The Siblings Project | September 2019


 September has been a month of change in the Peacock household. After the long summer holidays Indiana went back to school, skipping into year one to see all of her friends and new teacher. Parker started his very own school journey, and has actually just completed his first full week! He's absolutely loving it (so far), although we're definitely suffering with the after school crankiness and he's ridiculously tired already. Help!

And even though Lilah hasn't got any big milestones just yet, it's the first time it's going to be just me and her for most of the week. I'm already loving having quality time with her, and have promised to go to at least one group with her a week. An idea that probably sounds simple, but actually seems a little scary for me, and I've never really done any with them before!

With the three of them being apart most of the day now. it is so lovely to see them all together in the evenings. Lilah already understands that we have to go and get the big two in the afternoons, and will shout 'Parker! Nana!' until we go out the door - it's unbelievably cute. Although saying that, the bickering and squabbling hasn't really stopped at all. So they can't miss each other that much!

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