The Siblings Project | January 2016


I love taking pictures of my two little monkeys together. Indiana is now at an age where she's becoming extra loving and caring towards everyone, including her little brother Parker. So I thought this monthly project would be perfect for us to start.

I wish I had joined in since Parker was born last august, but honestly I just kept forgetting! So I'm going to cheat and add a photo from each month I've missed, as well as one from January (I hope that's ok?).

L-R: August - September - October - November
The bond between these two grows each day. Parker is truly mesmerised by his big sister and is constantly watching what she's up to. She's the one who can make him giggle the hardest and always gets his biggest smiles too. So here they are in January at two and 5 months old.

This week Indiana turned to her brother and declared "I love you very much Parker!", and then gave him the biggest kiss I've ever seen. What a lucky mummy I am. Let's just hope this love continues and we don't have too much sibling rivalry haha.

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Aww! They're so so cute! How cute is Indiana saying that to Parker? Adorable! xxx

  2. Ahh this is so lovely! I cant believe how quick its going :( xx

  3. I love this linky so much, can't wait till I can join in too! Indiana is so sweet to Parker, its crazy how they look so different but also so similar at the same time! x


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