Indiana's 23 Month Update


This is going to be my second to last monthly update for Indiana; can you believe she's going to be TWO next month! I still haven't got my head around it, and if I'm honest I'm trying not to think about it so much, as it makes me so sad haha.

This month Indie has grown up even more. The 'terrible two's have most definitely arrived - although those days are mostly thrown in between the most amazing days ever! She is learning, growing and changing each day and doesn't stop for a minute. She has quite a temper on her, and is a stubborn little madam just like her mummy, but on the flip side, she's also the most loving child I know.

At the moment she's loving playdoh, colouring, Bing, dancing, jumping and using her imagination. She plays so well independently, making her toys 'talk' and making them do things. She carries around crayons and always wants to colour, her grip holding a pencil is quite advanced according to Jack (he works at a nursery so knows these things haha).

I'm always told that at nursery she loves messy play - the sand pit, water table,etc - and seems to be the leader of the pack now she's one of the oldest children in her room. Her new game when we're out is plane spotting and jumping on manhole covers/drains. Everytime we see a plane we have to wave to it and say hello/bye, and we must jump on every drain we see too haha.

We have plenty of new words again this month too. She still refers to herself as 'you' although she knows her name is Indiana haha. She must have picked this up from us pointing her out in pictures saying it, so now we try our hardest to refer to her as Indiana. She can also say: feet, hands, toes, bum, Jack (much to his annoyance haha), penguin, coat, plane, spider, toys, oi (not so keen on that one either haha), there, that way, fix it, gone, finishes, tissue, phone, door, what's that?, wash, hair, bless you - after you sneeze, pardon you - after someone burps haha, toast and grape. She also calls Cbeebies 'beebies' which is rather cute!

Eating has really improved recently as she's eating lots more food than she was; particularly pasta, which she wouldn't even touch before! Sleep has taken a turn for the worse though. We think she's teething again which is making her wake up, and get up earlier than her newborn baby brother!

The final 'new' thing this month is that we've stopped bottles. We knew we wanted her off the by the time she was 2 so decided to take the plunge. We've been offering her milk in a sippy cup/straw cup but she's not interested. Luckily she has lots of dairy in her diet anyway to make up for it. We started off offering water instead in her bottles to wean her off of them, but she doesn't even touch it! We're not sure if it's affecting her sleep, but I suppose we'll find out haha.

We're so so proud of how well Indiana is doing; especially having to adjust to being a big sister, and now just our only priority. She's taking it all in her stride though; and when she turns to her Parker and says 'love you bubba' we know we have nothing to worry about!

What was your little one up to at 23 months? Any tips for getting her to drink milk in a cup?


  1. Anonymous26/10/15

    I can't believe our girls will be TWO next month! Bella also calls Daddy 'Josh' now which he isn't a fan of either! Hahaha and she calls Cbeebies 'beebies' its so cute! Our girls seem to be very similar :) I have also been thinking about stopping bottles but Bella does only have the one at bedtime and I worry it will effect her sleep. I offer her milk from a cup with her breakfast but like Indiana she's not fussed! xxx

  2. Can't believe she's going to be 2. You
    Know how sad I was about Amelia turning two so I totally feel you!! Amelia calls it beebies too and it is very cute. Amelia and Indiana each update just sound more and more alike. We have a good day followed by so many tantrums and strops it's unreal all down to being a strong minded little one. She's doing so well
    You should be such proud parents xx

  3. She's growing up so fast! I can't help you on the milk front, as Jaxson still has a bottle! We don't want to take it away because he pretty much survives on milk because his eating is so awful at the moment. Have you tried a soppy cup that has a rubber tear so it's similar to a bottle? Xx

  4. Aaw she is just gorgeous. How cute that she says pardon you when someone burps!! And that she loves Parker - must be lovely to watch their relationship grow xx


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