The Siblings Project | July


Just one more month and I will have completed a whole year or siblings! It's crazy how much Parker has grown between these photos and the ones we took last month. Now he's walking around he suddenly seems so much more grown up, and the fun these two have has reached a whole new level!


Parker has been unwell the past week, and it's really brought out Indiana's caring, loving side. She's always been concerned when he cried, but she really understands now. She would bring him his dummy and muzzie, and even offered him her bunny (which is her comfort) so it's sweet she thinks it'll help him.

She's been so encouraging with his walking, and loves to hold his hands to let him walk along. He loves to pull up on her now and will do anything to be close to her! Just like the last few months Indie does have her limits though, and will get annoyed / frustrated with him quickly - especially if she's trying to play and all Parker wants to do is destroy it.

I can't believe in my next post I'll have a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old! It's been so lovely to watch them grow this year, and to watch their sibling relationship blossom. Parker is a lucky boy to have such an amazing big sister. And I'm a lucky mummy to call these two my own.

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Look at him up on his feet, growing up so fast! Gorgeous photos of them and can't believe you will have a year of sibling photos X #thesiblingsproject

  2. Oh Indiana sounds like such a little mother hen, how cute!!! They are just adorable together.
    We went strawberry picking yesterday and Noah hated it lol! xx

  3. Lovely lovely photos! Their bond sounds so wonderful :) xxx

  4. So cute. Our photos were taken whilst strawberry picking too :) x #siblingsproject

  5. Lovely captures in the strawberry patches. They are really growing up. It's great to have that whole year of siblings to look back on and see how much they change, grow and their bond too. It goes way to fast that's why I love this project keeps little capsules of each month them together. #siblingsproject

  6. Gorgeous photos, they look so cute and will have so much fun together as they get older. xx


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