5 Household Chores Best Left to the Professionals


Most of us have some sort of cleaning schedule, and those of us with children / and or jobs will find that your home can quickly get out of control if we don’t keep on top of things. You might clean your bathroom every Friday or mop the floors on a Saturday morning, whilst constantly trying to find the bottom of the laundry basket too.

But whether you’ve got your cleaning plan written down and even divided up between family members, or it’s all in your head, there are still some jobs that need that little bit more attention. The ones that are a little more complex, and you find yourself thinking “I wouldn’t know where to start” with. Honestly though, some of these jobs are best left to professionals! So in this post I'm going to be sharing 5 of these household chores, in the hope that it will help you realise you simply cannot do it all.

Rug Cleaning
A small cheap rug could probably be popped in the washing machine. But anything wool might shrink, and an large area rug almost certainly won’t fit. The best thing to do for these is to use a professional rug cleaning service. They may even come and collect your rug and return it clean, meaning one less thing to worry about! They’ll use appropriate detergents, remove stains and bacteria and dry your rug carefully. If you spent a lot of money on your rug, it’s undoubtedly worth cleaning it right - especially if you have children who sit on it often.

Cleaning Your Gutters
Most of us don’t think about our gutters at all, especially if they've never given you problems in the past. But over time they can become filled with leaves and other debris, causing them to become blocked. If this happens and then it rains, the water can start to run down the side of your house, leading to damaged brickwork and more serious problems. Getting someone out to clean your gutters every few months will help keep on top of them. 

Window Cleaning
You might be able to clean the inside of your windows yourself, but who realistically has the time (or the effort) to give the outside a good clean? Not me that's for sure! You can usually hire a window cleaner to come one a month / few months to keep on top of them. Just make sure you remember what day they are coming, so you don't get a big surprise outside your window!

Chimney Cleaning
Not all homes today have chimneys, which means that fewer of us know how to clean them. We actually have 4 working fireplaces in our small house, so it's something we have to think about often (although we've never actually lit any of them). It's best to hire help to keep you safe and your home soot free - especially as they will have the proper tools for a good clean too.

Mould Removal
Mould grows in warm damp areas, and can be made a lot worse in the winter when we dry washing inside. It’s perfectly normal to find some growing in your bathroom, or around windows, but that doesn't mean you should leave it. You can buy detergent to get rid of it, but you’ll probably find that it keeps coming back. So it might be best to a professional to treat it, to make sure it's gone for good!

Are there anymore you would add?

This is a collaborative post.

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