19 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


19 weeks, almost half way there... I just can't believe it! Baby boy is now the size of a mango and is growing quicker than ever now! My uterus has now reached my belly button, and will rise a cm every week from now on. My centre of gravity is beginning to change to make way for my growing bump, although I think this has been happening for a while now haha.

I had such a lovely start to the week! Last Sunday I felt my first 'proper' kicks from Pip, not just the popping sensation I had been feeling. They've been becoming more frequent all week and I even felt them at work on Saturday (which is rare as I'm not stood still for that long haha).

Talking of work I've now been officially referred to occupational health because of my back. I've been wearing the bump support band but it's not making a huge difference. The pain is now reaching my tail-bone/bum and it's becoming hard to stand for longer than 1/2 hours at a time! Hopefully they'll be able to get me some help, or if worse comes to worse I'll be stuck sat at the tills all day from now on.

Bump is getting very noticeable now. It's such a different shape to my pregnancy with Indiana - much higher up! I'm in full maternity work wear (man maternity tights are amazing haha), but still in most of my usual everyday clothes.

Indiana has really taken to 'bubba' and if I've got my belly on show will rush straight over! She's always giving him kisses and was even blowing raspberries on him earlier this week; too sweet!

That's all for this week, I'll update you on what work say as soon as I know. I'm just hoping the pain doesn't get any worse, fingers crossed! I'll be back next week for my 20 week update!


  1. Aw lovely update, sorry your back is causing ou so many problems though and hope you get some help soon! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays

  2. 19 weeks. I just know it's going to be over so quick and baby will be here!! Arg so sorry your suffering with your back pain :( have you tried one of those wheat packs when your at home. I used to borrow my mums! Xx

  3. I can't believe you're nearly half way, it's going SO quickly! You poor thing with your back pain. I never had any with Toby but I'm starting to get it with this one, it's kind of the top of my bum and down my leg so I hope it doesn't cause you too much grief. Indiana is just like Toby blowing raspberries. Does she understand? Toby's a bit confused, I think he probably just thinks I'm getting a bit fat haha x #maternitymondays x

  4. It's good to hear your work are going to get your sorted! At 30 weeks, my work have done next to nothing to help and told me to deal with it when I first told them I was struggling! The next few months are going to fly by for you aha :) #maternitymondays


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