Parker's 2 Month Update


This update is slightly late due to being SO busy with our wedding, but Parker turned 2 months old on the 4th October! I last had him weighed at 6 weeks old and he was 10lb 7oz (although I'm sure he's much heavier now), and was 56cm long. He's in 0-3 month clothing now which fits nicely in the length but is still slightly baggy, depending on which shop they're from.

We had our final Health Visitor check this month and she was really pleased with his development and weight gain. We won't be seeing her again now which I'm happy about; they're so bloody nosy haha. We were also discharged from the hospital. Parker was born with a slight heart murmur that needed to have further check ups. But after waiting 2 hours at the hospital, for a 5 minute appointment (that was great fun!), it's healed by itself so he's perfectly healthy.

He is dealing much better with his wind now he's getting bigger. He's still having gripe water, but we also made the switch to the comfort version of Cow & Gate. We used this with Indiana and saw massive improvement, and it's seemed to have worked it's magic again! He's now taking between 4/5oz every 3/4 hours.

Colic isn't as much of a problem any more either. The only time he ever really gets very upset is if he's overtired or just wants a snuggle. However at the moment he has been needing extra snuggles due to a nasty cold, courtesy of his big sister. We took him to the doctors on Monday and our poorly boy is now on amoxicillin to try and clear it up.

Before getting ill we were really getting somewhere with tummy time/play time and sleep. He was really starting to enjoy laying on his playmat looking at his toys (bashing them was his new trick), and himself in the mirror. He was also sleeping for bigger chunks at night too which was amazing! He usually settles for the evening after his 7pm(ish) bottle. We then feed him at 10pm just before we get in bed - kind of a dream feed as we try not to change his nappy or disturb him too much - and he has been sleeping until 4/5am, and has even gone until 6.30am a couple of times. We're hoping he goes back to this when he's feeling better.

That's about it for this month. He's still absolutely loving watching his big sister, and gives the biggest, sweetest side smiles I've ever seen! He was such a good boy at our wedding and was happy to have snuggles from everybody there, and slept the best he ever has for Jack's parents... not that I'm jealous at all haha.


  1. Can't believe it's been 2 months! He is such a cutie, and great to hear the different milk has made life easier.

  2. Great news that his heart murmur has cleared up and his colic! He is such a cutie, gorgeous picture if him and Indiana too! Xx


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