has been happening for a while now haha.

I had such a lovely start to the week! Last Sunday I felt my first 'proper' kicks from Pip, not just the popping sensation I had been feeling. They've been becoming more frequent all week and I even felt them at work on Saturday (which is rare as I'm not stood still for that long haha).

Talking of work I've now been officially referred to occupational health because of my back. I've been wearing the bump support band but it's not making a huge difference. The pain is now reaching my tail-bone/bum and it's becoming hard to stand for longer than 1/2 hours at a time! Hopefully they'll be able to get me some help, or if worse comes to worse I'll be stuck sat at the tills all day from now on.

Bump is getting very noticeable now. It's such a different shape to my pregnancy with Indiana - much higher up! I'm in full maternity work wear (man maternity tights are amazing haha), but still in most of my usual everyday clothes.

Indiana has really taken to 'bubba' and if I've got my belly on show will rush straight over! She's always giving him kisses and was even blowing raspberries on him earlier this week; too sweet!

That's all for this week, I'll update you on what work say as soon as I know. I'm just hoping the pain doesn't get any worse, fingers crossed! I'll be back next week for my 20 week update!

18 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


Hello 18 weeks baby boy! You're now the size of a sweet potato and have grown to around 5.6 inches, weighing 6.7 ounces! You are now kicking, flexing, reaching and maybe even sucking your thumb (although I kinda hope not that one, I don't want you to be a thumb sucker like I was haha).

This week has been a rough one if I'm honest; pregnancy the second time around is definitely a whole lot harder! I'm still waiting for the 'glow' to arrive. Although I've been blessed with red, dry skin and dull awful hair instead... lucky me!

Sleeping has been pretty rough too. I'm finding it so hard to get comfortable and even when I do I'm tossing and turning constantly. I really need to get myself a pregnancy pillow but just keep forgetting to do it.

My back has been bloody awful this week too, as have my hips. If I stand for too long at work they really begin to ache and I have to sit down. I managed to make it until 30ish week last time before I had to sit down more, so this is definitely unexpected. On Thursday I carried Indiana way too much and too far and my back is paying me back for it now. On Friday just sitting up or moving left me in SO much pain. I'm off to town today to invest in a bump support band to see if that helps at all.

Indiana's 15 Month Update


Last Thursday (the 26th February) our little baby Indiana turned 15 months old! She's had a rough month of teething, colds, and has developed a pretty nasty case of eczema around her mouth too. However despite this she's come on even more with her speech and understanding.

I still have no idea how much she weighs (yes I know naughty mummy doesn't keep up any more haha), but she's getting bigger we know as her clothes are fitting even better every week. She's still in 9-12 but I MUST swap her tops over as they are getting so tight on her tummy. She's still in size 4+ nappies and her feet are still a 3H - they haven't grown since November!

Her knowledge and understanding amazes me every day. If I ask her to get me her coat she runs off and grabs it, sometimes even bringing her shoes too! Once they're on she runs straight to the door and knows we're about to go out. She'll bring you things if you ask her and understands simple commands too. She's got great motor skills as well and her ability to build a tower is outstanding! She uses her Mega Bloks and can build them 8/9 bricks high - then dismantles it, and starts again haha. She loves to have a tea party and will 'eat' her cake and 'drink' her tea (only after she's 'cheers' your cup haha). 

She can now climb onto her train and bike herself and loves scooting along. Although her legs are still a bit too short to be able to do it properly yet. Her biggest obsession this month has been her Bumbo (which she hated as a baby!). 

She still loves Bunny and her dummy and we know they're not going anywhere any time soon. She's been extra cuddly this month too and will happily sit on your lap for a story, or to watch an episode of Curious George which is her favourite at the minute - she can even say George!

Teething wise she has 11 teeth and about 4/5 coming through as we speak. We lost her amber anklet but have another expected to arrive any day now. She's really been suffering so we're praying that helps. She loves brushing them, although she's a bit too independent and doesn't let you help!

She's still having 2 bottles of cows milk a day and eating us out of house and home haha. She still loves fruit and any meat, and vegetables are still ending up on the floor. However she now eats amazingly well with her spoon and fork and less with her hands. Sleep is still pretty good too (apart from on the worst teething nights). We've finally got her a duvet and pillow which she loves.

Finally she's SO excited to become a big sister! She's got a bit of understanding what's going on and we always talk about baby brother. She now even points at my tummy and says 'bubba' and gives him kisses too.

17 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


It really does feel like yesterday I was writing my 16 week update, where do these weeks go?! This week has been the absolute BEST so far! With my 16 week midwife appointment, gender scan and feeling pip's first movements... How can it be topped! At 17 weeks baby is now the size of a turnip!

If you haven't already seen on social media, here or my YouTube gender reveal video we are absolutely thrilled to announce were having a BOY! Gosh it still doesn't seen real saying that, and I'm definitely not used to calling my bump a 'he' haha. We are so excited to be having a brother for Indiana and our family will really be complete with one of each!

My midwife appointment also went brilliantly with everything being great with me and baby - all bloods, urine sample and blood pressure were perfect. She felt for baby and the second she put the Doppler on my stomach the heartbeat filled the room (it was 152bpm); even the second time around I  wasn't prepared for how amazing that sound is!

The week started off on a high with me feeling the first flutters (was exactly like indiana with the bubble popping sensation) on Sunday evening. They still aren't consistent but it's reassuring to know everything is ok in there!

Apart from that I've had a fairly easy week with only a few new symptoms thrown in. Bleeding gums are well and truly back which I remember with Indie; a bit gross but nothing too unpleasant! My breasts have definitely starting growing and are getting much fuller as the days go on. Back ache is getting worse but I'm expecting it with my growing bump and being on my feet a lot!

So that's my 17 week update - my pregnancy vlog will be uploaded at some point today if you fancy seeing the bump and hearing me ramble on even more haha!