Me & Mine | January 2016


Did anyone else think January felt like the longest month of all? No money, miserable weather and the comedown from Christmas, really made it drag! Don't get me wrong, we had some lovely days and made some amazing family memories. I'm just excited for February, and hopefully some sunnier days haha.

We've been really successful with our resolution to get out and explore more this month. We visited Bodium Castle, Ightham Mote and Knole Park (on more than one occasion too). Our photo this month is from our trip to Bodium on New Year's Day. We amazingly managed to get all four of us into the shot, with me holding the camera haha. Hopefully if it gets warmer (and less wet) we can get the tripod set up, and get some better shots!

I do love these shots though. They really show off Indie's personality, with her cheeky smile and and love for the camera. Also her love for daddy - those two are rarely apart, and always up to something silly. Then there's Parker, who looks SO much bigger now than he did when these were taken.

The Me and Mine Project

My Sunday Photo | Into The Woods {31.1.2016}

When Did My Baby Get So Big? | #LittleLoves


I think this is becoming my favourite part of the week. I love looking back on what we've got up to and really thinking about the little things, that wouldn't normally make it into a post. Shock horror, it's been another wet and windy week. Hopefully February will bring some sun! So here's our week...


Not much really... haha I'm terrible! I've been keeping up with reading as many blog posts as possible, so I'm hoping that counts. This week it was Mummy & Me linky time again, which is one of my favourites. I really enjoyed Tara from Mums Space post; firstly how gorgeous are her kiddies, but also how beautiful are the pictures! She's recently had a makeover so definitely go check out her blog.


Of course we've been watching a whole lot of Disney! I'm trying to build up our collection at the moment, and have picked up quite a few new ones. Indiana is starting to get to an age where she'll sit and watch them with me, and have 'snuggle snuggles' as she calls it haha.

The Lion King 2 is literally my all time favourite childhood film. I definitely think I enjoyed it more than Indie, and may have sang along to every song!


Seems only right to share another little treat from Indiana doesn't it? Yesterday she was standing at her kitchen, happily eating her snack. She then turns to me mid-mouthful and declares "dinner soon mummy, yeah?". Anyone else have a toddler who doesn't stop eating haha?


Now Parker is eating solids, I thought it was about time I visited the Little Grazers website again. There are SO many lovely, and relatively easy ideas and recipes, ideal for BLW. Indiana helped me to make the sweetcorn and cheddar fritters on Wednesday. Both of them seemed to love them, and I even got to try a couple too!


Jack got me this beautiful Olivia Burton watch as a wedding present. This week I've actually been really good at remembering to put it on haha. I do love it, it's just irritating to have to take it off every time I wash up, and I don't want to ruin it as it's so pretty haha.


I couldn't end this weeks post without sharing one of the pictures I took this week. On Monday we met up with one of my best friends and her gorgeous 6 week old twins. Parker was 24 weeks at the time and looked absolutely gigantic next to the smaller boy twin! It really shows how much they grow so quickly.

We're also off to Ikea this weekend which I am far too excited about! Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets excited by simple things like this haha?

My Wild Ones #4 | Little Explorer


I absolutely love this linky, it's so lovely to gather pictures of my two exploring and discovering, when normally I'd just sit back and watch (or maybe even miss if I was too busy). This week we managed to get out between all the rain, and of course we went back to our favourite place, Knole Park.

I stayed on the path with Parker and these two went off into the woods to see what they could find. They splashed in puddles, jumped off rocks, and hid in the trees. I tried to get a nice family photo of the four of us, but Indiana was having none of it haha. She just wanted to explore!

I honestly wish Indiana got to spend more time with Jack. She's such a daddy's girl and they're like two little peas in a pod. Hopefully the weather will start improving and they can go on more adventures together soon!


Mummy & Me | January


It's been a wet, windy and quite frankly miserable January. We've been getting back into our routine after all of Jack's time off over Christmas and New Year, (which actually wasn't that much haha). It's also been a month of no sleep, chicken pox, and other illnesses. Taking pictures snuggled up with my two definitely makes me feel better though, and it's the easiest way to get Parker to smile too - that boy's a born poser!

One of these days I'll get a decent picture of the three of us haha, but you can't go wrong with an iPhone selfie I suppose (although sorry for the quality, the front camera is naff!).

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

A Weekend of Firsts


Jack's been working a lot recently and will be doing so this week too. So when the weekends come around we try to make the most of them as possible. This past weekend was no different, and we even managed to create some memories along the way!

Saturday was very relaxed. We did eventually make it out in the afternoon for a Costa (of course), then we got Parker's passport photos done for the second time. The first ones were rejected so we went to a professional shop this time. They're so so sweet and Parker looks exactly like his uncle in them!

We then went to get Indiana's hair cut for the first time! It was getting so long and was constantly in her eyes, so we finally took the plunge and did it. She sat so well and although she didn't have much cut off, it looks SO much better!

Sundays are our family day, where we try to get out and about, and go exploring! The weather was it's usual miserable self however, so we ended up at Knole Park again. Indiana was thrilled though, as she loves nothing more than puddle jumping, and running around with her daddy at the moment.

As a weekend treat we went out for lunch, deciding on Wagamama as we hadn't been for so long! Parker went in a restaurant highchair for the first time, and looked very grown up. He had his first blw meal out too which I cannot believe! He tried chicken for the first time which was a huge hit, although Indiana was not so pleased about sharing her meal.

To end the day we snuggled at home before bath time. With yet another first, Parker tried out the bath seat too. He was trying to sit himself up on the bath support, and loves to play now, so we knew it was time. Of course he loved it, and Indiana thought it was great that Parker could play with her... although she wasn't so keen sharing her toys haha.

Wedding Series | Favours, Stationary & The Finishing Touches


This is probably the last post in my Wedding series for now, and I'm going to be sharing all of the finishing touches that come with planning a wedding; the favours, stationary and decorative bits! These are the bits that are entirely down to you as an individual. Everyone wants a different look for their big day and the finishing details are where you can do this!

Our colour scheme for our wedding was mint green. We I then decided to add florals and a bit of a vintage touch to the day. I was a bit worried about how this would look in the middle of the Autumn, but it worked out perfectly - especially because of the weather!

The hessian 'Just Married' bunting you can see below was from The Range and was really cheap! The room we had our reception in was decorated by myself and my two sisters, the night before the wedding. We decided to put the bunting up behind the top table and it actually looked really lovely. The flower centre piece was used on the table during the ceremony and got moved into the reception room after - this not only saved money, but meant we didn't really have to decorate the table ourselves!

Chair covers were really important to me when thinking of the room's look. The chairs at our venue weren't that nice to look at without them, and would have ruined the whole room! We hired the covers and sashes for around £1 a chair which I think is very reasonable. The sashes looked lovely and they incorporated the colour scheme together really well. Obviously we couldn't cover the highchairs too haha, but as they were wooden they looked just as nice around the tables.

I think our table centre pieces were one of the very first wedding items we actually bought! We knew we didn't want flowers on the tables, as they can be VERY expensive, and neither of us really wanted them. We instead decided upon candles. These candle holders were from The Range and were so so pretty! The ivory colour went with the green perfectly, and the vintage roses fitted the theme too. They were a bargain at about £10 each (then about £1 each for the candles) - the only downside is we now have 5 of them hanging around the house haha.

They were the only decoration we had planned for the tables until the last few weeks leading up to the big day. As the day got closer and I thought about the size of the tables, I realised we needed a few extra bits to make them complete. We knew a photobooth was out of the question for the day, so we instead decided upon photo props. These were SO cheap from eBay - about £2 for a pack of 31 props - although I didn't have to glue the pictures onto the sticks haha. We then got glass milk bottles (obviously from eBay haha) to put them in.

To go with these I got the 'If you Instagram...' signs, again from eBay. We had more younger guests so we knew these would be a hit, and that there would be pictures on social media. I still love looking back on our hashtag now and it's great to have all the pictures together, for everyone to look at.

Favours were SO hard to decide upon, and to be honest, a massive pain! They can get really expensive, and I don't really think they're something guests actually look for haha. We didn't want to spend a lot of money (and I'm glad we didn't as a lot of them got forgotten once it got to the evening). We went along the chocolate/sweet route and went back to our trusty wedding spot - eBay haha. We got personalised Loveheart Sweets, with our names and wedding date on. Then we got the 'Love is Sweet' personalised stickers too, as I thought they went well. I bought flatpack boxes which I really don't recommend! They would not stick together - even with double-sided tape AND superglue!

We only got these for the adults as we personally wouldn't give sweets to Indiana. Instead we got every child a 'Wedding Activity Book'. There were little activities, colouring pages and every pack had crayons inside too. Obviously again, eBay provided these... there's clearly nothing you can't find on there!

You know exactly where I'm going to say our wedding stationary was from...eBay! They do actually have their own store, which you should definitely check out, as everything is so pretty - they're called thevowweddingboutique. We went with the 'vintage' theme with the bunting and pastel colours. In this design we purchased the name cards, table numbers and seating plan, The quality was fantastic and they were very accommodating when we had to change our seating plan at short notice too.

The table numbers we displayed in white, vintage frames. We got these from Ikea for a few pounds each and they completed the tables perfectly. Even better is we now have 5 extra frames to display wedding pictures in - which will remind us of the day forever!

A hugely important part of the day was the cake! We were very lucky that a family friend agreed to make the cake for us. We had a meeting with her and we gave ideas of what we did and didn't want it to look like. I found a cake on Pintrest that I thought was absolutely perfect and used it as my inspiration. I couldn't believe how amazing it was when I saw it!

We went for a 3 tier cake, each with a different flavour. The bottom was classic victoria, the middle was lemon, and the top smaller tier was chocolate. I only ended up trying some of the left overs the day after, but it was very very yummy haha. The flowers on top were sugar so could technically be eaten, but I'm not planning on it... it's still sat on the side now!

The cake table was decorated with a 'Mr & Mrs' sign which was another eBay bargain at only £5! It's now decorating our house which I love - it's lovely to have mementos of the big day to look at. My sister also surprised me with little glass hearts with our names and wedding date on, which we scatted on the table. Unfortunately these got lost which I'm so gutted about!

The last few bits were placed on the 'gift table'. We had asked in our invites for money towards our honeymoon as wedding gifts. Therefore we knew we'd be receiving mostly cards on the day! To save them just being thrown on the table we got a postbox to keep them in. It took me AGES to find something I liked, that wasn't either really plain and cheap looking, or crazily expensive. In the end I found this one on Not On The Highstreet. It matched the bunting theme of the other stationary, as well as incorporating the colour scheme. I loved the added little sign that came with it too, it just added that final touch.

Next to this we had our Guest Book. Again I found this beautiful book on eBay. There were so many to choose from, but this one I think fitted with everything else perfectly, as well as matching the colours. To be honest not many people filled it out, which I'm not surprised about! I did ask my sisters to take it round to get at least something written in it haha.

The table also had a basket of bubbles on, which we used instead of confetti. Who knew it was so expensive?! Bubbles were much cheaper and didn't require any cleaning up. They made equally as lovely photos too. The children loved them and the leftovers were being used late into the evening.

There is so much or little you can do when it comes to decorating your venue. I would 100% recommend eBay for these kind of things though, as you can grab some fabulous bargains - it's always good to save money where you can as weddings are pretty pricey! 

My Sunday Photo | Growing Up Fast {24.1.2016}


I'm really beginning to notice just how much Parker has grown up and changed. In just 5 months he's transformed before our eyes, and I honestly feel like I never had a little newborn.  Don't you just wish time had a stop and rewind button?


Scream Queens, Tails and Going 'Out Out' | #LittleLoves


I definitely think this past week has been the coldest for a long time (although we never got any decent snow)! I've found myself constantly turning up the heating, wrapping us all up in blankets, and staying indoors so we don't have to face the cold haha.

We've had a pretty quiet and relaxed week because of it, and honestly I loved it! Parker's also back to his old tricks of eating every second of the day and not sleeping haha, so I've not really had the energy to go anywhere exciting anyway! So here's a look back on our week..


I've managed to read and catch up on a lot of blogs this week. One of my blogging goals was to make sure I read more and comment more, so I'm so glad I found the time! One of the posts I especially loved this week was by Hannah at Make, Do & Push!. She wrote all about social anxiety and how it's affected her. I really connected with the post as I too suffer, and it made me feel so much better knowing I'm not alone!


Anyone else watched Scream Queens? It's quite possibly the weirdest, but most addictive thing I've ever seen haha. It was the last episode this week and I'm still undecided whether it was all a big joke or not. The end was a bit naff too, but I'm secretly hoping they'll bring it back for another series.


I think it may become a bit of a tradition to write something Indiana says in this section. Her speech has developed so much, and she comes out with hilarious lines. This week I had both kids in the bath, when Indiana looks up and me and goes: "Look mummy, Parker has a tail!". I then had to spend the rest of bath time explaining to her about boys and girls haha.


I've not really made anything in particular this week (I'm not an arty crafty kind of mumma). I did make a gorgeous slow cooker stew though that Indiana especially loved!


I feel this category I'm always going to fail in haha. Although last Saturday we actually went 'out out' so I actually got dressed up for once! Jack bought me some new clothes which is a rarity for me haha. I even wore heels, which I don't think I've worn for over a year.

And Lastly...

We signed Parker up for nursery this week. I honestly cannot believe it's almost time for me to return to work already! He'll be going two days a week like Indiana does, and I'm so hoping he loves it as much as her. I'm also praying he starts to sleep better before then, as I honestly don't know how I'll be able to function at work on no sleep haha.

My Wild Ones #3 | Exploring New Foods


With all the snow this week I was so hoping to share some snowy pictures. Unfortunately down where we live the snow was rubbish haha, so we'll have to wait for our turn I suppose! I did manage to capture a lot of pictures of Parker exploring this week though.

As you know we started weaning last week. Parker is absolutely loving food and watching him explore and learn how to feed himself is amazing. It's also amazing how much of a mess they can get into!

I think we've gone through about 3 t-shirts a day since we started; I really must purchase more coverall bibs haha. It's so worth it though to watch his happy little face get stuck into the food. Baby led weaning is definitely not for you if you hate mess though!

So far we've explored simple foods such as porridge, toast, banana, crumpets and most recently pear. He's pretty good with preloaded spoons already, which I remember Indiana was too. We just can't wait to start properly in a few weeks when he's officially 6 months.


My Sunday Photo | Little Chef {17.1.2016}


Baking with her daddy is one of Indiana's favourite things to do. I cannot wait until Parker can join in too! I love this picture I managed to capture of them recently, even if they did make a lot of mess haha.

New Tastes | Weaning Begins...


So the time has come, and Parker has had his first tastes of food! He has been showing the signs of being ready for a few weeks now - learning to sit, able to pick things up and put them in his mouth, and even stealing our food haha.

He's also been waking A LOT during the night, and eating a whole lot more in the day too. We know these aren't always signs of being ready to wean, however we decided they must have been for Parker... having 5-7oz of formula every 2/3 hours was a bit excessive haha!

Tuesday the 12th at exactly 23 week,s we started Parker's baby led weaning journey. We know he's still a little under 6 months, so will only be starting slowly at first, and then introducing more in a few more weeks.

We started off with simple porridge so he wasn't too put off by any strong flavours. I made it a little thicker and then loaded the spoon to give to him. The second he saw it, he launched himself forward and instantly took the spoon to his mouth! The 'yum yum' sounds soon followed and you could tell he was loving it (especially when he cried as the spoon was taken away haha).

I cannot believe we're at this stage already! I wanted my little boy to stay a baby forever, but it looks like he's taken matters into his own hands... like a true baby led weaner!