17 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


It really does feel like yesterday I was writing my 16 week update, where do these weeks go?! This week has been the absolute BEST so far! With my 16 week midwife appointment, gender scan and feeling pip's first movements... How can it be topped! At 17 weeks baby is now the size of a turnip!

If you haven't already seen on social media, here or my YouTube gender reveal video we are absolutely thrilled to announce were having a BOY! Gosh it still doesn't seen real saying that, and I'm definitely not used to calling my bump a 'he' haha. We are so excited to be having a brother for Indiana and our family will really be complete with one of each!

My midwife appointment also went brilliantly with everything being great with me and baby - all bloods, urine sample and blood pressure were perfect. She felt for baby and the second she put the Doppler on my stomach the heartbeat filled the room (it was 152bpm); even the second time around I  wasn't prepared for how amazing that sound is!

The week started off on a high with me feeling the first flutters (was exactly like indiana with the bubble popping sensation) on Sunday evening. They still aren't consistent but it's reassuring to know everything is ok in there!

Apart from that I've had a fairly easy week with only a few new symptoms thrown in. Bleeding gums are well and truly back which I remember with Indie; a bit gross but nothing too unpleasant! My breasts have definitely starting growing and are getting much fuller as the days go on. Back ache is getting worse but I'm expecting it with my growing bump and being on my feet a lot!

So that's my 17 week update - my pregnancy vlog will be uploaded at some point today if you fancy seeing the bump and hearing me ramble on even more haha!


  1. Aww congrats! Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes quickly for you

  2. I still can't believe your having a boy. I know its going to come around soo quickly especially as your due date is right before Amelia's second birthday! Ahhh baby back ache is just THE worst, I used to get such a dull ache was horrible!! xx

  3. Aaw I'm just a week behind you Hun, but with my first. I love reading what to expect next week :)
    I'm currently trying to convince my boyfriend that we NEED an early gender scan next week but he's not having any of it! Haha



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