An Interview with my Five Year Old | Indiana at 5 and 3/4!


This is my third year asking Indiana these questions (you can read her interview at age 3 and age 4 here), and you can just see how grown up and mature she is becoming now. Why do children have to grown up so faaaaaast?!

What’s the best thing about being 5?

I get to play with my friends!

What makes you laugh? 

Being doing funny things!

Who do you love, and why?

Amelie, mummy, daddy, Lilah, Belle and Parker! Because they play with me.

What’s your favourite book?

Books about Winnie the Witch!

What's your favourite food?


What's your favourite song?

Greatest Showman songs!

What's your favourite outfit?

Clothes and dressing up!

What's your favourite TV programme? 

Wallace and Gromit!

What's your favourite toy? 

I like colouring!

What's your favourite thing to do?

Go to school!

3 Ideas for the Ultimate Home Revamp

For most of us home is indeed where the heart is, as we often tend to use our homes as an extension of our personality. And then as we adapt and change we often find we make small changes to our home. In this post though, I'm going to be sharing some of the more significant changes you can make to your home, to give it the ultimate revamp. 

The Walls and Lights
One of the biggest changes we can make to our home, is to the walls and lights. Getting them exactly right for the feel of your home is so important! Firstly, paying attention to how important natural light is to your home is an essential step. Natural light interacts with your home, and can therefore make a room feel completely different. If you have large windows, you can afford to go slightly darker with the colours of your walls, as they will allow more light into the property. 

If you aren’t blessed with larger windows or a particularly large house, there is no reason to fret though. Having the wall on the opposite side of the window, a clean and bright color will help distribute the light more evenly. A great trick to give the illusion of more space is to put up a large mirror - having a large mirror on the opposing wall will reflect the light in the room, making it feel much bigger and brighter.

The Floors
One thing that will certainly give your home its edge is the flooring. You could have a perfectly decorated and accessorised home, but if the flooring is bad, it won't look it's best! There are a two options when it comes to flooring - revamp or replace. If revamping is your preference, this can give your home the ultimate edge. Companies like Brisbane Timber Floors can give you that one of a kind look you have been searching for.

If you want to replace completely, just remember that a carpet isn't always the only choice. Wood flooring in the home adds a certain sense of elegance and luxury. They are much easier to upkeep as well, as things can be wiped up easily or covered with a well placed rug. Perfect if you have young children!

One of the most under-appreciated things in revamping the home, is just how valuable the right accessories are. We are not just thinking of pictures and plants either, there are little things you should pay attention to as well, such as light switches, light fittings, plug sockets, and most importantly, any wood you have around the home.

If there is one thing that can age a property its the coloring of the wood in the home. Darker woods are nowadays very outdated and can age a home. So it might be time to update these, or add brighter accessories to complement these areas. When looking at light switches and fittings, getting this right is incredibly important too. Placing copper fittings around a thoroughly modern, bright, and edgy home wouldn't look right at all - it's all about finding the right style for you.

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A Summer's Day Out at Colchester Zoo


I've been meaning to write about our trip to Colchester Zoo for a while now, but as usual life got in the way, and my blog got left behind a bit over the summer. But better late than never, I thought I'd pop together a little post now, so I can look back on our visit in years to come and remember just how much fun we had!

We visited Colchester Zoo for my birthday back in mid-August, pre-booking our tickets online as we knew it was going to be potentially busy (it was, definitely pre-book!). After hearing only positive things about the zoo we were so excited to visit and explore. And my goodness it did not disappoint! We arrived before the 9.30am opening and left just before 6pm, so it really was a full day out with so much to do and see.

We decided to not really plan our day, and just followed the accessible zoo path on the map instead - there's a yellow line running through the park, which shows the easiest route for those with buggies and wheelchairs. We saw so many animals up close, including the penguins, sun bears, baboons and monkeys. We wandered through the butterfly glade before making our way over to the giraffe for the feeding time. I absolutely love that you can feed them (and the elephants) without an extra fee, just make sure you're there in good time before the feeding times as the queues got very long! We ended our day with a ride on the land train which is also included in admission and lots of fun.

As we didn't travel straight from home we didn't take a picnic with us, but honestly next time I will definitely pack one. We ate at The Southern Kitchen (think KFC kind of vibes) which was tasty, but not the cheapest or healthiest choice. We did come across a few other spots but because of the crowd levels tables were hard to find, and lots didn't do a children's meal option either. We also had ice creams from Naughty and Nice which were delicious and really generous portions!

One of the things we really enjoyed about Colchester Zoo, was just how lovely the enclosures and general areas were. Everything looked so new and well-kept, and all of the animals seemed happy and well looked after. They seem to be doing more work to improve the zoo at the moment too which is exciting for when we next visit. A warning though, it is incredibly hilly. We were not prepared for how steep some of the hills were or how big of an area the zoo covers. Wear comfy shoes and don't overpack the buggy if you bring one!

3 Ideas for a Fun Family Weekend

As a family of 5, it can be incredibly hard to arrange things that please everyone in the family. Of course I'd love to spend the weekend shopping or snuggled in bed with a good book, but the littles would much rather go to the zoo or run around crazily at soft play (Dinotropolis at Bluewater Shopping Centre is currently top of their list!) But like most families the weekend is an important time of us, because it’s often the only opportunity that we all get to spend together. So, if you’re looking for ideas that will appeal to you and your little ones, then here are a few suggestions for a fun weekend with your little (or not-so-little if they’re becoming teenagers) ones!

Plan a Family Night
This should definitely be a weekly experience. You and your children are busy throughout the week with school and work, so it’s understandable that you might struggle to spend time together. That’s why you should set aside one night per week for family fun and activities. If you can stretch that to an entire day, then that would be perfect, but of course that's not really possible once your children get older. In any case, setting aside one night for the family on a weekly basis should be a manageable thing to do.

Maybe you could set up a home cinema - grab all of the duvets and pillows, stock up on popcorn and other goodies, and get snuggly. You should also allow a different family member to choose the movie you’re going to watch every week to keep it fair (but make sure you have a good shortlist, so you're not stuck watching a Peppa Pig film one week!). If you are feeling brave, you could even pick a new release at the cinema and make a proper day of it.

Go into Town
Heading into your local town or city is another idea for a fun weekend with your children. It’s a good opportunity to get out of the house and experience things, plus if you’re struggling to choose one activity that will please everyone, then this would give you and your family the chance to do several things in one day.

You could let the children play a round of bowling whilst you do a little shopping, and then all come back together to grab some food. You might even want to look into photo booth hire. That way, you could capture the day you’ve had together with a nice family photograph (or multiple family photographs).

Depending on the size of your town, you could visit a museum, head to a local park, pick new books at the library, or even just do a bit of sight-seeing. Whatever you do, just make sure you're finding activities that each member of the family would enjoy.

Play a Game
Another idea for a fun weekend with your children is to play a game. They are a great way for you to spend time together, relax, and enjoy each other’s company, while not breaking the bank at the same time. Of course you can do more than simply play a board game! Perhaps you could get outside and play some sports together, whether that's a quick game of football, or grabbing the whole extended family for a big game of rounders. If your little ones are older you could even all play a video game together - a WII or Switch are perfect family games consoles.

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Top Tips for a Good Nights Sleep


As a parent, sleep is something that is constantly discussed. Did you get enough of it? How often were you / the baby awake last night? I could go on! Actually though, there are a number of health problems that can affect anyone's sleep quality; having a bad back, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome to name just a few. But with the right bed and the right bedding, it can be possible to get around some of these health problems, to hopefully lead to a good nights sleep. In this post I'm going to share just a few of these ways, to build the best bed for your health needs.

Headboards and Footboards
For some people headboards and footboards can offer support, whilst for others some this can be an obstacle. When it comes to beds with headboards, these may be better suited for people with back or neck issues, as they allow greater comfort when sat up. Footboards meanwhile can prevent foot drop and are useful for those who are taller. Make sure to pick the right frame for you and your needs, consider opting for a strong metal bed frame or a sturdy divan base.

Your mattress is incredibly important to getting the best nights sleep possible. Everyone has their own preference, so it's best to go in to a store and try out lots of different types before making a decision. Harder mattresses tend to be better for people experiencing back pain, as they offer more support to the spine. Softer mattresses meanwhile can be useful for side sleepers with issues such as hip pain. There are also hybrid mattresses that include a hard spring support with a layer of soft memory foam on top, so this could be the best of both worlds.

Pillows can also be an important factor to consider when it comes to sleep. There are pillows specifically designed to help neck pain or to help with sleep apnea; these can be bought online from orthopaedic bedding stores, or why not try and pop into a store and try them out. There are also ways of arranging pillows to help with certain pains, such as putting a pillow under the legs or behind the back when lying on your side. Make sure you replace these often too, as they can deteriorate over time.

Bed Sheets
Bedding can be an absolute minefield, as there are just so many different options to choose from. But if you’ve got a skin condition such as eczema or sensitive skin in general, it can be important to buy natural materials such as cotton sheets. Synthetic fibres can often contain chemicals that can make skin conditions flare up, so it might be best to avoid polycotton. Although cheaper, the sheets definitely aren't as comfortable or soft! Why not even consider bamboo linen, as this can be great for offering breathability too.

Control the Temperature
Being too hot or too cold could be another reason why you're not having the best nights sleep. Whilst you can use different types of bedding to react to changing temperatures, another option could be to consider using HVAC to control the temperature in your room. With a smart HVAC system fitted, you can use your phone to change the temperature, which could allow you to control the temperature from your bed. This could be great for keeping the temperature just right at night!

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The Siblings Project | September 2019


 September has been a month of change in the Peacock household. After the long summer holidays Indiana went back to school, skipping into year one to see all of her friends and new teacher. Parker started his very own school journey, and has actually just completed his first full week! He's absolutely loving it (so far), although we're definitely suffering with the after school crankiness and he's ridiculously tired already. Help!

And even though Lilah hasn't got any big milestones just yet, it's the first time it's going to be just me and her for most of the week. I'm already loving having quality time with her, and have promised to go to at least one group with her a week. An idea that probably sounds simple, but actually seems a little scary for me, and I've never really done any with them before!

With the three of them being apart most of the day now. it is so lovely to see them all together in the evenings. Lilah already understands that we have to go and get the big two in the afternoons, and will shout 'Parker! Nana!' until we go out the door - it's unbelievably cute. Although saying that, the bickering and squabbling hasn't really stopped at all. So they can't miss each other that much!

5 Household Chores Best Left to the Professionals


Most of us have some sort of cleaning schedule, and those of us with children / and or jobs will find that your home can quickly get out of control if we don’t keep on top of things. You might clean your bathroom every Friday or mop the floors on a Saturday morning, whilst constantly trying to find the bottom of the laundry basket too.

But whether you’ve got your cleaning plan written down and even divided up between family members, or it’s all in your head, there are still some jobs that need that little bit more attention. The ones that are a little more complex, and you find yourself thinking “I wouldn’t know where to start” with. Honestly though, some of these jobs are best left to professionals! So in this post I'm going to be sharing 5 of these household chores, in the hope that it will help you realise you simply cannot do it all.

Rug Cleaning
A small cheap rug could probably be popped in the washing machine. But anything wool might shrink, and an large area rug almost certainly won’t fit. The best thing to do for these is to use a professional rug cleaning service. They may even come and collect your rug and return it clean, meaning one less thing to worry about! They’ll use appropriate detergents, remove stains and bacteria and dry your rug carefully. If you spent a lot of money on your rug, it’s undoubtedly worth cleaning it right - especially if you have children who sit on it often.

Cleaning Your Gutters
Most of us don’t think about our gutters at all, especially if they've never given you problems in the past. But over time they can become filled with leaves and other debris, causing them to become blocked. If this happens and then it rains, the water can start to run down the side of your house, leading to damaged brickwork and more serious problems. Getting someone out to clean your gutters every few months will help keep on top of them. 

Window Cleaning
You might be able to clean the inside of your windows yourself, but who realistically has the time (or the effort) to give the outside a good clean? Not me that's for sure! You can usually hire a window cleaner to come one a month / few months to keep on top of them. Just make sure you remember what day they are coming, so you don't get a big surprise outside your window!

Chimney Cleaning
Not all homes today have chimneys, which means that fewer of us know how to clean them. We actually have 4 working fireplaces in our small house, so it's something we have to think about often (although we've never actually lit any of them). It's best to hire help to keep you safe and your home soot free - especially as they will have the proper tools for a good clean too.

Mould Removal
Mould grows in warm damp areas, and can be made a lot worse in the winter when we dry washing inside. It’s perfectly normal to find some growing in your bathroom, or around windows, but that doesn't mean you should leave it. You can buy detergent to get rid of it, but you’ll probably find that it keeps coming back. So it might be best to a professional to treat it, to make sure it's gone for good!

Are there anymore you would add?

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5 Reasons to Install Solar Panels to our Home


Solar panels are a form of renewable energy that have been used for decades now, to power our homes and small lights in our gardens. And solar energy is one of the most useful natural resources that we have! In this post I'm going to look deeper into the world of Solar Panels, and outline the perks and the reasons why you should consider getting some for your home today. 

Reduces Electricity Bills
If you are sick of paying through the nose for your electricity bills every year, and your premiums have just risen again; maybe it is time to consider getting some solar panels fitted to your house instead. Although most of the time solar panels won’t be able to power everything in the home, they can do a lot of supplement your electricity, in turn helping to lower your bills.

Solar panels can be used for a number of things, so you can actually utilise them in many parts of the home. They can be used to power a house, to power things such as payphones and bus stops, and even for security cameras and lights outside your home or in the office.

Low Maintenance Costs
There is nothing worse than a faulty fuse or a boiler on the brink. These things can both cost a lot to repair, and the strain we put on them in the home can mean they only have a short life. However solar panels can be used for a number of things and they don’t need to be maintained much at all. Apart from cleaning the sensors now and again it should be easy going and this will allow you to focus your efforts on other things.

Did you know that you could be paid to have solar panels on your house? Because you are producing energy, the government will often pay you a small fee to help you maintain the solar panels so that the energy can be used elsewhere too. It is a mutual agreement and the more people who have solar panels, the more things will be powered.

Be Green
The most obvious reason for us to make a change from regular energy to solar, is the impact it will have on the environment. It is always important for us to consider our environment and we should take the chance to be green and save energy wherever we can. If we all do our own little bit, it can really make a big difference!

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4 Fun Holiday Ideas for the Whole Family!


Family holidays are a fantastic way to take a break, refresh, and spend some quality time with your children - especially when they're at school age. But finding a holiday that everyone will enjoy can be a complicated job. Whilst your perfect break might be a leisurely wine tour somewhere in the South of France, it’s probably not going to keep an eight-year-old entertained for a whole week. Plus, if you’re going to be spending a fair bit of money, filling suitcases with holiday gear, and getting everyone onto an airplane, you want the destination to be well-and-truly worth the effort!

So if you need a few ideas to get the ball rolling hopefully this blog post will help. I'm going to be sharing 4 fun family holiday ideas that everyone will love and remember forever.

Activities and Adventures
When we think ‘holiday’, we imagine a week away from work and chores, probably not doing very much at all! But we all know that children love an activity they can get stuck into and keep them busy. Luckily, there are plenty of holiday options which combine R&R with a healthy portion of action and adventure on the side.

Water sports can include anything from surfing, body-boarding, water-skiing, white-water rafting, scuba diving or canoeing. Basically, if there’s a body of water involved, you’re good to go! And when the children (hopefully) get tired, that’s when you can get some sunbathing in too.

Mark Warner provide some brilliant water-sports family holiday packages in several beautiful locations including Turkey, Greece and Corsica. They also have a special childcare option built in to help children learn, have fun and most importantly stay safe, whilst enjoying an action-packed break. They allow you to enjoy activities you want to do, while not having to worry about your children being bored or left in a regular kid's club.

If rock-climbing, cycling or hiking is more your thing, check out Activities Abroad for some land-based packages with a similar focus on family fun and safety. They also offer a number of cheaper options in the UK too, so you could forget the airport hassle altogether, and have a UK staycation instead.

And if you like the idea of snow-capped mountain peaks and hot chocolates by the fire, then why not consider a winter skiing holiday? Neilson ski holidays are all about making the most of the snow, with ski and snowboard lessons, a kids club for under-12s, Snowman Club for toddlers, and a range of hotels and chalets for accommodation options. Perfect!

Great British Camping 
There’s nothing like sleeping out under the stars, getting some fresh air and recreating your own childhood camping experiences. So if you’re planning on a budget or aren’t keen on air travel, camping can be a brilliant option for summer holidays in the UK.

Alton, The Star is a highly rated, family-friendly campsite right on the doorstep of the Peak District National Park (and Alton Towers)! It also boasts Carsington Water and Visitor Centre, which offers a wide range of activities for all the family on and off the water, including miles of footpaths and bridleways to explore, a children’s play area and fishing.

If you fancy taking things to the next level and giving glamping a go, Drayton Manor Park should be top of your list. There’s not a soggy ground mat in sight at Drayton’s pre-pitched tents, as these luxury canvases are fully kitted out with everything you could want. And nearby, you’ve got the Snow Dome, the National Forest, and Drayton Manor Theme Park.

If your children are mad about animals, you could even look into a Farm Stay camping holiday. With loads of locations to choose from, farm stay holidays offer a range of activities and accommodation options, including petting and feeding animals, swimming pools, cycling, walking and indoor games, all within the UK.

And if you’d like the luxury of taking the family on holiday whenever you like, it could be worth investing in a caravan of your own, from somewhere like Lyons Holiday Parks Caravans For Sale. That way, whenever and wherever you want to go, you’re fully equipped and prepared!

City Breaks
When you think family holiday, taking a city break may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But some cities in Europe are a lot more child-friendly than others, and can be a great way to absorb another culture and have fun.

Rome has plenty to offer for curious little ones, including the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, with it's hundreds of machines and models designed by the Renaissance genius. You can also climb the cupola of St Peter’s Basilica in The Vatican, and at just over 136 metres, the 551 steps become increasingly adventurous as you near the top. In terms of tasty treats there's plenty of options that are child friendly, with the best pizza in Rome and ice cream a plenty!

Paris is similarly full of things for children to do, from exploring the Magic Museum and it’s 100 bizarre mechanical figurines, to enjoying the giant whale skeletons at the Museum of Natural History’s Gallery. If that’s not enough, you could always take a couple of days to visit the nearby Disneyland Paris too!

Not every cruise holiday is going to suit children, but some packages really have it covered with water parks, swimming pools, cinemas, kids clubs, games rooms and everything else a little one could ever want.

Norwegian Getaway packages have something to offer literally everyone, from musicals to waterslides, cruising between a series of glamourous locations including Miami, Mexico and the Caribbean. With 14 decks and 26 different dining options, as well as kids clubs, bowling, rock-climbing mini-golf and more, it would be virtually impossible for anyone to get bored!

For a trip a little closer to home, check out the Regal Princess, which boasts an eleven night round trip from Copenhagen to Scandinavia or Russia, visiting cities in six additional countries: Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Oslo, Helsinki, Berlin, and Tallinn. The whole family can enjoy movies under the stars on the giant poolside screen, and The Voice of the Ocean singing competition and Discovery at Sea activities. The perfect mix of culture, fun and relaxation!

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6 Details to NOT Forget when Planning your Wedding


Planning your big day is fun and exciting, but there is an awful lot to remember! With so much to consider, it’s not surprising many couples forget things when they’re organising their wedding. If you’re worried you’ve forgotten something or you want to make sure you’ve got everything covered, then hopefully this post will help, as I'm going to share 6 things that you simply cannot forget when planning your wedding.

Provide extra seating
People don’t like to be crammed into a small space, so provide extra seating when you can. This is particularly important at the ceremony, when people may want to sit next to other guests they know. Wedding professionals often recommend having around 20 extra seats to ensure your guests are comfortable. 

Assign someone to manage the day
Suppliers won’t naturally know where to go or when to act, so you’ll need someone to be in charge on the day. As the Bride and Groom the day should be about relaxing and enjoying the wedding, so make sure you appoint someone else to do this for you. If you don’t have a designated wedding planner or master of service, make sure to ask a family member or friend to step in. This will help with sitting guests at the ceremony, or announcing timings for things such as photographs or food.

Set up a wedding website
A wedding-specific email address and wedding website can make the organisation of your big day straightforward and efficient. When you’re contacting suppliers, you can ensure all replies are collated into one inbox, rather than mixing it with your personal or work mail. Similarly, a wedding website makes it easy for people to RSVP and check venue details before the big day. This saves you answering endless queries from your guests and ensures you receive your RSVPs as quickly as possible!

Plan the honeymoon
When you’re caught up planning the wedding day itself, it can be easier to forget about the honeymoon! However, you’re going to need a holiday to relax after all your planning and prep so take advantage of honeymoon packages before it’s too late. With the best locations and resorts already in high demand, planning in advance will ensure you get your pick of hotels and benefit from the best prices.

Arrange transportation
If you’re holding your ceremony in one location and your reception in another, you’ll need to factor in transportation. While guests may have vehicles with them, the wedding party won’t so make sure you have cars arranged in advance.  Even if your ceremony and reception are being held in the same location, you may require transport from your hotel to the venue. Groomsmen and bridesmaid might arrive after the other guests but before the Bride and Groom, so make sure everyone can get to where they need to be on time. Just make sure the transport you have arranged can fit everyone in!

Plan for bad weather
You can never guarantee sunshine, so it is always a good idea to have a contingency plan in place for bad weather. If you’re getting married outdoors for example, check the venue has a suitable room available in case it rains. Similarly, scope out some suitable indoor locations for photographs so you’ll have alternative options if the weather lets you down.

When is your big day planned for? Good luck!
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4 Ways to Simplify your Home

The world can be a pretty complicated place. Or at least that’s what it feels like sometimes! Therefore it’s important that we find ways to gain some control from time to time. We can only do that, however, in the places that are ours - those spaces where we have full say over what happens, such as our homes. If we can find ways to simplify our homes, then we’ll have a buffer against the madness that the outside world can throw our way. But of course, wanting a relaxing, stress-free place and having one are two different things. So in this post I'm going to share some tried and tested tips that will hopefully help push you in the right direction.

Themed Rooms
The first way to simplify your home is to think compartmentally (which is to say that you should divide the house into sections). While it would be nice to have a property where everything flows nicely into one another, this generally isn’t possible; there are too many variables in the mix. Things become much simpler if one reason is for relaxing, one is for hanging coats, others are for bedrooms, eating, and so on. It’ll allow you to be just fine with a little mess in those rooms where it’s normal.

Decluttered Spaces
You can’t have a clear mind if your brain is cluttered, and the same goes for your property. If you have too many material goods taking up space, then it’s not going to be a very simple or straightforward home. If it feels like things are too crowded, then why not look at decluttering your home first. Look into skip hire, then go through your home and collect anything that hasn’t been used in six months, or things you no longer need. Once all those unused items have been thrown away or donated, you’ll have a more clear and easier to manage property.

Modern Tech
A home that’s without computers, the internet, televisions and so on would indeed be simple, but are you happy to live that way? If not, it’s best to upgrade so you have the latest and best. Your home will only be more stressful if you’re handling outdated tech, or if there are too many wires cluttering up your rooms. You can even consider designating one room as “tech-free,” so it can be used for calming and peaceful activities, such as reading or crafts.

Relaxing Green Spaces
Don't forget that your home doesn't end inside your 4 walls. Make sure to look at transforming your garden and green spaces into a calming space too. Some furniture, a bird feeder, and a water feature will all help to put you into that zen state of mind. There’s nothing like the simple pleasures of enjoying the outdoors on a lovely summer's day with the family by your side!

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How to Jazz Up your Garden by Adding a Pond


If you have just bought a pond or an aquarium for your home, then you will need to purchase some supplies to ensure that all your fish have a happy home and stay healthy. It is of the utmost importance that you find a quality company which provides aquarium supplies, so that you are assured that you are benefitting from top quality products! After all, you would not be happy if you had to live in a dirty home all of the time or eat food that you did not like because it was of a low standard.

The first thing you should do is make sure that the company is easily contactable. This is especially important as you are likely to want to seek advice before or after you have brought products. A good company will be backed up by those who are experienced in the industry and they should be able to reply to your questions and queries quickly in order to give you a helping hand. A good example of this is, for information on quality products like pond liners.

In addition to this, the supplier you purchase from should also boast an extensive range of products. After all, all fish, aquariums, and ponds are different, so they will have a diverse set of requirements and needs. If you aquarium is large then you may require more substantial methods of filtering and air pumping in comparison to a smaller version. If you were to purchase from a supplier who only had one type of type air pump, then how would you know that this was suited to you specifically?

It it is also very much recommended that make sure the supplier has been credited or certified by any bodies or professionals. OATA is the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association, and it is a very good sign if the business you are buying from is a member of this. This shows that the company takes pride in what they do, that they are ingrained within the aquatic industry and that they are always striving to do better.

A final little tip, is to sign up to relevant newsletters, to receive helpful information and advice, and sometimes discount codes and special offer too. You will find that a lot of the top garden and pond suppliers will email their customers newsletters if they sign up, so it's worth looking into.

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