Indiana's 15 Month Update


Last Thursday (the 26th February) our little baby Indiana turned 15 months old! She's had a rough month of teething, colds, and has developed a pretty nasty case of eczema around her mouth too. However despite this she's come on even more with her speech and understanding.

I still have no idea how much she weighs (yes I know naughty mummy doesn't keep up any more haha), but she's getting bigger we know as her clothes are fitting even better every week. She's still in 9-12 but I MUST swap her tops over as they are getting so tight on her tummy. She's still in size 4+ nappies and her feet are still a 3H - they haven't grown since November!

Her knowledge and understanding amazes me every day. If I ask her to get me her coat she runs off and grabs it, sometimes even bringing her shoes too! Once they're on she runs straight to the door and knows we're about to go out. She'll bring you things if you ask her and understands simple commands too. She's got great motor skills as well and her ability to build a tower is outstanding! She uses her Mega Bloks and can build them 8/9 bricks high - then dismantles it, and starts again haha. She loves to have a tea party and will 'eat' her cake and 'drink' her tea (only after she's 'cheers' your cup haha). 

She can now climb onto her train and bike herself and loves scooting along. Although her legs are still a bit too short to be able to do it properly yet. Her biggest obsession this month has been her Bumbo (which she hated as a baby!). 

She still loves Bunny and her dummy and we know they're not going anywhere any time soon. She's been extra cuddly this month too and will happily sit on your lap for a story, or to watch an episode of Curious George which is her favourite at the minute - she can even say George!

Teething wise she has 11 teeth and about 4/5 coming through as we speak. We lost her amber anklet but have another expected to arrive any day now. She's really been suffering so we're praying that helps. She loves brushing them, although she's a bit too independent and doesn't let you help!

She's still having 2 bottles of cows milk a day and eating us out of house and home haha. She still loves fruit and any meat, and vegetables are still ending up on the floor. However she now eats amazingly well with her spoon and fork and less with her hands. Sleep is still pretty good too (apart from on the worst teething nights). We've finally got her a duvet and pillow which she loves.

Finally she's SO excited to become a big sister! She's got a bit of understanding what's going on and we always talk about baby brother. She now even points at my tummy and says 'bubba' and gives him kisses too.


  1. Awwww she's coming on so well. It always amazes me how they grow (so quickly) from a baby to a toddler learning and chatting so much. The pictures are really lovely - she's such a cutie x

  2. Oh your right Indiana and Martha are very similar! She's so cute love her little smile and what a fashionista with that wardrobe! xx

  3. She is such a smart, beautiful little girl. Adore the photo of her in the checked dress suits her so much. I wonder if baby boy will be like her!! Thanks for linking up lovely #Mummymonday xx


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