My First Forever Friends | Review


You all must remember Forever Friends. The cute and cuddly bears have been around now for over 25 years! Most recently they've joined forces with Golden Bear to create a brand new range for the Forever Friends collection - the My First Forever Friends Nursery collection!

We were lucky enough to be send a couple of the items for Parker to review - The Jingler and The Chime Bear. I was thrilled when the little bears arrived! With Parker being the second child we didn't need to purchase any toys or gifts for him; the poor boy is stuck with very pink, very girly toys (that Indie still tries to claim are hers haha). He now has some little toys of his own, and he definitely approves.

The Chime Bear was what I was instantly drawn to. It's based on the original design of the Forever Friends bear and is so sweet! It's lovely and soft and when Parker is bigger I know it'll be great for snuggling up to. With just a little shake the bear has a gentle chime sound, and you can even personalise the bear. On it's tummy is a little photo holder (which is baby safe so no need to worry about little ones getting into it). Just pop in a photo of your little ones favourite people to let them know you're not far away. We've got the natural bear, but it does come in pink or blue too!

The jingler is definitely Parker's favourite. It's small enough for him to hold; especially now he's discovered his hands, he's enjoying holding it and bringing it to his mouth haha. Again it's based on the Forever Friends design, except this little bear has a nappy on which is pretty sweet. It comes with a velcro strap so is perfect for on the go; attached to the car seat, pushchair, etc. The little bell inside keeps Parker amused and I think it's a bit more interactive than the chime bear.

I do think they aren't as visually stimulating as other baby toys. There are no bright colours or loud noises; but I know this is because of what they're based on. We have been loving them though, and I think it makes a lovely change from the rather bold, in your face toys you can get! If you want to have a look for yourselves the collection is available from many stores including Argos, with prices starting from as little as £6.99.

*Disclaimer - We were sent these two toys for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are honest and my own*

Indiana's 23 Month Update


This is going to be my second to last monthly update for Indiana; can you believe she's going to be TWO next month! I still haven't got my head around it, and if I'm honest I'm trying not to think about it so much, as it makes me so sad haha.

This month Indie has grown up even more. The 'terrible two's have most definitely arrived - although those days are mostly thrown in between the most amazing days ever! She is learning, growing and changing each day and doesn't stop for a minute. She has quite a temper on her, and is a stubborn little madam just like her mummy, but on the flip side, she's also the most loving child I know.

At the moment she's loving playdoh, colouring, Bing, dancing, jumping and using her imagination. She plays so well independently, making her toys 'talk' and making them do things. She carries around crayons and always wants to colour, her grip holding a pencil is quite advanced according to Jack (he works at a nursery so knows these things haha).

I'm always told that at nursery she loves messy play - the sand pit, water table,etc - and seems to be the leader of the pack now she's one of the oldest children in her room. Her new game when we're out is plane spotting and jumping on manhole covers/drains. Everytime we see a plane we have to wave to it and say hello/bye, and we must jump on every drain we see too haha.

We have plenty of new words again this month too. She still refers to herself as 'you' although she knows her name is Indiana haha. She must have picked this up from us pointing her out in pictures saying it, so now we try our hardest to refer to her as Indiana. She can also say: feet, hands, toes, bum, Jack (much to his annoyance haha), penguin, coat, plane, spider, toys, oi (not so keen on that one either haha), there, that way, fix it, gone, finishes, tissue, phone, door, what's that?, wash, hair, bless you - after you sneeze, pardon you - after someone burps haha, toast and grape. She also calls Cbeebies 'beebies' which is rather cute!

Eating has really improved recently as she's eating lots more food than she was; particularly pasta, which she wouldn't even touch before! Sleep has taken a turn for the worse though. We think she's teething again which is making her wake up, and get up earlier than her newborn baby brother!

The final 'new' thing this month is that we've stopped bottles. We knew we wanted her off the by the time she was 2 so decided to take the plunge. We've been offering her milk in a sippy cup/straw cup but she's not interested. Luckily she has lots of dairy in her diet anyway to make up for it. We started off offering water instead in her bottles to wean her off of them, but she doesn't even touch it! We're not sure if it's affecting her sleep, but I suppose we'll find out haha.

We're so so proud of how well Indiana is doing; especially having to adjust to being a big sister, and now just our only priority. She's taking it all in her stride though; and when she turns to her Parker and says 'love you bubba' we know we have nothing to worry about!

What was your little one up to at 23 months? Any tips for getting her to drink milk in a cup?

Emma-Jane Maternity Giveaway! {CLOSED}


When I was pregnant with Parker the first maternity item I bought and wore was a maternity/nursing bra. These took me through my whole pregnancy, the early breastfeeding days, and I won't lie, I wore them for a few weeks after that too for comfort haha!

I think they're massively important but I did find them to be rather pricey. There were also so many types to choose from it felt like a rather difficult decision; especially as I didn't want to spend lots of money on something that wasn't right, or felt uncomfortable!

I have recently come across a fab brand that has not only comfortable and supportive bras, but their prices are SO much more reasonable too. Emma-Jane Maternity is the UK's longest running maternity lingerie brand.

Their Mia Maternity & Nursing Bra (363) recently won Gold at the Right Starts Awards; it's design is developed to grow with you as your breasts grow and change. It's made of 75% cotton and is seamless which makes it super comfortable. It features four back eyes to allow for full adjustment to it's shape as you grow. Each cup individually clips-down for easy breastfeeding (while giving support to the other side). 

The bra is available in both black and white, in sizes 32-38 B-F cups. The best part of all is that the bra is only £13! This is amazing value considering it can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding - and the fact it adjusts means you don't need multiple bras. I just wish I found it sooner!

My breastfeeding journey has come to an end, but I'm happy to be offering you the chance to win one for yourself! Just enter the options below (don't forget to read the terms and conditions first).  

Autumn Adventures At Knole Park


If you've followed us for a while, you'll know our love for Knole Park. It's absolutely beautiful, especially during the Autumn when the leaves are turning, and you can snuggle up in cosy coats and scarves. Sunday we made another visit, and even signed ourselves up for The National Trust - I know we're old before our time haha - but as we're young we only have to pay £5 a month between us... bargain!

Indiana absolutely loved running wild and exploring with her daddy. She has zero fear, so while adults were standing back taking pictures of the deer, she ran right up to them! We ran in the leaves, poked mole hills and played peek-a-boo behind the pillars of the house. Overall it was a lovely day out; and now we're members, one we'll be doing a whole lot more!

Wedding Series | We Did It!


So the big day finally arrived, and on Friday 2nd October I became a wife! It's still so surreal thinking I'm a Mrs and have a completely different surname; the whole day was a total whirlwind, and I really wish I could do it all over again!

I cannot wait to finally share all the details with you, especially my dress, as I've been dying to do so for ages now. The vlog from the big day, and the Thursday before (there was a lot of preparation that day haha), should either be up now or very soon. I just can't believe after a year of planning, buying, organising and secrets it's all over. It really does all go too quickly! It doesn't even seem real we've been married a week haha.

Parker's 2 Month Update


This update is slightly late due to being SO busy with our wedding, but Parker turned 2 months old on the 4th October! I last had him weighed at 6 weeks old and he was 10lb 7oz (although I'm sure he's much heavier now), and was 56cm long. He's in 0-3 month clothing now which fits nicely in the length but is still slightly baggy, depending on which shop they're from.

We had our final Health Visitor check this month and she was really pleased with his development and weight gain. We won't be seeing her again now which I'm happy about; they're so bloody nosy haha. We were also discharged from the hospital. Parker was born with a slight heart murmur that needed to have further check ups. But after waiting 2 hours at the hospital, for a 5 minute appointment (that was great fun!), it's healed by itself so he's perfectly healthy.

He is dealing much better with his wind now he's getting bigger. He's still having gripe water, but we also made the switch to the comfort version of Cow & Gate. We used this with Indiana and saw massive improvement, and it's seemed to have worked it's magic again! He's now taking between 4/5oz every 3/4 hours.

Colic isn't as much of a problem any more either. The only time he ever really gets very upset is if he's overtired or just wants a snuggle. However at the moment he has been needing extra snuggles due to a nasty cold, courtesy of his big sister. We took him to the doctors on Monday and our poorly boy is now on amoxicillin to try and clear it up.

Before getting ill we were really getting somewhere with tummy time/play time and sleep. He was really starting to enjoy laying on his playmat looking at his toys (bashing them was his new trick), and himself in the mirror. He was also sleeping for bigger chunks at night too which was amazing! He usually settles for the evening after his 7pm(ish) bottle. We then feed him at 10pm just before we get in bed - kind of a dream feed as we try not to change his nappy or disturb him too much - and he has been sleeping until 4/5am, and has even gone until 6.30am a couple of times. We're hoping he goes back to this when he's feeling better.

That's about it for this month. He's still absolutely loving watching his big sister, and gives the biggest, sweetest side smiles I've ever seen! He was such a good boy at our wedding and was happy to have snuggles from everybody there, and slept the best he ever has for Jack's parents... not that I'm jealous at all haha.