New Tastes | Weaning Begins...


So the time has come, and Parker has had his first tastes of food! He has been showing the signs of being ready for a few weeks now - learning to sit, able to pick things up and put them in his mouth, and even stealing our food haha.

He's also been waking A LOT during the night, and eating a whole lot more in the day too. We know these aren't always signs of being ready to wean, however we decided they must have been for Parker... having 5-7oz of formula every 2/3 hours was a bit excessive haha!

Tuesday the 12th at exactly 23 week,s we started Parker's baby led weaning journey. We know he's still a little under 6 months, so will only be starting slowly at first, and then introducing more in a few more weeks.

We started off with simple porridge so he wasn't too put off by any strong flavours. I made it a little thicker and then loaded the spoon to give to him. The second he saw it, he launched himself forward and instantly took the spoon to his mouth! The 'yum yum' sounds soon followed and you could tell he was loving it (especially when he cried as the spoon was taken away haha).

I cannot believe we're at this stage already! I wanted my little boy to stay a baby forever, but it looks like he's taken matters into his own hands... like a true baby led weaner!


  1. Oh bless his heart, he looks like he is living that porridge. We are just waiting for Lottie to sit unaided (she's nearly there) and then we will be joining you xx

  2. Aww the start of such an exciting time! Initially Ifelt pretty overwhelmed with the idea of weaning but as soon as I started with my daughter I've loved coming up with baby friendly recipes (many of which are on my blog or will be soon - just look under the 'weaning' tab) and seeing her enjoying them. We started 2 weeks before Isabella turned 6 months, so a bit earlier too. Hope Parker continues to enjoy weaning too :)

    Helen x

  3. Anonymous18/1/16

    How adorable does Parker look with that spoon, feeding himself!? I can't believe how quickly he is growing up. It doesn't seem like yesterday that I was reading you pregnancy updates and feeling super broody (still am!!) xox

  4. Anonymous22/1/16

    Wow he has grown so fast... Good boy eating up his porridge, what an adorable little trooper! Xx


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