Indiana's 22 Month Update


Sometimes I think about stopping these updates as not much changes now she's bigger. Then I think how much I'll love looking back of these when she's older, so I'm determined to carry on until she's 2! Indie turned 22 months today (26th September), and she's now around 26lb - not 100% accurate as she didn't want to stand on the scales at the health clinic haha. She's just starting to wear a few 18-24 month items of clothing, but she's still very petite (some 9-12 month clothes still fit!).

Eating wise she's still going through a fussy phase. She adores breakfast and will without fail eat everything she's given, sometimes having more. Her favourite at the moment is cheerios, always with a side of fruit - preferably a 'narna'. Lunch is hit and miss; she eats everything apart from the sandwich/wrap/roll which is a bit annoying. Dinner is the hardest meal.

We've had a lot end up on the floor recently, including things she used to love! We've had slight improvement these last few weeks (she's actually eaten peas and sweetcorn, and pasta willingly!), but it's still pretty frustrating, especially considering she used to eat absolutely anything.

Sleep has been SO much better since the nights/mornings have got darker. Now instead of waking at 5am for milk she's sleeping in until gone 6/7, and we've even had a couple of 8am lie-ins! She's still having a morning nap between 10 and 12 which is an absolute god-send; especially with having Parker. She definitely needs this nap still, so until she wants to drop it, it's staying.

She's been looking and acting even more grown up recently. She chats away to you constantly and is interested in everything. She's started noticing planes the past few weeks and now every time one flies over we have to watch it and say goodbye haha. She still loves to colour and paint, build towers, read books, role play with her stuffed toys and baby, and most importantly keep an eye on her baby brother!

Indie has picked up even more words this month, and it's getting pretty hard to keep up with how many she now knows. She asks for breakfast and uses the word for all meals haha, of course she knows the word snack too! New words this month include: Gemma, Laura, Joe, Rabbit, Zebra, "go away", "stop it", breakfast, colour, plate, and loads more! She refers to herself as 'you' and points to herself - we've tried to make a habit of pointing herself out in pictures and saying Indiana now instead haha. I love having conversations with her now, she's got such a cheeky personality and it really shines.

She's now been a big sister for 2 months, and she still absolutely loves it - she's not bored of him yet haha. She is still obsessed with Parker and constantly gives him kisses and cuddles. She's still loving nursery too and has just started Jo Jingles during her Friday mornings; it's In The Night Garden themed at the moment, so you can imagine she LOVES it!


  1. Definitely don't stop the updates honey, they are just lovely and you're right she will love them when she is older. I love it that she already says stop it! Xx

  2. Indi and Amelia are sooo similar!! Definitely keep the updates maybe space them out more like every 3 months or something after she turns 2. I think since Amelia's turned 2 she changes a lot so really lovely to write it all down! Amelia used to do a jo jingles and really liked it! Nearly 2 eeeek xx


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