3 Ideas for a Fun Family Weekend


As a family of 5, it can be incredibly hard to arrange things that please everyone in the family. Of course I'd love to spend the weekend shopping or snuggled in bed with a good book, but the littles would much rather go to the zoo or run around crazily at soft play (Dinotropolis at Bluewater Shopping Centre is currently top of their list!) But like most families the weekend is an important time of us, because it’s often the only opportunity that we all get to spend together. So, if you’re looking for ideas that will appeal to you and your little ones, then here are a few suggestions for a fun weekend with your little (or not-so-little if they’re becoming teenagers) ones!

Plan a Family Night
This should definitely be a weekly experience. You and your children are busy throughout the week with school and work, so it’s understandable that you might struggle to spend time together. That’s why you should set aside one night per week for family fun and activities. If you can stretch that to an entire day, then that would be perfect, but of course that's not really possible once your children get older. In any case, setting aside one night for the family on a weekly basis should be a manageable thing to do.

Maybe you could set up a home cinema - grab all of the duvets and pillows, stock up on popcorn and other goodies, and get snuggly. You should also allow a different family member to choose the movie you’re going to watch every week to keep it fair (but make sure you have a good shortlist, so you're not stuck watching a Peppa Pig film one week!). If you are feeling brave, you could even pick a new release at the cinema and make a proper day of it.

Go into Town
Heading into your local town or city is another idea for a fun weekend with your children. It’s a good opportunity to get out of the house and experience things, plus if you’re struggling to choose one activity that will please everyone, then this would give you and your family the chance to do several things in one day.

You could let the children play a round of bowling whilst you do a little shopping, and then all come back together to grab some food. You might even want to look into photo booth hire. That way, you could capture the day you’ve had together with a nice family photograph (or multiple family photographs).

Depending on the size of your town, you could visit a museum, head to a local park, pick new books at the library, or even just do a bit of sight-seeing. Whatever you do, just make sure you're finding activities that each member of the family would enjoy.

Play a Game
Another idea for a fun weekend with your children is to play a game. They are a great way for you to spend time together, relax, and enjoy each other’s company, while not breaking the bank at the same time. Of course you can do more than simply play a board game! Perhaps you could get outside and play some sports together, whether that's a quick game of football, or grabbing the whole extended family for a big game of rounders. If your little ones are older you could even all play a video game together - a WII or Switch are perfect family games consoles.

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