Motorola Mbp43s Wireless Video Baby Monitor | Review


As part of our role as a Babies R Us 'Babyologist' we have been sent the Motorola Mbp43s Video Baby Monitor to test and review. We've been using the product for over a month now, and we really love it!

When we found out we were expecting with Indiana, the very first baby item we got was a baby monitor. It was a Motorola audio monitor, so was very basic, but did the job (and is still going strong 3 years later!). Neither of us thought a video monitor was necessary. But since using this monitor we both agree that now we have one wouldn't go back - and that's very high praise from Jack!

The box contains the parent unit, two plugs (the camera must always be plugged in, the video screen does not), rechargeable battery pack and instructions
The camera was very easy to set up, and despite very simple instructions I popped the battery in no problem. It has a very long cord so it's easy to place anywhere - it can be wall mounted if required too. The parent unit needs charging for 16 hours prior to first use, so do keep that in mind.

Once charged it was ready to go! I couldn't wait to explore the features, of which there are many. The 3.5" full colour screen has a number of buttons. Arrows control the pan, tilt and zoom options - as my two share a room I'm able to pan between both of them without the need of two cameras, which is fantastic! There's a menu button which leads to more features, ok button to select (when used with the arrow buttons in the menu), a button to turn the screen on and off, and a feature we've always wanted, a talk back button.

Clicking onto the menu button you have a number of options. You can adjust the volume, increase the zoom, adjust brightness, play a selection of melodies, set an alarm, change the temperature from celsius to fahrenheit, add / remove extra cameras, and decide how long the screen remains on for.

All the features are very easy to use. The picture is very clear, and I love that it realises when it's dark and switches to infrared mode by itself. It does lag slightly when turning the camera, but not enough to make a huge difference. The talk-back feature is fantastic (and I may have had a little bit of fun with it and Indiana!). We've never used the melodies as they are more songs than white noise, and they play quite loudly, however this might be a useful feature for some.

It's not 100% perfect though, and it's biggest let down is the battery life. Our previous monitor could last two nights without needing charging. However this monitor seems to always need it! We've been woken a number of times in the night, to the very loud bleeping telling us to plug it in. We're unsure whether it's because the camera doesn't charge when turned on, or whether it literally is just poor battery life (even with the initial 16 hour charge). If you were using it for nap times and bed time you would most definitely need to have it charging all the time - not so portable really.

Overall though we are very happy with the product. I love that we could add a second camera if we ever needed to, and the added temperature display is a really handy extra feature. Despite needing to be plugged in most of the time, it hasn't affected our experience. I would 100% recommend a Motorola baby monitor, and this one especially!

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  1. This looks great, I never had a video monitor when mine were babies but it would have really helped put my mind at rest x #TriedTested


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