Parker's 1 Month Update


It's so crazy to believe Parker's been a part of our family for over a month now. These newborn weeks really do fly by and don't last long at all! Parker turned a month old on the 4th September; he's changed a lot in just a few short weeks.

I had him weighed on the 8th at exactly 5 weeks (slightly late but I lost track of when the weighing clinic was haha), and he now weighs 9lb 7oz. He was 8lb 9oz born - dropped to 8lb 3oz at 2 days old - and was back up to his exact birth weight at 2 weeks so he's gaining well.

Now he's uncurcled you can see he's a long baby compared to Indiana, and he has the biggest fingers and feet I've ever seen haha. He's still fitting into first size although these are getting tight around his legs, so we need to move out of these already. Most of his clothes are currently up to 1 month or newborn.

I still can't get over the amount of dark hair Parker was born with, especially when Indie was such a baldy haha! It's rubbing off slightly at the back now but still going strong. It's lightening up though and it's definitely turning blonde/ginger. His eyes are turning blue just like everyone else in my family. He now coos and gurgles instead of always crying, and he gave us his first smiles at 4 weeks 6 days old! He adores bath time and will be instantly calm once he's in the water.

Parker was breastfed for the first few days and then I slowly switched to bottles (I expressed to begin with so he didn't go straight to formula). We were using Tommee Tippee bottles but quickly switched to Dr Browns. He has a lot of trouble with wind and really struggles to get it up. We were using Infacol which did help a bit, but now we're using Gripe Water which seems to be doing a better job. He takes between 2-4 ounces every 3/4 hours - I remember Indiana taking a lot more this early on, but clearly he's not as greedy as her haha.

We have been suffering the dreaded colic in the evenings, which I remember very well. Around 4-10 is when he's at his worst, which is probably when having two under two is the hardest. I really need to invest in a sling/carrier so I can wear him during these times - any recommendations very welcome! He's a very cuddly, clingy baby compared to Indiana and loves to be held; preferably with you stood up holding him close to your chest. At the moment he doesn't really enjoy being laid down on his playmat, and will usually cry after about 5/10 minutes.

Sleep-wise we're getting into some sort of routine. During the day he mostly cat-naps as Indiana doesn't really let him have a long sleep. He can then go to 'bed' anytime between 8-11 and then this is when he has his long period of sleep. He usually wakes up around 3ish and then 5ish which we're really happy with at the moment. He has slept through twice now (10-5) so fingers crossed he carries on! He sleeps happily in his moses basket and generally settles well after a night feed; thank you Ewan the Dreamsheep!

Parker has fitted into the family perfectly. Indiana is still very much besotted with him and actually asks for her 'bubba' before Jack and I now haha. I just wish they didn't grow up so fast!


  1. It goes so quickly doesn't it. Amalia is already 7 weeks and 13lb5!! I don't know how I'd cope without a carrier. I love Moby wrap around the house or ergo is good fur it and about.

  2. I love your littles ones names!

  3. Awwww what a gorgeous wee boy you have. Can't believe he is a month old already!

  4. Bless him he's doing so well! And so are you by the sounds of it. Gripe water and Dr brown worked wonders for us too! X

  5. ahhhh he's such a peach. love him xxx ahhhh i don't miss those early colic days. Infacol worked for arthur, gripe water for Teddy. Baby massage also helped xx

  6. My goodness, I could have written practically the same update for Lottie - they sound so similar! He is just gorgeous! The colic is dreadful isn't it?! Have you tried colief? We have just switched from infacol and she seems so much better xx

  7. Aww, gorgeous boy! It goes so quickly. Oh I remember the evening crying, that must be so hard with a toddler to look after too. Glad to hear you're getting some sleep though :-) xx #whatmykiddid

  8. Poor you (and him!) with the Colic! I really hope it starts to improve as the weeks go on! I know what you mean about babies not getting proper naps when they have older siblings, that happens here too!
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    Lauren | Belle du Brighton xx


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