4 Ways to Simplify your Home


The world can be a pretty complicated place. Or at least that’s what it feels like sometimes! Therefore it’s important that we find ways to gain some control from time to time. We can only do that, however, in the places that are ours - those spaces where we have full say over what happens, such as our homes. If we can find ways to simplify our homes, then we’ll have a buffer against the madness that the outside world can throw our way. But of course, wanting a relaxing, stress-free place and having one are two different things. So in this post I'm going to share some tried and tested tips that will hopefully help push you in the right direction.

Themed Rooms
The first way to simplify your home is to think compartmentally (which is to say that you should divide the house into sections). While it would be nice to have a property where everything flows nicely into one another, this generally isn’t possible; there are too many variables in the mix. Things become much simpler if one reason is for relaxing, one is for hanging coats, others are for bedrooms, eating, and so on. It’ll allow you to be just fine with a little mess in those rooms where it’s normal.

Decluttered Spaces
You can’t have a clear mind if your brain is cluttered, and the same goes for your property. If you have too many material goods taking up space, then it’s not going to be a very simple or straightforward home. If it feels like things are too crowded, then why not look at decluttering your home first. Look into skip hire, then go through your home and collect anything that hasn’t been used in six months, or things you no longer need. Once all those unused items have been thrown away or donated, you’ll have a more clear and easier to manage property.

Modern Tech
A home that’s without computers, the internet, televisions and so on would indeed be simple, but are you happy to live that way? If not, it’s best to upgrade so you have the latest and best. Your home will only be more stressful if you’re handling outdated tech, or if there are too many wires cluttering up your rooms. You can even consider designating one room as “tech-free,” so it can be used for calming and peaceful activities, such as reading or crafts.

Relaxing Green Spaces
Don't forget that your home doesn't end inside your 4 walls. Make sure to look at transforming your garden and green spaces into a calming space too. Some furniture, a bird feeder, and a water feature will all help to put you into that zen state of mind. There’s nothing like the simple pleasures of enjoying the outdoors on a lovely summer's day with the family by your side!

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