Parker's 11 Month Update


11 months ago I was 35 weeks pregnant. I remember feeling huge, tired and so ready to meet our baby boy. Now I have an 11 month old and I wish time would just slow down. I AM NOT READY! Looking back on Indie's update I remember writing and feeling the exact same thing. One is just such a big milestone isn't it? It's like a goodbye to the baby stage forever!

Anyway, onto the update. Despite my sadness of him growing up, I absolutely love this age. Parker is learning and understanding so much now, and everyday I'm sure he learns a new trick. At 45 weeks he weighed exactly 21lbs which jumped him up a centile (it's probably all the pasta he eats). I'm transitioning 9-12 month clothing into his wardrobe as he's getting so big now. He's not really chubby, just tall and has his dad's wide shoulders.

Routine is very much the same. Up at 7am where he'll have a bottle, breakfast, nap at 9.30/10am (around an hour), lunch, nap at 1pm with a bottle (between 1-2 hours), afternoon snack at 3pm, dinner, bed at 7pm with a bottle. We seem to have fallen into a trap of milk meaning sleep, but we're not too worried about it at the moment. He still loves his food and would probably eat all day if we let him. He's still sleeping on his stomach - preferably with his bum up in the air!

Milestones this month include learning to stand unaided for short periods, playing peek-a-boo by himself, pushing toys around (he is obsessed with cars at the moment), climbing stairs, using things to get to something else - he was pulling the string on a balloon to get to the balloon, and getting his big boy car seat! And as I was taking these pictures for this update, HE TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS!! It totally came out of no where, and he was taking up to 5 steps in one go - I am one proud mama right now!

He's very vocal as well now and knows exactly what he wants. If I even go towards the kitchen he'll whizz over shouting 'NUUUUM' repeatedly at me - this basically means food, and he doesn't stop until he gets it. He can say Nana, although we're unsure whether this is aimed at his nanny's or whether it's his way of saying Indiana. His newest trick is to pull all the washing down, while smiling sweetly at me saying 'uhh ohhhh' - very cute, but also very annoying.

We're fully in party / birthday planning mode and are nearly 100% ready. We'll be doing a DIY cakesmash at some point in the next few weeks too, so make sure to look out for the post!


  1. What a clever boy! 👏 xx

  2. Oh lovely! My 8 month old is already in 9-12 month clothes. Thanks for the routine update, that's really helpful to know xx

  3. Awww bless. I can not believe how quickly they are all growing up. Remember being pregnant at same time and now we are all approaching the one year old stage. He is gorgeous.

  4. Anonymous6/7/16

    Wow! Now I understand he has so much more confidence than last month, I can't believe you're going to have a 1 year old in a month! He is just so cute, and he looks so much older than he is right now. Don't worry, by 1 year old, they are not quite a toddler yet. Where did the time go?


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