Parker's DIY Cake Smash!


With Parker turning ONE on Thursday, I thought it was time to share his cake smash photos with you. We did it at home, just like with Indiana's and it was so much fun! I couldn't pick just a few, so this is going to be a very picture heavy post.

I found his crown and badge on Instagram and instantly knew I needed them. They're from Teddy Bobbins and were so reasonably priced, as well as being fab quality. The cake topper is from another Instagram seller called Confetti Day and completed the cake perfectly. We did cheat this time and bought the cake from Asda, but it did the job and Parker found it pretty tasty. We also used our Messy Me Splashmat to protect the floor - vital for a cake smash!

It was Parker's very first taste of a proper cake, and despite never trying it before he dived straight it. I love the little facial expressions and cheeky looks we captured - I think he thought he was being naughty eating the cake, and kept looking for reassurance that it was okay.

I love so many of these pictures, and I'm so glad we decided to do a cake smash again. I know they're not for everyone, but we think they're so much fun! You don't have to go to a studio, and it doesn't have to be pricey (the cake was £3 and I spent about £10 on the crown and badge). So if you've got a special birthday coming up, give it a go!

Me & Mine | July 2016


I wish I was more prepared with this month's pictures, but these were very last minute (where it was actually Jack the reminded me that we needed to take some haha). You can totally tell Indiana wasn't feeling them (check out that moody face!), but I'm still glad we captured them.

July has been a busy busy month, and I'm so glad that we finally got some sun this summer. Parker turned 11 months and with that started walking. He's not stopped since, and it's created a whole new dynamic in the house. Indiana loves holding his hands to walk along with him, and I think it'll mean more fun for the two of them.

We've been absolutely loving the sun, and have tried to get out and about in at as much as possible. Whether it be a little trip to the park, or just playing in the garden (other people's that is, I REALLY wish we had our own!).

We've got an even busier August planned, with Parker's birthday on Thursday and mine on the 17th. We're off to Southampton tonight for a little visit to Peppa Pig World, and I'm sure we'll squeeze in many more days out during the month too. I just hope the sun stays around just a little bit longer for them!

I can't believe we've been a family of four for a year. I love these three more than words can describe, and I honestly couldn't be happier!

The Me and Mine Project

Playdates, Baking & Dinosaur Prints | #LittleLoves


Happy Fri-yay! I am so glad it's the end of the week. Not because it's been long or bad, but because it marks the start of Jack's week off, and Parker's birthday week! We've been busy with trips to the park, meeting blogger friends and movie days this week. Here's my #littleloves;


I've actually managed to read lots of blogs this week, which I've really missed. I absolutely loved this post from Lucy at Mrs H's Favourite Things. There's nothing quite like seeing your children meet for the first time, and I can only imagine how special this was for Lucy and her husband!


I met up with the lovely Harriet who blogs at Life with Mrs Lee, and her daughter Bella on Wednesday for a soft play date! It was lovely to watch Bella and Indiana play together (they're only a few weeks apart in age), and Indie has been asking to go again ever since!

It was also amazing to watch Parker's confidence at soft play. He was climbing and getting to places I didn't think he could - and scaring the life out of me as he did so!


Parker is coming out with loads of new words recently, although the cutest is that he can say Indiana. Well, it's not quite Indiana, he calls her 'na na', but it is close enough!

Indiana is absolutely loving imaginary play recently too. She's really into the Lego mini figures at the moment, and plays with them constantly. Yesterday she had them in her Happyland house playing, and she was even doing little voices for each character - adorable!


These bad boys!

I got the recipe online, and Indie was a very good little helper. Of course the best bit was licking the bowl - the only reason I think Indie agreed to help.


I had a little spree in Next recently and got Parker some gorgeous bits. I adore these dinosaur dungarees, and they go so well with the print on our Cosatto! 

And Lastly...
I am SO excited for the coming week! We're off on a little trip on Sunday, and visiting Peppa Pig World on Monday as a little birthday treat for Parker. He turns one on Thursday and although we're prepared with presents and decorations, I definitely don't think I'm emotionally prepared! 

Have a lovely week!

Mummy & Me | July


What a lovely month I've had with these two little monkeys! The older Parker gets the more affectionate and loving he becomes. He is such a mummy's boy, and will come over to me throughout the day to get his mummy cuddle fix, before walking off to play again.

He was pretty poorly with his teeth at the beginning of the month, and spent two days just snuggled up on me. As sad as it was I did love the cuddles, and it's such a lovely feeling knowing how much comfort he gets just from being close to me. He's also learnt to give kisses this month, so I get plenty of those daily too!

Indiana on the other hand is my little daddy's girl. We do have plenty of cuddles and giggles, and lots of fun, but she definitely prefers Jack to me. She does tell me I'm the best mummy ever though, and she tells me I'm beautiful, so I can't complain too much I suppose!

I took these pictures of the three of us on an impromptu trip to the park! I love how much my two love a selfie, which makes getting pictures of the three of us a little easier. How much is Parker starting to look like his daddy too?!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

My Wild Ones #22 | Climbing up the Hill

Parker is one determined little boy! He took his first steps (and they were steps, he took about 4/5 on his first attempt) at 11 months. Since then he doesn't want to do anything else. He's already learnt how to push himself up to standing, so he really is fully mobile now! So wherever we are, he wants to walk - even if it's up a huge hill...

No matter how many times he fell, he got straight back up again. He was walking up that hill even if it took him all day haha - and this clever boy actually did make it pretty far! I love his concentration face and little wobbly steps.


Wicked Wednesday {27/7/2016}


"Oh look, they're sitting nicely for a photo..."

*two seconds later*

Didn't want a nice picture of them anyway!


#smarTDiscoveries with SmarTrike


There's nothing better than watching your little ones explore and learn. I love seeing Parker's face light up as he sees a dog walk past, or his little determined hands trying to grab the flowers as we go by.

I still have him parent facing in his pushchair (meanie mummy I know!), so most of the time he misses out of the World around him though. I was therefore thrilled when SmarTrike got in contact to work with them on their latest campaign: #smarTDiscoveries. We were sent a gorgeous SmarTrike Explorer and asked to capture some of Parker's discoveries.

The trike is fantastic for exploring and trips out and about, whether that be at a park or around your local area. The seat is comfortable and well padded (and even reclines if your little one gets tired from all that exploring!). He loved the little phone feature and made many calls on our trip. The handle is adjustable so even Indiana could push her brother around - a feature that I absolutely love! The trike grows with your child too, so if Parker wanted a rest from his exploring Indie could easily hop in too (something that she does a lot haha).

We had a wonderful time at our local park, discovering the ducks, and a huge fountain. Without a doubt Parker's favourite discovery though was daddy on a scooter - he giggled for ages! We captured our day over on our YouTube Channel which you can see below.

Does your little one have a SmarTrike? What's their favourite discovery on your adventures?

My Sunday Photo | Deer {24.7.2016}

A Trip to the Park with Hotter Shoes

Sometimes there's nothing better than a trip to the park, and I think my two would spend all day there if they could! Now Parker's walking (and practically running sometimes), I do lots of chasing about all over the place, so a comfortable pair of shoes is a must.

Recently I was invited along to a local Hotter store to learn about and try their shoes. Hotter started out in 1959, where they became famous for selling slippers. Since then they've grown and developed to sell not only shoes but fab accessories too. Honestly my initial thoughts of the brand was 'old lady'. But after visiting and seeing the shoes for myself though, they really do cater for everybody!

I chose the 'Mabel' pumps in this gorgeous colourful floral print. If you know me you'll know I'm a bit obsessed, so these were calling my name the second I entered the store! Hotter shoes are known for their comfort, and I have to say they don't lie.

I have annoyingly wide feet, they're a half size too so I always struggle to find good fitting, comfortable shoes. Usually when I wear new shoes they rub and give me blisters, but I haven't had any trouble from these. Even running about all over the park from the slides to the swings I was super comfortable.

Hotter shoes come in half sizes which is such a good selling point. A lot of the designs come with insoles too so you can get the perfect fit. They even offer a 90 day 'no quibble' guarantee so if they're not comfortable you can take them back - either for another pair or a full refund!

I know I won't be returning mine! Have you visited a Hotter shoe store before?

Disclosure - I was gifted this pair of shoes in exchange for an honest review

Wicked, Ice Lollies & A Heatwave | #LittleLoves


It's been such a beautiful week! Okay, maybe a little bit too hot, but it's been lovely to just go out and about, and not have to worry about the weather ruining the day. Saturday was my sister's hen do which was so much fun, although I did miss my two terrors loads! Here's this week's little loves.


I've hardly had any time to sit down and blog this week, let alone read! Unless constantly 'reading' the weather app on my phone counts?


As I mentioned above we celebrated my sister's hen do Saturday night. We went up to London for drinks, a meal and watched Wicked. We were in the stalls so super close to the stage. It's a fantastic show and I've seen it 3 times now.

Jack and I also started watching a new show on E4 called Containment. It's all about a viral outbreak and the quarantine that follows. We love this kind of show and after the first episode I couldn't wait to watch more.


Nothing really special this week.


Our cress head grew! Indie loved checking him everyday, and was very excited when it was time to give him a hair cut. She decided she didn't like the taste of cress though... typical haha!

Of course with beautiful weather you need ice lollies, so we finally got around to using our moulds from Poundland. We popped in a couple of left over strawberries and squash, and I gave Indie the task of putting them in the freezer. She waited patiently all day and was very pleased with the results! Even Parker enjoyed a couple of licks.


Maxi dresses, sandals, sunglasses - all the things I've been waiting to wear properly since our holiday! The kids got to wear their swimming costumes again, when we visited my sister for paddling pool fun. We love these reusable swim nappies from Konfidence. We've had Indiana's since she was a baby, and as they grow with your child there's no need to buy another (until we had to buy Parker his own of course)!

And Lastly...
Jack's been so busy with work lately, but just one more week and then he's off for Parker's birthday week. We've got so much planned so I'm so looking forward to it - although I still cannot believe Parker is almost one!

Have a lovely week!