Top Tips for a Good Nights Sleep


As a parent, sleep is something that is constantly discussed. Did you get enough of it? How often were you / the baby awake last night? I could go on! Actually though, there are a number of health problems that can affect anyone's sleep quality; having a bad back, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome to name just a few. But with the right bed and the right bedding, it can be possible to get around some of these health problems, to hopefully lead to a good nights sleep. In this post I'm going to share just a few of these ways, to build the best bed for your health needs.

Headboards and Footboards
For some people headboards and footboards can offer support, whilst for others some this can be an obstacle. When it comes to beds with headboards, these may be better suited for people with back or neck issues, as they allow greater comfort when sat up. Footboards meanwhile can prevent foot drop and are useful for those who are taller. Make sure to pick the right frame for you and your needs, consider opting for a strong metal bed frame or a sturdy divan base.

Your mattress is incredibly important to getting the best nights sleep possible. Everyone has their own preference, so it's best to go in to a store and try out lots of different types before making a decision. Harder mattresses tend to be better for people experiencing back pain, as they offer more support to the spine. Softer mattresses meanwhile can be useful for side sleepers with issues such as hip pain. There are also hybrid mattresses that include a hard spring support with a layer of soft memory foam on top, so this could be the best of both worlds.

Pillows can also be an important factor to consider when it comes to sleep. There are pillows specifically designed to help neck pain or to help with sleep apnea; these can be bought online from orthopaedic bedding stores, or why not try and pop into a store and try them out. There are also ways of arranging pillows to help with certain pains, such as putting a pillow under the legs or behind the back when lying on your side. Make sure you replace these often too, as they can deteriorate over time.

Bed Sheets
Bedding can be an absolute minefield, as there are just so many different options to choose from. But if you’ve got a skin condition such as eczema or sensitive skin in general, it can be important to buy natural materials such as cotton sheets. Synthetic fibres can often contain chemicals that can make skin conditions flare up, so it might be best to avoid polycotton. Although cheaper, the sheets definitely aren't as comfortable or soft! Why not even consider bamboo linen, as this can be great for offering breathability too.

Control the Temperature
Being too hot or too cold could be another reason why you're not having the best nights sleep. Whilst you can use different types of bedding to react to changing temperatures, another option could be to consider using HVAC to control the temperature in your room. With a smart HVAC system fitted, you can use your phone to change the temperature, which could allow you to control the temperature from your bed. This could be great for keeping the temperature just right at night!

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